The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince! - C.650 - : A Pawn Used


Chapter 650: A Pawn Used

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“Miss, they are leaving,” Zhifen stood in front of Su Han’s carriage.

Su Han had expressed her desire to witness Madam Sheng and Min Jia’s exile, although Qin Wan had initially opposed the idea.

Nevertheless, Su Han insisted on coming. Both Qin Wan and Zhifen were concerned that it might stir up painful memories for her.

However, Su Han’s thoughts were elsewhere.

She instructed the carriage to leave the city. After Chu Xiaotian and the old Regional Prince had departed, she instructed Zhifen to give a bag of silver to the bailiff and arranged for a private meeting with Min Jia and Madam Sheng.

The bailiff accepted the silver without objection.

The ropes belonging to Min Jia and Madam Sheng were now in the hands of Su family servants.

Zhifen drew back the curtain, revealing Su Han’s face inside the elegant carriage.

Dressed in a lotus-colored robe with a blue belt cinched at her waist, her hair adorned with pearls, Su Han’s complexion was as fair as snow.

With light steps, she exuded an ethereal grace, akin to a celestial being floating on clouds.

In stark contrast to the disheveled appearance of Madam Sheng and Min Jia, Su Han’s presence commanded respect.

Upon seeing her, Madam Sheng and Min Jia felt a sense of shame.

The once haughty Madam Sheng, upon encountering Su Han, would typically unleash a barrage of insults. Yet now, she lacked even the courage to meet her gaze.

Instinctively shielding Min Jia, Madam Sheng regarded Su Han warily. “What do you want?”

Su Han’s gaze fell lightly upon her. “I have questions for Min Jia.”

“What… What do you want to know?”

Min Jia harbored a deep-seated fear of her former sister-in-law. While she had always perceived Su Han as weak and easily manipulated, she now realized that Su Han, when not in a weakened state, posed a formidable threat.

“Su Jinxuan has deeply wronged you. Do you seek revenge?” Su Han’s tone was gentle yet ignited a fiery rage within Min Jia. “Su Jinxuan! I want him to suffer as I have!”

“No! I want him dead!”

Though she had left the city, Su Jinxuan had yet to meet her.

Her dreams were shattered, and she was now awake.

Ultimately, she was merely a pawn in Su Jinxuan’s game.

“Are you willing to tell me everything you know?” Su Han inquired.

Having already hit rock bottom, Min Jia had nothing left to hide from Su Han.

However, to Su Han’s dismay, none of the information proved useful. Even the items Su Jinxuan had given Min Jia were cheap and untraceable.

As a parting remark, Min Jia added, “He harbors a deep hatred for Su Yingxue and is determined to end her life. His master taught him this. His master is someone even Su Yingxue cannot contend with.”

“Who is his master? What is their name?” Su Han’s gaze narrowed.

“I believe his name is Wu Dao. I have never met him… But suffice it to say, he is formidable,” Min Jia replied.

“Wu Dao.”

Su Han committed the name to memory, determined to relay this information to Su Yingxue upon her return to the Marquis’s Manor.

As Min Jia and Madam Sheng were dragged away, occasionally berated like beasts, Zhifen couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction for Su Han. “Miss, they almost caused your demise. Now that they are reaping what they sowed, you can finally rest easy.”

Su Han had to admit that she had not slept well in quite some time.

Her dreams were haunted by the pitiful cries of her helpless child.

Yet, she resolved not to torment herself any longer.

“Zhifen, everyone has their path to walk. If I make a mistake and turn back in time, 1 can embrace a new beginning. As for them… They no longer have any bearing on my life.”

With that statement, Su Han decisively boarded the carriage. Even as she caught sight of Chu Xiaotian watching her from afar, she felt no sense of longing..

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