The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful - C.675 - : Lainekel Recovered His Mind (2)

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

C.675 - : Lainekel Recovered His Mind (2)

Chapter 675: Lainekel Recovered His Mind (2)

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“Never mind.” He shook his head. “When I led the mission earlier, I harmed your heroes and even caused casualties among the Featherfolk warriors. Although it wasn’t my intention, I’ll go and slay some corrupted creatures to make amends for this.”

“No need to worry. You are highly valuable to us.”

Lainekel nodded without saying much. He turned away, and his gaze gradually became sharper, as if he were emitting a sword aura from his eyes.

Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, he had been a shining star among many orderly races, with his people placing high hopes on him, believing that he had the potential to become an epic-tier hero.

However, he had been overly confident and reckless. At the time when the forces of evil were on the brink of collapse, he had embarked on a solo mission. Little did he know, he would encounter the Dreadlord, Balzarna, a being of the Five Demon Kings’ level, whose power far surpassed the epic tier. Lainekel, then only at the peak of the legendary tier, was no match for Balzarna.

When he thought he was facing certain death in regret, Balzarna didn’t kill him but instead took him captive, subjecting him to inhuman modifications in the depths of the Chaotic Abyss. The reason he could still maintain a fragment of his human consciousness after all these years was due to his strong desire to return to the mortal world.

He believed that he could regain his sanity and return as a human, and he owed it all to this human lord. If he had a chance to repay the favor in the future, he would surely take it.

Ji Chen looked at Lainekel, who had suddenly become motionless, wondering if something was wrong, and asked, “Sir, what’s the matter?”

Lainekel’s face contorted into a stiff smile. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about how when he sent me out, not only did I fail to complete the mission, but I also regained my sanity and turned against him. Balzarna must be seething with anger right now.”

Ji Chen smiled and replied, “Well, let him seethe with anger. After all, we’ll meet sooner or later in the future. For now, let’s take back some of the suffering he caused you.”

“You’re absolutely right! Let those demon bastards see how we thwart their plans!”

Lainecker threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh, causing gusts of wind to swirl around him. His gaze was resolute.

Taking a step forward, he released a surge of spatial energy.

With a single step, he appeared among the corrupted creatures.

As the creatures saw a figure suddenly appear before them, they were taken aback. However, upon sensing the demonic aura emanating from him, they assumed he was an ally and moved aside, allowing him to pass.

Lainekel grinned, immediately wielding his Sword of Warlords. The sword’s radiance bloomed like a mandala around him. As he moved forward, the enchanted blade left behind trails of blood, slicing through the advancing, corrupted creatures. Their bodies split into two, with the rear halves remaining in place, while the front halves continued to run forward, collapsing a few meters ahead due to their inertia.

Within a radius of dozens of meters, not a single corrupted creature remained standing. The putrid black blood tainted every inch of the land.

This single strike had directly taken the lives of over a thousand corrupted beings.

Sensing something, he looked ahead and saw a beholder slowly hovering in place. Lainekel fixed his gaze on its eye and suddenly let out a disdainful smile. He pointed his Sword of Warlords at it, and the tip of the sword lifted upward.

At the same time, as Balzarna observed Lainekel’s mocking expression and provocation on the magic screen, his face darkened. Though he didn’t say a word, his intense anger and shame were palpable.

The demon lords and overlords present remained silent, afraid to speak. It was understandable, as who wouldn’t feel extreme anger and humiliation when their servant and assassin sent on a mission turned against them and even taunted and mocked them?

However, they were filled with confusion as well. Number 17, since its successful self-modification hundreds of thousands of years ago, had always followed orders like a killing machine, and such a situation had never arisen. Even Balzarna believed that the modification had been highly successful and sent it to this primary world’s secret realm with confidence.

However, reality had slapped them in the face. Number 17 not only regained its consciousness but also suppressed the pressure imposed by Balzarna and proceeded to slay the corrupted creatures.

Just at the moment when the beholder on the scene was killed, they didn’t witness what happened during the process, but they more or less guessed that it must be connected to this human lord.

This human lord not only had extraordinary power but also could completely suppress Number 17. Moreover, he possessed the ability to restore the consciousness of alchemical constructs!

Their hatred towards him grew stronger.

This youth would undoubtedly become their formidable enemy in the future!

After their anger subsided, they began to contemplate how to prevent this human lord from leaving this secret realm. In order to minimize the rejection by the world’s rules, they had only sent Number 17, a high-level combatant. There were no other high-tier combatants they could afford to send to this secret realm.

In the magic screen, Number 17 was unabashedly slaughtering the corrupted creatures and, in collaboration with other heroes, forcing the demonic army to retreat step by step.

Clearly, it was impossible to kill him with just these corrupted creatures.

The demon lords and overlords sneakily glanced at Balzarna, who was seated at the forefront.

Balzarna appeared calm and spoke in an indifferent tone, saying, “Destroy this mystic realm.”

Their hearts quaked. They had secretly cultivated this mystic realm for thousands of years, investing substantial resources in contaminating and corrupting the marine creatures within it. It was intended to serve as a source of troops and a forward base for future invasions of the primary world’s oceans. Destroying it now would mean a colossal waste of effort and resources..