The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful - C.671 - : Battle Against Number 17, Lainekel

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

C.671 - : Battle Against Number 17, Lainekel

Chapter 671: Battle Against Number 17, Lainekel

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In a world where alchemical modifications could elevate one to a pseudo-epic tier at level 69, much like Lu Bu confronting the Three Heroes, a lone individual dared to confront six heroes. They even managed to wound a legendary figure significantly, forcing that legendary figure to retreat from the battle.

This starkly illustrated the immense power gap between different tiers and higher-level suppression.

Alice’s singing had minimal effect on this being known as Alchemical Reconstruction Number 17. According to her, Number 17 was no longer considered human or even an ordinary being. Its soul was nearly extinguished, leaving only a mechanical shell in operation.

Before things reached an irreparable point, Ji Chen decided to intervene.

Number 17 made a swift and deadly assault, driving through the remaining five heroes with his sword’s radiance. After injuring Solidus, he didn’t pursue further but instead, when the other heroes rushed to aid Solidus, he abruptly returned to the spatial realm.

Two seconds later, he reappeared not far from Ji Chen, his sword’s edge aimed directly at him.

“My Lord”

Several heroes cried out in horror.


A dull sound, like thunder, reverberated as the rusty longsword clashed against a semicircular golden shield. Ripples and folds resembling water waves surged intensely within the shield. Inside it, Ji Chen held a shimmering steel sword adorned with a golden gem, thrusting it like a venomous snake.


[Draw the Earth as a Prison (Conjure the Shield, Resist a substantial amount of damage and powerful attacks [depending on the user’s strength and condition])]

Naturally, Number 17 wouldn’t be so easily harmed by this attack. Seeing that the first strike was ineffective, he swiftly withdrew.

However, this played into Ji Chen’s hands. With her right hand gripping the Warblade and his left hand raised, a mass of seawater coalesced into a rope, binding Number 17.

The sword’s radiance sliced through the rope soundlessly, just as Number 17 attempted to retreat once more. However, the shattered seawater overcame gravity and rose again, enveloping him like a cocoon.

His limbs were restrained, making it difficult even to swing his longsword.

Without hesitation, Number 17 activated his spatial jump ability, transporting himself to a miniature floating mountain a hundred meters away.

As soon as he landed, an invisible blue ripple spread rapidly, passing through his body like a ghost. Simultaneously, a pressure descended heavily on his shoulders, as if his body were filled with glue, causing his movements and strength to slow significantly.

Ji Chen wasted no time in unleashing his ultimate technique, invoking the power of his Ocean Realm.

Tornado Storm

Suddenly, the sea surface erupted with massive water sprays, and amidst the churning water, a water tornado rapidly formed. In the blink of an eye, it reached hundreds of meters high, connecting the sea with the sky.

Countless enchanted creatures were swept into it, and in a harrowing chorus of screams, they were torn apart, reduced to bits of flesh.

Number 17, situated at the center of the water tornado, along with the miniature floating mountain beneath his feet, was covered by it. Under the immense suction, he lost his balance and was rapidly pulled into the swirling vortex.

Even the miniature floating mountain seemed to peel away layer by layer under the countless water blades.

Just when the other heroes thought that Number 17 was trapped and couldn’t escape the water tornado, a dazzling red light suddenly flashed within the surging waters.

A gleaming blood-red sword light, tens of meters long, cleaved the water tornado directly, revealing his figure from within.

His black robe had already been torn to shreds, and his body was covered in long, narrow scars. Foul-smelling black blood oozed from these wounds, making him look even more grotesque, like a demon.

Even without speaking, the blood-red in his eyes emanated a palpable and intense aura of murderous intent.

With rolling veins and grains on his forehead like tree roots, the blood-red aura mixed with black mist spread from his skin’s surface. In this moment, Number 17 seemed to truly unleash his full power.

Ji Chen remained expressionless. With a thought, three elemental water dragons emerged from his robe, roaring as they flew towards him.

[?Water Dragon Summoning (Summons three elemental water dragons with 50% of the user’s strength, possessing autonomous combat capabilities)]

Three sword lights suddenly flew in, tearing two of the water dragons apart, turning them into a shower of water droplets.

Number 17’s figure disappeared once again, only to reappear on the head of the one water dragon that had narrowly evaded him. His blade flashed, and the massive dragon head shattered.

Three elemental water dragons were eliminated in just over ten seconds.

Ji Chen didn’t show surprise at this. He merely waved his right hand gently, and hundreds of water soldiers in the form of falcon-shaped beings swiftly condensed, moving like locusts toward the enemy.

As if possessing intelligence, the falcon-like water soldiers dodged the fierce sword light and, at the cost of losing dozens of their own, approached the enemy. With the magical power enhancing their aquatic talons, they were capable of tearing through metal.

Number 17 chose to evade the encirclement through spatial jumps, but within the Ocean Realm, his skill cooldowns were extended several times, making him no longer as agile as before.

After hundreds of falcon-like water soldiers were nearly all slaughtered, he bore several wounds that cut deep to the bone.

For the first time, a hint of emotions resembling those of an intelligent being appeared in Number 17’s eyes.

Anger, disgust, fury…

Watching this scene, Ji Chen suddenly smiled, slowly raising his hand toward Numner 17 and lightly flicking his palm.

Boom— An explosive surge of spatial energy erupted. In his fury, Number 17 attempted another spatial jump, but as soon as he appeared a few meters to Ji Chen’s side, he found himself trapped within a water prison that had descended heavily, surrounded by a dozen hovering blades outside the prison..