The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince! - C.652 - : Was Discovered By Su Qingzhi


Chapter 652: Was Discovered By Su Qingzhi

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Xiao Yu shook his head as he held the account book in his hand.

He didn’t want to cough.

“Then let me pour you a cup of tea!” Su Miaoyan’s crisp voice was particularly pleasant to hear.

Xiao Yu nodded. “Alright.”

Su Miaoyan ran over to pour some tea, but then remembered Su Yingxue’s instructions and changed it to hot water. When she brought it to Xiao Yu, she explained, “Handsome Brother, my sister said that you should drink less tea and more water to soothe your throat. Then you won’t keep coughing.”


A smile flashed across Xiao Yu’s deep eyes. He liked this young girl’s meticulous care for him.

The people around him might not remember all the things that his sister had told him to take note of.

But he knew that she would remember everything.

“Handsome brother, you…”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” Xiao Yu interrupted her as Su Miaoyan was about to chat with him.

“Because you look good!”

“I’ve never seen a brother who’s more handsome than you.” Su Miaoyan cupped her face and rubbed it against Xiao Yu’s.

The world of a young girl was so simple. She liked to look at him because he was good-looking and would even seize the opportunity to run over to see him.

Xiao Yu had seen countless beauties since he was young, but none of them could compare to her. The young girl in front of him who had yet to mature looked pure and flawless when she smiled, making him want to protect her well.

He raised his hand to take a brush, and Su Miaoyan picked up an inkstone to grind ink for him.

With her by his side, Xiao Yu looked at the bleak fallen leaves outside the window and felt that it was more vivid.

Su Yingxue saw that Chu Yihan had brought a gift. He must be here to see Xiao Yu.

It was a misunderstanding that he had injured Xiao Yu. Your Highness was aloof and arrogant, but he was not an unreasonable person.

Su Yingxue wanted to bring Chu Yihan to Xiao Yu’s place, but Xiao Si stood at the door and said, “Our young master knows of Your Highness’s intentions. He has also accepted the gift. However, when young master is reading the account book, he never stops. I’ll have to trouble Your Highness to wait for a moment.”

Chu Yihan nodded. “Alright.”

He knew that Xiao Yu wasn’t the kind of person who would throw a tantrum at him on purpose. He did have this rule.

In any case, the person he wanted to see was Su Yingxue.

Xiao Si saw how compatible Chu Yihan and Su Yingxue looked when they stood together. He said considerately, “The scenery of the Fenghua Garden in the Qilin Garden is not bad. It was built after the Suzhou Garden. If Your Highness and Miss Su don’t mind, you can take a walk there. Just turn right and walk straight from this courtyard.”

Su Yingxue looked at Xiao Si with admiration. “Then, we’ll wait for your young master to finish his work!”

She and Chu Yihan went to Fenghua Garden.

As soon as they left the courtyard, Chu Yihan held her hand. Su Yingxue covered her mouth and giggled. “Xiao Yu has given others a lot of benefits.”

Chu Yihan nodded. “It’s better than being free in the manor.”

Ninth Prince would never forget being hidden in the bathroom.

“Your Highness, don’t be angry. Grandfather’s words last night were also because he was worried about me.” Su Yingxue held his arm and gently comforted him.

Chu Yihan knew this, so he didn’t pursue it. However, he lowered his voice and said, “But Old General Su doesn’t agree. Your marriage with me is still not settled.”

He had been waiting for this for too long.

The calm lake in his heart was stirred into a mess, and he almost couldn’t control it.

These two days, whenever he thought about it, his heart would ache slightly.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. Wait for me to go back and convince Grandfather. He will agree!”

Su Yingxue was still smiling like a flower just a moment ago.

The next moment, Su Qingzhi’s aged voice sounded.. “How do you plan to convince me?”

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