The Reborn Wife is Farming - C.459 - : Compensation

The Reborn Wife is Farming

C.459 - : Compensation

Chapter 459: Compensation

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Madam Wu said disinterestedly, “What has that got to do with us? Old Master has already told us to stay away from them. Now, we’re living separately within the same residence. Not to mention that this isn’t Madam Mu’s weakness, but even if it is, as long as Qi Haoran shields her, whatever we do is redundant. Besides, why would I deal with her for no reason?”

Madam Wu was interested in how to trample Qi Xiuyuan and Qi Haoran under her feet. However, with Qi Feng brainwashing her day and night, she already knew that she could not touch Qi Xiuyuan. If she dared do something to Qi Haoran, it would undoubtedly anger Qi Xiuyuan.

She wasn’t afraid, but she had to think for her two sons. She didn’t heed Qi Feng’s words about maintaining peace and prosperity in the family, but she remembered one sentence deeply. “Shaosheng hasn’t passed the imperial examination yet. I’ve asked his Teacher. I’m afraid it won’t be easy next year. Xiuyuan has already been promoted to Grade 2A. As long as he doesn’t rebel, he can firmly suppress Shaosheng. Although he’s not an official, he’s a feudal official. There must be many people in the court who are willing to give him face. If you anger him, you can make it difficult for Shaosheng to advance.”

Qi Feng had a deep understanding of this. All along, he’d felt that he had not been able to advance in his career because he was not experienced enough. However, the last time he went to look for the imperial censor because he was angry at Qi Haoran for fighting on the streets, he accidentally heard a few words and found out that his eldest son, Qi Xiuyuan, was behind that.

Qi Feng never expected that he could not advance further in his career because of his son. At that time, he was so angry that he almost exploded. f

However, for him to be able to endure for so many years, it went to show that his tolerance was extraordinary. Although he was furious, he still took a step back after weighing the pros and cons. Gradually, he let go of Qi Haoran and started leaving him be.

Regardless of whether it was good or bad, he ignored everything that happened in the West Manor.

After struggling for half a year, Madam Wu finally resigned to her fate. At this moment, she only hoped that Qi Haoran would not find trouble with her sons and that Madam Li and Madam Mu would not find trouble with them. In any case, their salaries had been handed over to the family treasury. After paying the expenses of the West Manor, there was still a lot left.

Madam Xu did not expect Madam Wu to let things go so easily. For a moment, she was stunned. Then, she could only shake her head and return to the backyard.

Since Madam Wu, who was most against Madam Li and Madam Mu, had already given up, there was no need for her to say anything else. On the other hand, Little Madam Wu stood there for a while before stomping her feet and following. She was jealous of Madam Li and Madam Mu’s things, but if Madam Wu wasn’t backing her up, she would totally be destroyed in minutes.

When Old Madam Shu returned to the Shu family, she was so angry that she had to gulp down water and fan herself to cool down. After a while, when she finally caught her breath, she turned to ask Shu Shuniang, “Are you sure that Madam Mu is really Wanniang’s child?”

Shu Shuniang smiled bitterly. “Mother, would I lie to you about this?” novelbuddy.c(o)m

Old Madam Shu closed her eyes and sighed. “No, she doesn’t resemble Wanniang at all. Although I’ve never seen her before, from what you said, I feel that Wanniang can’t possibly raise such a daughter.”

If her younger brother hadn’t patted his chest and guaranteed it, she wouldn’t have believed it either. Her younger sister was the most honest and timid. Who would have thought that she would raise a daughter who was as sharp as a knife? Besides, other than sharing similar looks, Mu Yangling didn’t take after her in any other way.

Since she didn’t take after Wanniang, it meant she took after the Mu guy.

But wasn’t the Mu family a hunter family? Why were their temper and looks so… weird?

“Mother, if Madam Mu avoids us, what should we do?”

‘What do I do?’

How would Old Madam Shu know what to do?

