Undead God: I Can Extract Everything - C.143 - :122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_3

Undead God: I Can Extract Everything

C.143 - :122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_3

Chapter 143:122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_3

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But none of these ten potions could compare to the one in the third box.

Even though the third box only contained one potion.

Name: Eternity Agility Potion (Tiny)

Effect: Drinking it will permanently increase Agility by 60 points

PS: A tiny Eternity Potion, each person can consume up to three bottles of each attribute

Dean McKenzie was astounded when he saw this potion, there are potions that permanently boost attributes?

And each person could drink three bottles?

If someone had a ton of money, they could just down one for each attribute, and instantly their total attributes would rise by at least 180.

And this is just a tiny Eternity Potion.

There may also be small, medium, large, super, and mega versions.

If someone gathered them all and drank three bottles, their attributes would be outrageous.

Dean McKenzie became upset just thinking about it: “So it is said, the most annoying thing about playing a game is these pay-to-win cheaters’.

Doesn’t this ruin the balance of the game?

What’s the point of their playing for us ordinary people then?

What? You’re talking about Dean McKenzie’s talent?

What a joke, doesn’t everyone have talents?

Although 99.9% of people couldn’t activate them, I am sure everyone has one.

So why say Dean McKenzie’s talent is like a cheat?

He refuses to admit it, he hasn’t cheated.

All of Dean McKenzie’s achievements to date are due to his own hard work!

While he criticized those pay-to-win hackers in his mind, Dean McKenzie didn’t hesitate to take the items and put them tn his own belt.

Apart from the first five boxes, the rest of the materials and equipment weren’t bad either, among them were five pieces of silver equipment, though none of them was suitable for Dean McKenzie.

But in the McKenzie household, there’s Doggy Two.

If really no one can use them, Dean McKenzie could sell them for money.

The last two boxes were filled with books.

The books were quite diverse, containing history, humanities and geography, even novels and stories, most of which were useless.

Dean McKenzie initially thought about discarding them, but then he remembered what Anthony said.

A mature professional should be proficient in reading and understanding history, they should be well-read and knowledgeable.

So, Dean McKenzie decided to keep these books.

As he collected these items, he found a pleasant surprise amidst the miscellaneous books: two sets of books on “Fire Spell Study” and “Meteorite Study”.

With the prerequisite knowledge for the Small Meteorite Technique now in hand, all Dean McKenzie has to do next is get through these two sets of books. However, looking at over hundred books in each set, McKenzie felt an instant headache.

He estimated that with these two sets of books alone, he wouldn’t be able to finish them in a few months.

This was the first time Dean McKenzie realized how difficult it is to learn a skill.

But then again, so what?

Who made Dean McKenzie so eager to master the Small Meteorite Technique?

So, with tears in his eyes, Dean McKenzie put the books in his belt where he could easily take them out and read them.

In less than half an hour, Dean McKenzie had counted all ten boxes and collected all their contents.

This one shot made Dean McKenzie significantly wealthier.

Just now, Dean McKenzie was lying in bed because he had spent the unjust 100 gold and couldn’t sleep at night. After collecting these ten boxes of items, he hadn’t slept yet, but already knew that he would sleep very well tonight.

When Dean McKenzie gets out of the instance, he could easily get at least 5,000 gold and possibly even more than 10,000 gold by easily selling the items he currently has in his possession.

He could then easily become the richest man in Spring City.

Dean McKenzie could buy houses in bulk.

Money is the least of the worries.

For his next skill upgrade, Dean McKenzie won’t have any worries at all.

It seemed like the Third Princess didn’t think that Dean McKenzie was happy enough, so after Dean collected the ten boxes of items, she gave Dean something else.

“What is this?”

Dean McKenzie looked a bit startled at the transparent crystal heart that the

Third Princess had handed over.

Because he couldn’t use his appraisal skill on it.

When he used the appraisal skill, there were no success or failure prompts, Dean McKenzie knew at once that this must be a great item.

He just didn’t know what made it so great.

Even Princess Elisa didn’t know.

“I don’t know what this is, but my father gave it to me, and he said it was a very important treasure. For the past month, Avery Evans has been constantly interrogating me, he wanted to get it from me.

“Are you sure you want to give me such an important thing?

Elisa nodded her head heavily: “Yes, Mister McKenzie is my treasure compared to it!”


The serious tone of Elisa made her words all the more striking.

Luckily, Elisa was in her pigman form at the moment.

If not, Dean McKenzie was afraid his heart wouldn’t be able to take it.

Dean McKenzie hesitated for a while, but eventually took this crystal heart, but he didn’t take it for free, he gave the Earth’s Wrath as a return gift to Elisa.

He had no other choice, Dean McKenzie had gone through all his belongings and this was the only item worth giving.

As for Doggy Two?

Anyway, its strength is only over 300 now, nowhere near the 1000 needed, by the time it reaches 1000, Dean McKenzie may have already found another gold weapon.

When Dean McKenzie gave the Earth’s Wrath to Elisa and received this heart from her hand, the system alert refreshed.

■’You have obtained the Crystal Heart, you have triggered the epic quest of Goblin Uprising Instance: the Epic Heart!

Quest: Epic Heart

Quest Description: A legend is told in this continent that an epic hero died to save the continent, after his death, his heart shattered into four pieces, turning into four Crystal Hearts,

Legend has it, whoever can collect all four Crystal Hearts will obtain the Epic Heart.

Please collect all the hearts to restore the epic glory.

Quest Reward: You will gain the inheritance of the Epic Heart (Has a probability to enhance the recipient’s template to Epic Level!)

PS: After triggering this quest, no matter the score of the quest, the instance will continue.

PSS: Also, the reward settlement will improve the reward score based on the Crystal Hearts you hold!”

Looking at this system alert, Dean McKenzie was astounded.

He looked somewhat complicatedly at Princess Elisa.

What to do? The gift she gave seems a bit too much, should he repay her with his body?

Although he feels at a slight disadvantage, but if it’s human shape Elisa, he doesn’t mind this tiny loss.

After all, as the old saying goes, to lose is to gain, especially for a man!

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