Undead God: I Can Extract Everything - C.142 - :122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_2

Undead God: I Can Extract Everything

C.142 - :122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_2

Chapter 142:122 Mysterious Item: Epic Heart_2

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Level: 46

Trait: Mental Fortitude (C Level) (Offers mental defense at a one hundred percent ratio of one’s spiritual power. Any mental attacks below this figure will be ineffective, while those above it will only have 60% their usual impact.

ps: Any mental attack that exceeds 15 times the upper limit of your spiritual power will ignore this attribute!)

Attributes: Strength: 530.8, Agility: 627.8, Physique: 607.2, Spirit: 1068.4

Magic Strength: 1347.4

Mana: 13488

Looking at his attributes, Dean McKenzie couldn’t help but lament, “It’s a shame this trait upgraded so late. If it had happened earlier, my Substitute Doll might not have been destroyed.”

The mental blow that Avery Evans used Elisa to launch against him was only just barely able to break through Dean McKenzie’s mental defenses.

If Dean McKenzie had been at C level for his mental trait at that time, he should have been able to withstand that mental attack.

But that’s all in the past now, the Substitute Doll is gone, and there’s no use talking about it.

After checking his attributes, Dean McKenzie immediately wore his first piece of Golden Equipment on his head with elation.

With the ‘Wizard’s Knowledge Hat’ put on, Dean McKenzie’s attributes changed once again.

His Spirit increased by one hundred twenty points, Magic Strength came close to two thousand, and Mana also increased by one thousand two.

Meanwhile, Dean McKenzie looked and was pleasantly surprised to discover that all his skills, including the enhanced ones, had advanced by a level.

Even more exaggerated was that, with this piece of equipment, Dean McKenzie’s skill attacks increased directly by fifty percent.

These fifty percent didn’t stack with the fifty percent from his Control over Bones mastery.

And this effect mainly affected Bone Fang, which, after being enhanced to the next level, saw a significant improvement in skill effect:

Skill: Bone Fang (Enhanced 3 times)

Level: 6+1 (122/5 million)

Skill Cost: 4500 Mana Points

Skill Damage: 4 times Spirit plus 9814 times 2

A level 7 Bone Fang had an original base damage of about twenty five thousand.

Add another hundred percent and it goes directly to fifty thousand.

And that’s only the base magic damage, if Dean McKenzie uses double the mana, although the effect wouldn’t be doubled, it would add twenty five thousand more to the damage, taking the total up to around seventy five thousand.

One can say that this piece of equipment directly caused a huge surge in Dean McKenzie’s strength.

But aside from the sudden increase in power, what Dean McKenzie was actually more interested in was the second effect of this piece of equipment.

His intuition told him that if he wanted to learn the Shape-shifting Skill and the Small Meteorite Technique, his hopes might lie in this Effect 2 of his equipment.

“It should be compatible with the wizard system. Maybe I can use it to gain the knowledge I need. Let’s give it a try!”

As Dean McKenzie spoke, he didn’t waste any time in trying to use his gold coins to purchase knowledge.

The moment Dean McKenzie tried, a system prompt popped up.

[This purchase will consume 100 Gold Coins. Do you wish to proceed?]

Dean McKenzie’s eyes almost popped out of his head: “100 gold coins? Is this a robbery? Shouldn’t there be some basic law to regulate this?”

He was reluctant, absolutely reluctant!

After all, he only had a little over 200 gold coins left, he couldn’t bear to lose half of it all at once.

But if he didn’t spend the money, Dean McKenzie was also curious.

What kind of knowledge is it that requires 100 gold to purchase?

Eventually, driven by curiosity, Dean McKenzie still ended up spending the 100 gold.

[You have consumed 100 gold and used [Endless Knowledge]. You have obtained [Knowledge on the Delivery and Rearing of Dragons]!]

At the same time, a stream of information appeared before Dean McKenzie, materializing into a brick-sized book in front of his eyes.

The moment Dean McKenzie saw the title, his whole body started trembling.

With trembling hands, he took the book and started to flip through it.

And the moment Dean McKenzie saw the content inside the book, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

This truly was a book teaching how to deliver and raise a dragon.

“What the hell am I going to do with this thing?

Am I going to deliver a dragon baby?

If a dragon of pure lineage gives birth, the baby would be at least a six-turn creature, and could become a nine-turn creature. Am I supposed to deliver their baby?

A single sneeze from them and I’d be gone!”

Dean McKenzie was fantasizing about getting the prerequisite knowledge for the Shape-shifting Skill and the Small Meteorite Technique from within the hat, but instead this thing popped up.

Dean McKenzie was so angry that it hurt deep inside.

In an instant, more than half of his good mood for the day was gone.

Until Princess Elisa came back.

The next time Dean McKenzie saw Princess Elisa was late at night.

Dean McKenzie was lying in bed, unable to sleep, when Princess Elisa, holding a blood-stained long sword and leading a group of men from the Pighead Clan, cautiously knocked on Dean McKenzie’s door.

When Dean McKenzie came out to look, he saw that Princess Elisa and her team of Pighead men had brought over a total of ten boxes.

“What’s this?”

Dean McKenzie asked, looking at the ten boxes, and he had a vague guess in his mind.

“This is what we confiscated from the Becky’s family treasure vault. There’s gold, potions, accessories, materials, equipment, and books inside!

This is one of my gifts to you, I hope you’ll be pleased.”

Hearing those words, Dean McKenzie couldn’t sit still. He immediately got up and went to check the contents of the ten boxes, without uttering a single word of courtesy.

Out of those ten boxes, two were filled with gold coins; one containing one thousand five, and the other one thousand two, totaling two thousand seven hundred gold coins.

Three boxes were filled with potions; one with Life Potions and one with Mana Potions.

There were only 10 bottles of each type.

But their value was extraordinarily high.

These 20 bottles alone were worth at least one thousand five hundred gold coins..

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