Undead God: I Can Extract Everything - C.148 - :124 Necromancer Inheritance, Level Cleared!

Undead God: I Can Extract Everything

C.148 - :124 Necromancer Inheritance, Level Cleared!

Chapter 148:124 Necromancer Inheritance, Level Cleared!

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Dean McKenzie was driven mad.

“Shut up, don’t talk to me. Talking to me costs money!”

“Pay? How much?”


“Alright, I’ll give you! I owe you 1500. You talk to me.”

Dean McKenzie was initially taken aback, then his eyes lit up.

“Then I give you the 1500 I owe you, and you give me the inheritance!”

“No deal!”


“I didn’t really mean to give you 1500.1 tricked you into talking to me!”

A mouthful of old blood sprayed out from Dean McKenzie.

He ignored the old man who seemed to have gone insane from the imprisonment.

He let the old man talk to himself.

Perhaps because someone came by, the old man seemed very excited and spoke incoherently.

Sometimes he said the Church of Holy Light invited him as a guest of honor.

Sometimes he said the Church of Holy Light was nothing. After they came to this city three years ago, the city was ruined.

Sometimes he said he had 10,000 gold coins stolen by the Church of Holy Light, and other times he said he still had 100,000 gold coins hidden away, and he also had a treasure the Church of Holy Light hadn’t discovered.

After babbling for a while and being ignored by Dean McKenzie, the old man suddenly fell silent for about half an hour.

Then Crohn started speaking again.

This time his voice was completely different from before. There was less insanity and flamboyance, but more gentleness, “Young fellow, I’m sorry. I was transformed by the Church of Holy Light before, so my personality changes from time to time. I’ve caused you trouble.

I just heard that you were looking for me?

Who told you I was in Fern City?”

Upon hearing this voice, Dean McKenzie was taken aback. After hesitating, he mentioned Elisa Pink’s name.

“Oh, it’s little Elisa. Is she doing well?”

“Pretty well!”

“That’s good. By the way, you’re looking for me because you want the Necromancer inheritance, right? Although we’re in this state, as Elisa’s uncle, I don’t have much else to offer. So why don’t I give you the Necromancer inheritance?”

Upon hearing this, Dean McKenzie showed an eager expression.

Then, Crohn suddenly appeared to be laughing mischievously, “Give me 1500 or I won’t teach!”

A mouthful of blood almost sprayed from Dean McKenzie.

At this moment, Crohn suddenly spoke in a strange intonation:???????????????? ¥ &”

Because the Scholar’s Wind trait had also been stripped away, Dean McKenzie couldn’t understand Crohn’s words, but he could feel that the language contained profound information.

Dean McKenzie quickly realized that this was the Wraith inheritance he wanted.

Opening the attribute panel, he saw that the progress bar of the “Necromancer” profession was fluctuating. Dean McKenzie eagerly started to pay attention.

The problem was that Crohn’s mental state had worsened considerably.

Sometimes he was crazy, sometimes he was gentle, and sometimes he was passing on the inheritance.

Dean McKenzie was extremely distressed.

The inheritance implementation was intermittently disrupted.

Moreover, every day, Crohn would resist the Holy Light.

He needed to faint at least eight times.

Dean McKenzie had to bear the Holy Light Illumination eight times a day as well.

Thankfully Dean McKenzie’s enhanced physique of over 500 wasn’t for nothing. Plus, he had the “Enhanced Physique” trait. Otherwise, Dean McKenzie couldn’t have endured such torment.

And so, for the following period of time.

Dean McKenzie spent his days dealing with Holy Light Illumination, language attack, and inheriting the profession.

In that perpetual darkness.

Dean McKenzie almost went crazy.

Luckily there was the “Necromancer” inheritance progress and a countdown to leaving the instance. Otherwise, if he had to stay here forever without seeing hope of departure, Dean McKenzie believed he would eventually go mad.

In the blink of an eye, Dean McKenzie had been imprisoned for 20 days.

It was also the 90th day since Dean McKenzie entered this instance. After today, he will be able to leave, out of the dark dungeon.

More importantly, Dean McKenzie’s “Necromancer” inheritance had reached 99 percent. He was just a little bit away from fully accepting the inheritance of the Necromancer.

That’s why Dean McKenzie was especially happy that day.

Even when he was illuminated by the Holy Light, Dean McKenzie felt refreshed.

What made Dean McKenzie even happier was that the system prompt had refreshed,

“[Your exposure to the Holy Light for 20 days grants you the trait: ‘Holy Light Resistance’!]”

“[Holy Light Resistance (F) (Increases resistance to holy light by 5%)!]”

“Such a benefit?”

Dean McKenzie was surprised. Subconsciously, he glanced at Crohn on the side.

At that moment, after the familiar eight courses of Holy Light healing, instead of launching a junk language attack, Crohn directly started the inheritance.

The whisper of the dead once again echoed in Dean McKenzie’s ears.

After 20 days, Dean McKenzie still didn’t understand the language spoken by Crohn, but he had already formed a sense of familiarity with it.

More importantly, Dean McKenzie memorized every pronunciation of this language.

He could even recite it along with Crohn.

It could be said that Dean McKenzie had laid a solid foundation for mastering this language.

As long as Dean McKenzie could have a reference, he could easily learn this language.

Crohn’s undead language lasted for about an hour. Then the system prompt refreshed in front of Dean McKenzie’s eyes.

“[You have obtained a 100 percent inheritance of the rare profession ‘Necromancer’. You have obtained a material list for initiating the third-turn trial of ‘Necromancer’.’

Ps: Collect the materials and initiate the trial in the Trial Temple.. If you complete the trial you can change your profession to ‘Necromancer’!”

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