Undead God: I Can Extract Everything - C.149 - :124 Necromancer Inheritance, Pass_3

Undead God: I Can Extract Everything

C.149 - :124 Necromancer Inheritance, Pass_3

Chapter 149:124 Necromancer Inheritance, Pass_3

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“Switch on to display the list!”.

Reading this system prompt brought a wave of indescribable satisfaction.

20 days, and at last, I’ve obtained my inheritance.

Can this be considered as successfully completing the dungeon, then?

But then, Dean McKenzie recalled his emptied out fortune, and his original euphoria was quickly doused. “I wouldn’t say it’s entirely satisfying. If I can get my money back, and kill that bald old gatekeeper, then it will be a perfect conclusion!”

“There’s an opportunity for that!”

Dean was suddenly interrupted by Crohn’s voice.

Not surprised, Dean found this pretty normal. After all, Crohn had been continuously whispering in his ear for the past 20 days.

But this time, it seemed a little different.

“Kid, this opportunity comes only once. Gear up!”

Crohn’s tone was more serious and severe than before.

Dean quickly glanced at Crohn, only to find a faint black glow emanating from him.

Even though the mana wrapped around him was banned, as a Necromancer, Dean could distinctly feel the powerful and terrifying Death energy within the black glow.

Suddenly, ear-piercing alarms echoed throughout the Heretic Reformation Facility.

At the same time, a vibrant burst of Holy Light Illumination accumulated over Crohn’s head.

However, this time, Crohn was completely indifferent.

Staring at the sacred light falling upon him, he looked on with mockery.

“You’ve any idea what I’ve been through these three years?

I was illuminated by holy light eight times a day; for at least an hour. I’m used to it.

Also, do you seriously think that all I could do was merely withstand the holy light?”

As Crohn spoke, the dark energy around him suddenly transformed into a sacred light.

This holy light absorbed the one shining down on him, while his body was momentarily engulfed in darkness. His power reaching a new level.

Opening his eyes, they shimmered with black sacred light.

“Undying Bone Servant, call forth the Bone Dragon!”

Following Crohn’s incantation, a black holy light rune engulfed the floor beneath him. A roar erupted from the rune site.

With a “crack” sound, the sacred light shattered.

Immediately after, a bone dragon blasted through the rune, carrying Crohn aloft in the skies. During the ascent, Crohn didn’tforget to reach out to Dean.


Dean distinctly felt something breaking off his body surface.

Following this, system prompts started flashing.

“Your Holy Light Seal has been removed!”

“You are blessed with the Power of Death. For the next hour, the level of your Necromancer Skills increases by 1, your mana increases by 100,000, and you have been marked by the Wraith!”

He was flabbergasted!

Dean didn’t expect Crohn’s random wave of his hand to grant him such a terrifying temporary BUFF.

How powerful must Crohn be to do this?

And if he’s so powerful, how did the Church of Holy Light imprison him in the first place?

Before Dean could figure this out, a sudden “boom” echoed. Crohn had broken through the ceiling, immediately vanishing into thin air.

Dean was dumbstruck: “He’s left? Without taking me?”

“Heretic, where do you think you’re going?”

The authoritative shout echoed from the sky. Dean found the voice familiar; it was the one who had sent him here 20 days ago.

Simultaneously, sacred light poured out from the broken dome, clearly indicating that Crohn had been intercepted.

Only then did Dean realise why Crohn had left without him.

Without any choice, he looked up apprehensively.

Immediately, he saw Crohn riding the bone dragon amidst the glorious sacred light. His clothes billowing, exuding a sense of madness.

“Run? Who’s running?

Today, I will meet death at the Church of Holy Light, together!”


Accompanying Crohn’s howl was the snarl from the bone dragon beneath him.

Simultaneously, a black holy light erupted from Crohn, followed by an ominous chant humming with power and despair.

“Embrace the Power of Death, become the Power of Death.

Come, Power of Death, offer my all to vanquish this god forsaken world – Wraith Scourge!”

As Crohn finished his incantation, an overpoweringly terrifying energy burst from his body, instantly shattering the sacred light encapsulating him.

Even the sky was plunged into darkness.

“Filthy maggot, stop at once. Judgment of the Holy God!”

The resonance of the red-robed bishop could be heard again, this time revealing his unease.

A Holy Light Cross descended, intending to annihilate Crohn. But it was blocked by the bone dragon beneath him.

Immediately after this, Crohn disintegrated.

Then, an endless wave of dark energy engulfed the entire Fern City.

Dean distinctly experienced an effusion of dark energy around him.

As the dark energy erupted, Dean spotted countless wraiths emerging from all around him.

Also in the sky, countless wraiths spilled out from where Crohn had disintegrated, similar to droplets of rain.

Within a mere minute, the entire Fern City was shrouded in wraiths.

Even the depths of the Heretic Reformation Facility were filled with wraiths.

Nonetheless, perhaps due to the BUFF that Crohn had bestowed, the wraiths ignored Dean completely.

It was almost as if, in the eyes of these wraiths, Dean was one of them.

It was evident that, through his death, Crohn had managed to create an escape route for Dean.

Of course, Crohn may not necessarily have done this for Dean.

He had been preparing for three years, and probably just saw an opportunity to help Dean by coincidence.

Even so, Dean greatly appreciated the favour.

“He didn’t need to go to such extremes…Well, holy shit… He’s waiting for me!”

Just as Dean was talking, system prompts started flashing again.

“Crohn is casting the spell of resurrection on you!”

Simultaneously, a wave of energy surged into Dean. While the energy was still infiltrating…

System prompts flashed again in front of Dean.

“Your dungeon time has ended!”

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