The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful - C.670 - : Palace-attired Elf and High Elven Priest, No. 17

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

C.670 - : Palace-attired Elf and High Elven Priest, No. 17

Chapter 670: Palace-attired Elf and High Elven Priest, No. 17

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Ji Chen’s pupils slightly constricted.

The overwhelming scent of blood and malevolence permeating from the air seemed to have stimulated the man known as Number 17. He expressionlessly lifted his rusty longsword and stepped into the void.

A malevolence even denser than ordinary demons, with a stench of blood, washed over them.

“Lord, be careful!” f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

Facing such an epic-tier figure, even with the pseudo prefix, they dared not take it lightly. That sword light from earlier, they had little confidence in being able to withstand it.

This was undoubtedly the most powerful enemy they had ever encountered in their history, well, excluding the Kraken, who had been personally subdued by the Lord.

Solidus saw this scene and immediately jumped over from a nearby Floating Mountain. “I’ll help you!”

Anina, Herald, and Solidus formed a triangular formation, surrounding Number 17 in the middle, while Benbo lagged behind, and Diago and Alice flanked from the side.

Six heroes were now engaged in the siege against Number 17.

Number 17 looked at himself being surrounded on all sides, his face expressionless. He simply raised his rusty sword and swung it towards Solidus.

A dazzling blood-red sword light burst out from the tip of the sword.

Solidus’ expression darkened, and he quickly evaded. This sword light contained powerful spatial force and had already transcended the sharpness of ordinary blades. Attempting to block it head-on would only result in being torn apart by the spatial force.

As if he had foreseen this scene, Number 17 moved like a ghost, taking advantage of the opening created by Solidus’ evasion. His ultimate goal was clear: the human Lord.

However, before he could fully charge out, a dazzling red lightning shot toward his next step, forcing him to change his mind and abruptly stop. He looked towards Diago not far away.

The crystal horn on Diago’s head emitted a few green sparks, and he wore a contemptuous smile.

He swung his sword light toward Solidus again, attempting to break through the encirclement, but was once again hindered by the lightning.

After two setbacks, Number 17 realized that unless he killed Diago, he would have a hard time breaking through the encirclement. A program-like instruction seemed to flash through his mind.

He quietly changed his attack strategy.

Cleverly deflecting the power of Herald’s huge claws with his longsword, he immediately used a short-range space jump to appear in front of Diago, slashing down with his sword.

If this strike were to connect, Diago would instantly be covered by spatial energy, just like the dozen or so Featherfolk warriors, torn to pieces.

A trident covered in frost came straight at him, and Number 17 hesitated for a moment. He retracted his descending longsword, and his body twisted in a way that a normal human couldn’t, evading the attack with ease and gracefully retreating.

This scene made Ji Chen’s heart sink. The alchemical modification of this demon had turned this human into such a grotesque creature.

From the last entry in the information panel, it can be learned that this so-called Number 17 was an ancient human warrior captured at the end of the divine war hundreds of thousands of years ago. The fact that this malevolent modification technique could keep him alive through countless millennia is astonishing in itself.

Number 17 took a few steps back, and his sword seemed to have eyes. A slender sword beam shot out at a cunning angle and collided with Herald, who was closing in for another round of encirclement.


This tiny sword beam contained an irresistible force, causing one of Herald’s arms, along with its huge claw, to be sent flying high, torn into shreds by the spatial energy.

As if breaking through a breach, while taking advantage of his severed arm, Number 17 once again closed in. He swung his longsword, pushing aside the other giant claw, and stabbed through the serpent tail from the reverse side.

A dull explosion echoed, and a grotesque hole burst open in Herald’s lower body, with half of his serpent tail falling to the ground.


This Abyss Naga hero had never been in such a sorry state before. With just two strikes, he was severely injured, howling in pain. If it weren’t for Anina and Solidus coming to his rescue in time, he might have crossed the threshold of death.

Causing such injuries, Number 17’s cold face showed no emotional fluctuation. He evaded the attacks of the former like a precise machine and once again distanced himself.

Herald was forced to temporarily withdraw from the battle due to his severe injuries. Like finding a breakthrough point, Number 17 used his spatial jumps to maneuver between several heroes. Despite the suppression from the differences in rank and level, the Ocean Crown side unexpectedly found themselves at a slight disadvantage.

With the loss of the Ocean Crown heroes’ suppression, the corrupted creatures surged forward, pushing the defending forces back step by step. In just half an hour, they lost several crucial Floating Mountains once again.

Another wave of flying corrupted creatures joined the battlefield, instantly increasing the pressure on the Featherfolk tribe.

Patheia swung her longsword, consecutively slaying dozens of flying corrupted creatures. She watched the desperate battle below with a hint of worry in her eyes.

But at this moment, she had no other options but to fight fiercely to relieve the pressure on her allies.

In this moment, she keenly felt her own weakness..