Look for her in the farmstead? That would be humbling herself too much.

Unfortunately, Madam Mu was not her granddaughter in name. Otherwise, she could have called her over with a single order.

Seeing Shu Qing enter with a dark expression, Old Madam Shu hurriedly stood up and asked, “Master, why are you back?”

Shu Qing asked in a low voice, “You didn’t see Madam Mu?”

Old Madam Shu nodded. Shu Qing said unhappily, “There’s no need to see her. Qi Haoran has already come looking for us. The four of us have already negotiated the terms.”

Shu Qing said coldly, “That little brat is so insolent at such a young age. Let’s see if he has the capacity to swallow it.”

Surprised, Old Madam Shu asked, “The Qi family is weak alone. Do they really dare to offend our three families at once?”

Shu Qing sneered. Today’s negotiations had infuriated him greatly. However, he had no choice but to submit because the Qi family had something on him. However, he had already decided not to let the Qi family have an easy time from now on.

Shu Qing did not expect that Qi Haoran would go straight to the palace right after parting ways with the three families at the restaurant. He said to the Emperor very amiably, “Your Majesty, it’s really as you expected. They all agreed.”

Smiling, the Emperor said smugly, “They’re afraid of losing their current status, so they’ll naturally compromise. How do you plan to deal with those things?”

Qi Haoran pursed his lips nonchalantly and said, “Aren’t those all resources of the Imperial Court? What can I do with them? Naturally, I’ll give them to you.”

The Emperor smiled, but he looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t you feel heartache?”

Qi Haoran said inexplicably, “Why should I feel heartache? I’m a general and only like to lead troops to war. I don’t fancy the positions in the Ministry of Revenue and Ministry of Works. Besides, I’m just one man and can’t split myself up. Didn’t you ask me to raise these conditions? I thought you wanted to use them.”

Qi Haoran’s eyes darted around and he said, “However, my cousin will be participating in the Spring Quarter Examinations next year. He might need a position. Your Majesty, please reserve a position in the Ministry of Revenue for him. Unfortunately, there’s no position available in the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs. Otherwise, it would be better to arrange for him to enter that ministry.”

The Emperor carefully observed Qi Haoran and realized that he was really not tempted. Relieved, he was now in the mood to joke with him. He picked up the memorial and hit him. With a smile, he said, “You’re talking about Fan Zijin, right? Do you really believe that he can ace the examinations?”

Qi Haoran said matter-of-factly, “My cousin is very smart. He became a xiucai at the age of 11. If he fails to make it, how many people in this world can do it? Your Majesty, you must reserve a good position for him. This time, he has been running with me for a few days.”

The Emperor smashed another memorial book on him and lectured him, “Do you think it’s so easy to reserve a position? The highest ranking scholar who just aced the examination only manages to enter the Hanlin Academy. Even if he enters the six departments, he will at most be a Grade 8 official. Those positions you made the Shu and Zhang families hand over were Grade 6 and above. Wouldn’t giving the position to him be equivalent to telling the world that he got in through the back door?”

Seeing that he had suppressed Qi Haoran, he waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ll make arrangements for those official positions. You may leave.”

Qi Haoran hesitated and did not leave. The Emperor’s expression darkened slightly as he asked, “Why? Are you still not leaving?”

Qi Haoran shouted, “Your Majesty, I don’t need the Zhang and Shu families’ compensation, but you have to leave some of the Zhou family’s things for me, right? Let’s not talk about anything else. I was just about to craft some jewelry from the two boxes of gems they brought to me last time.”

The Emperor looked at Qi Haoran, who had thrown away the watermelon and picked up sesame seeds. He believed the comments of the profligate sons in the city. Qi Haoran was a fool who relied on his strong martial arts skills. He waved his hand and said, “I don’t want anything from the Zhou family. Take them all.”

The Emperor saw that it didn’t even occur to the overjoyed Qi Haoran to decline, and he simply retreated happily..

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