Undead God: I Can Extract Everything - C.139 - : Promotion to Rare Template_2

Undead God: I Can Extract Everything

C.139 - : Promotion to Rare Template_2

Chapter 139: Promotion to Rare Template_2

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As Dean McKenzie spoke, he freely flicked his Bone Spears.

Avery Evans, though capable of dodging, couldn’t endlessly dodge them.

She stopped by the third Bone Spear, raised her hand, and a Mana Bone Shield erected directly in front of the spear.

But as her mana shield rose, Dean threw a Bone Fang that hit right on.

“Bone Fang? Something’s off about this Bone Fang!”

Avery could say that she was the first opponent in the battle that she sensed something amiss when Dean’s Bone Fang was thrown and dodged it immediately using Blink.

At the moment of her evasion, the Bone Fang split open, turning into a dense rain of Bone Fangs.

The Bone Fang rain couldn’t do anything to Avery, but Avery was not his initial target.

The Bone Fangs scattered, some of them piercing the Pighead Clan members shielding the princess and instantly killing them on the spot.

Simultaneously, the figure of the eighth Pighead Clan member appeared, picked up the Third Princess, and headed towards Dean.

As he approached, Dean cast Appraisal Skill on the Third Princess.

This time, the feedback from the Appraisal skill indicated that the target was indeed the Third Princess.

However, there were still some question marks in the information.

But Dean didn’t think much of these question marks since they were present in the previous appraisal as well, so he allowed the Third Princess to approach.

Unexpectedly, when the Third Princess was close, her tightly closed eyes opened suddenly, her eyes turning red as she gazed at Dean.

At her gaze, Dean felt like his entire brain had been hit with a hammer, causing a moment of dizziness.

He lost consciousness in confusion, standing still on the spot.

At this moment, Avery, who had been fleeing in panic, stopped, a smile of cunning appearing on her face as she raised her hand.

A small meteorite came crashing down atop Dean’s head.

Seeing the situation going bad, the eighth Pighead Clan member tried to rescue Dean, but was swatted away casually by Avery.

At the same time, the meteorite fell, the large, almost man-high meteorite hit Dean’s forehead.

Only at this moment did the female pighead show its terrifying power.

The attack from this meteorite was more powerful than Dean’s Bone Fangs.

The force was so strong that it exceeded twenty thousand.

Although Dean was protected by the Earth’s Power, granting him a defense of fifteen thousand, it was instantly shattered.

Despite the meteorite dimming significantly after the shattering of the Earth’s Power, it still held tens of thousands of terrifying power as it hit Dean. Even though Dean had an Invisible Shield activated and had a physique of over five hundred, all of it meant nothing in front of this overwhelming power.

With a “splatter” sound.

The meteorite hit the ground.

And Dean McKenzie? The blood all over the ground foretold his fate.

“Dean McKenzie!”

As the meteorite fell, the maid pig cried out in despair shortly after her moment of confusion.

At the same time, Avery burst into a laugh.

A laugh that was truly wild.

“Stupid humans, where’s your arrogance now, eh? Where’s your wildness now?

Hahaha…. Stupid humans, stupid humans!”

Avery’s wild laugh brought the blood-red-eyed Third Princess back to her senses.

The red hue receded from her eyes as her consciousness slowly returned, so did the memory of what just happened.

When she remembered that it was she who controlled Dean leading to his demise, Elisa’s eyes turned red again, and she exploded into a brilliant light. Her humanoid form shrank from the Pighead Clan form, turning into a human female warrior dressed in black armor, holding a black long sword, and with black hair.

Avery immediately noticed Elisa’s transformation and her wild laughter ceased. Her gaze fell on Elisa.

“My half-breed sister, you’re using that disgusting and ugly form again.

From your eyes, I can tell that you want to kill me!

But can you do it?

Come on, as your sister, I’ll give you this opportunity. Come on, stab me with your sword, come on!”

While talking, Avery even used Blink to appear right in front of Elisa.

Right where Elisa’s sword could pierce.

Clearly, all Elisa had to do was thrust her sword forward to end her, but Elisa couldn’t make a move.

This caused Elisa’s pale face to turn red in anger and frustration, but it was of no use.

Avery dared to act this way because she was confident, after all, she had the upper hand on Elisa over the past month, and had laid countless traps on her.

In the face of absolute power and countless means.

Elisa’s anger and hate were useless. She can’t lift the longsword when she should have.

Seeing Elisa unable to lift her longsword, Avery walked over, gently patted her face, and teased wildly: “Ah, I gave you a chance but you couldn’t make use of it. I gave you a chance you couldn’t use….No….!”

As Avery was running wild, her face suddenly changed, and she subconsciously wanted to use Blink.

But it was too late.


A Bone Fang from 500 meters away pierced through her forehead as she detected the danger and prepared to use Blink.

[You successfully killed Avery Pink (rare) (Level 80). Your Level has now been raised to 46!]

The system notification refreshed as Avery was blown away.

Meanwhile, 500 meters away, Dean grumbled and complained as he walked over.

“Damn it, I thought I was cautious enough, but I still fell into their trap. You really can’t underestimate people. Otherwise, it may be fatal at any moment..

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