The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince! - C.647 - : He Heard Su Qingzhi’s Words


Chapter 647: He Heard Su Qingzhi’s Words.

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Every day, Su Jinxuan would come here to offer incense and pray, accompanying his mother and sister until late at night.

The memorial tablets for the two of them were secretly erected by Su Dingheng behind Su Qingzhi’s back.

Su Jinxuan’s lightness skill was outstanding, and his hearing was extraordinary. He had already sensed Su Qingzhi’s footsteps, but when he stepped in, he turned around in panic, “Grandfather, you… why are you here?”

Su Qingzhi had come to Su Jinxuan’s courtyard to look for him. Since he wasn’t there, he came here.

“Why are you here?”

Su Qingzhi’s gaze was piercing as he stared at the memorial tablets in the temple hall. He was coldly furious, “Was it your father who brought these here?”

“No! It was because 1 couldn’t bear to see my mother and sister wandering outside, so I set up the tablets for them. I’ll take them away now.”

Although he appeared terrified, he quickly took down the two tablets to protect them in his arms.

In front of Su Qingzhi, he was cautious and extremely filial. Su Qingzhi couldn’t find a reason to blame him. Instead, he reminded him, “If you are useful, one day you will make contributions to the country and the family. There will naturally be a place for them in the Marquis’s Manor. There’s no need to be so secretive!”

“Yes, Grandfather! 1 understand!” Su Jinxuan bowed deeply, looking extremely obedient and sensible.

Su Qingzhi asked him to get up. With his thin face looking pure and harmless, Su Qingzhi said, “You’re still up so late, grandfather. Why don’t I send you back?”

Su Qingzhi nodded and forgave Su Jinxuan for paying his respects privately.

After Su Jinxuan left, Su Wei asked Su Qingzhi, “General, you didn’t pursue the Second Young Master’s private worship today. Did you believe his words?”

Having followed Su Qingzhi for his entire life, Su Wei had gone to Su Yingxue’s place today because he had heard the servants in Su Jinxuan’s courtyard discussing the matter between Su Yingxue and Chu Yihan, which had made him worried.

However, he was surprised that Su Qingzhi would treat Su Jinxuan well.

Su Qingzhi was holding a cup of water. The colorless and odorless water reflected the depth in his eyes. “Yingxue is still inexperienced. The imperial court is treacherous and the country is in turmoil. I really can’t bear for her to be put in a difficult position. As for that kid Jinxuan…”

Su Qingzhi chuckled, “I can tell what he is thinking. However, if he can make Yingxue give up, 1 might give it a try.”

He would never let Su Jinxuan hurt Su Yingxue and threaten her interests.

At the Ninth Prince’s Mansion, the moon was shining brightly in Chu Yihan’s courtyard, and the red silken eaves added a hint of joy to the bleak autumn night.

Ever since Chu Yihan had made progress, the Ninth Prince’s Mansion had begun to look festive. Red glazed lamps, lanterns, the word ‘happiness’, and red silk were being purchased and decorated by the old butler every day.

It was just waiting for the day when Chu Yihan would be able to marry the Princess.

Even Shan Bao’s Tiger Mountain was not spared.

Shan Bao was lying on the fake mountain. He grabbed the word “happy” with one paw and rolled it’s eyes.

“It’s too flashy!

“It doesn’t look good at all!”

Shan Bao licked its paws and looked at its master’s study. His handsome figure was standing by the window, so handsome that even a tiger would be impressed!

“Your Highness, the manor has already begun to prepare. Today, we have decorated your courtyard. Are you satisfied?”

The old steward smiled. The matter had not been decided yet, but he was so happy that he had been busy until late at night.

Chu Yihan looked up at the moon, his eyes cold. “There’s no need to prepare for now.”

“No preparation? Doesn’t Your Highness want to marry Miss Su as soon as possible?”

The old steward’s heart skipped a beat.. Could it be that something unexpected had happened?

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