The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince! - C.661 - : Black-bellied Xiao Yu


Chapter 661: Black-bellied Xiao Yu

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Seeing Su Yingxue’s arrival, Su Miaoyan still held a kite. She winked at her, “Sister, go ahead. i’ll wait for you here. Just don’t forget to come back and pick me up!”

Su Yingxue held her little face and rubbed it against her. “Okay, when we get back, i’ll have someone make you green plum cakes to eat!”


Su Miaoyan’s crisp and sweet laughter reached Xiao Yu’s ears.

He looked at Xiao Si. “Green plum cakes.”

“What? Young Master, what did you say? Green plum cakes…”

Xiao Si saw Xiao Yu’s gaze fall on Su Miaoyan and suddenly understood that this was Su Miaoyan’s favorite!

Goodness, his young master’s hearing was so good. He wanted to hear it just now, but he didn’t hear it!

Xiao Si’s admiration for Xiao Yu increased a little.

Su Miaoyan held a kite in her hand and ran towards Xiao Yu with a smile. “Handsome Brother, the weather is so good today. Let’s go to Fenghua Garden to fly kites. We can fly them high there!”

Xiao Yu wanted to agree but heard Su Miaoyan say, “Can you let Xiao Si bring another kite? The Ninth Prince is still waiting for me. Let’s fly them together!”

This sentence caused Xiao Yu’s expression to change instantly.

He put his clenched fist to his mouth and coughed lightly. “I won’t go.”

“What’s wrong? Handsome Brother, are you not feeling well?”

Su Miaoyan squatted in front of Xiao Yu with concern.

Xiao Si looked at his young master who was perfectly fine. He said with a regretful expression, “Sigh, the Young Master is sick all year round and rarely goes out to play. Miss Miaoyan doesn’t know how hard it is for the Young Master!”

“Since you want to play with the Ninth Prince, go ahead.” Xiao Yu rubbed Su Miaoyan’s head and said gently.

Su Miaoyan exclaimed, “Ah! Then I’ll accompany you, Handsome Brother! The Ninth Prince can play alone. I’ll get some colored paper and fold paper cranes for you!”

Su Miaoyan ran out in small steps. The sunlight danced on her body, and the mottled light and shadow made her glow like a jumping elf.

Xiao Yu’s eyes, which had always been calculating, had a touch of brilliance.

At the Ninth Prince’s Mansion, Su Yingxue recalled being taken away without explanation by her grandfather yesterday. Chu Yihan must have felt terrible, so she secretly wanted to give him a surprise.

Just as she was about to rush into Chu Yihan’s study, Mo Qi told her, “Miss Su, Your Highness has something important to discuss. Why don’t you… wait a minute?”

Although he had never made Su Yingxue wait, the situation was serious this time, and Mo Qi didn’t dare to let her in.

Moreover, Su Yingxue probably wouldn’t be happy to see the people inside.

Su Yingxue felt a little disappointed, but she still knew the big picture. She said, “Then I’ll wait for Your Highness in the front hall.”

Mo Qi smiled. “I’ll inform you immediately after Your Highness is done talking.”

Su Yingxue strolled to the front hall. The old steward entertained her and laid out a dazzling array of tea and snacks.

“Miss Su, Your Highness prepared these long ago. Take a look and see if they suit your taste. If you don’t like them, I’ll have another chef prepare something for you next time.”

The old steward’s smile was very kind and made Su Yingxue feel warm.

Su Yingxue’s eyes curved. “Thank you.”

She could tell that these were all carefully prepared and tasted very good.

The old steward was afraid she would be bored alone, so he even brought out a variety of designs for her to choose from. “These are all prepared for Your Highness’s wedding. These are the patterns of silk, silk flowers, the word ‘happiness,’ and red silk. Take a look and see which ones you like. You chose them yourself, and Your Highness will surely like them too..”

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