The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince! - C.653 - : Xiao Yu’s Black-bellied


Chapter 653: Xiao Yu’s Black-bellied

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Su Yingxue’s heart skipped a beat.

She was even holding Chu Yihan’s arm, standing intimately with him.

Not far away, Su Qingzhi’s eyes were tinged with a hint of anger.

Lin Sisi had been chased away by Chu Yihan to practice. The internal arts and sword manual that Chu Yihan had given her was not easy to learn. She had practiced a part of it, but there were many parts she didn’t understand. She had to go find Chu Yihan to ask him.

However, this was her first time at Qilin Garden. She had only passed through one courtyard, and she was already a little lost. The winding paths here led to seclusion, and there weren’t people stationed everywhere. She could only grope around to find her way.

She heard the sound of gurgling water behind the wall and walked out of the cave.

Her field of vision suddenly widened. She saw lush trees and strange flowers. A clear stream flowed from the depths of the flowers and trees into the cracks of the rocks. The clear stream reflected a man who was painting in the pavilion. It was as beautiful as a fairyland in a painting.

Lin Sisi thought to herself that she could finally find someone to ask for directions.

She took two steps forward and was stunned.

“Why is it him…”

She took two steps back in fear and deliberately hid in the rockery, afraid of letting the man see her.

Chu Jinling was concentrating on his painting when the brush in his hand suddenly shook. The ink dripped onto the empty part. His painting was good, but he had ruined half of it.

Chu Jinling stood up with a frown and looked around. No one had come, and there was nothing unusual, not even a bird.

Why did he suddenly feel uneasy, causing him to make a mistake?

He rarely made such mistakes.

Chu Jinling sat down again. He looked at the painting he had ruined and sighed,” I’ll have to redraw it!”

He took out a new piece of paper and placed it on the table, then began to concentrate on painting.

After a long time, Lin Sisi poked her head out and peeked at him again.

She was especially gratified to see him drawing and looking happy again.

Fortunately, after she left him, he was still the carefree prince who was doted on by everyone. He was not affected by her at all.

She was relieved.

However, her face suddenly became wet. She wiped away the tears that had flowed out of her eyes and choked out, “What’s there to cry about? In the future…we can still be together!”

As long as she, Lin Sisi worked hard enough, she would definitely still be able to be together with Chu Jinling.

“Jinling, be good.”

Just like now, he wanted to live a good life and be a happy prince.

Su Miaoyan stayed in Qilin Garden until the sky turned dark. Xiao Yu had already finished reading the account book and was reading a book.

She cupped her face and sat beside Xiao Yu, holding a pen and writing, “Why isn’t Sister Xue here yet?”

Did her Sister Xue only care about being with Ninth Prince and leave her here?

Su Miaoyan raised her head and glanced at Xiao Yu. He was very focused on his book and didn’t show any intention of chasing her away.

But she couldn’t stay like this forever, right?

“Handsome Brother, can you help me look for my sister? It’s getting late. We still have to go back and have dinner with grandfather.”

Su Miaoyan walked to Xiao Yu’s side and winked at him.

Her voice was fresh and sweet, making people feel warm in their hearts.

Xiao Yu put down his book and called Xiao Si in. “Let’s have dinner.”

“Yes, Young Master. Would you like to have a meal with Miss Su?”

Xiao Si’s eyes flashed with surprise. Their Eldest Young Master had left Su Miaoyan here for the entire afternoon.

Xiao Yu nodded, and Xiao Si immediately went to prepare..

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