The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful - C.669 - : Palace-attired Elves and High Elven Priest, No. 17 (2)

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

C.669 - : Palace-attired Elves and High Elven Priest, No. 17 (2)

Chapter 669: Palace-attired Elves and High Elven Priest, No. 17 (2)

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The Elven High Priestess was somewhat surprised and said, “It’s been less than a year since this Lord of Glory arrived, and he’s already reached a legendary tier?”

The Palace-attired Elf nodded slightly, her eyes shimmering with enthusiasm. “The growth rate of these Lords of Glory far exceeds our initial expectations. I also have a premonition that these Lords of Glory are somehow connected to the abnormal world energy, even to the gods.”

“This time, let’s start by investigating this Lord of Glory and see what makes them so unique.”

The battle on the Floating Mountain continued.

Ji Chen occasionally commanded the army to fill the breaches that had been breached and moved troops between the Floating Mountains.

With the joint defense of the Ocean Crown forces, Featherfolk, and Ocean Pixies, the momentum of the corrupted creatures’ attack was like sinking into a quagmire, progressing extremely slowly. For every Floating Mountain they captured, thousands of corrupted creatures were sacrificed.

And they had only captured one-quarter of the Floating Mountains so far!

This was still a situation where they were trying to preserve their strength as much as possible without excessive competition. The higher they climbed, the greater their advantage, and the more difficult it was for the corrupted creatures.

At this moment, the army of corrupted creatures resembled a wounded beast, growing weaker with each step, moving slower, and reacting more sluggishly. They were slowly losing their lives to the archers’ arrows.

Augustus and Elwin couldn’t help but show a hint of joy.

“Augustus, as long as we hold off this wave of attacks, we’ll find an opportunity to leave this realm and go to the main world. This place has become a breeding ground for corrupted creatures, and if we stay, we’ll be devoured sooner or later,” Elwin said with a heavy heart.

Augustus hesitated for a moment and then nodded. “You’re right. I don’t know when the demons will officially invade. Staying here is a dead end.”

Seeing their proud Floating Mountain easily taken over by the corrupted creatures, he dismissed the idea of staying any longer. As for where to settle in the main world… he recalled the invitation that Ji Chen had mentioned earlier.

The momentum of the corrupted creatures’ attack became even slower, and the initiative gradually returned to their hands, and the situation slowly improved.

At this moment, a figure appeared on the distant sea surface. It moved rapidly on the water, leaving no trace, and disappeared like a ghost when it approached.

At the same time, the Kraken, which had been happily using its tentacles to “whack-a-mole,” suddenly froze and let out a cry.

“Master, there’s an unusual spatial fluctuation! It’s right near you!”

An alarm bell rang in Ji Chen’s heart. He touched the Void Ring on his left hand’s finger.

Spatial energy suddenly erupted, and a force pulled him into a rapidly forming spatial channel. In less than a breath’s time, his entire being disappeared.

The next second, a blood-red sword light several meters long swept through the position where Ji Chen had just stood, even breaking apart the space itself into a shattered crack.

A figure shrouded in a black robe appeared on the Floating Mountain at some point, and a rusty longsword protruded from the robe, exuding a tide-like energy of space.

Several seconds later, Ji Chen appeared on the edge of another Floating Mountain, looking at the fractured space crack at the edge, his expression somewhat surprised.

The same ability as the Kraken, which is spatial translocation?

No, this should be short-range spatial jumping, focused on combat, rather than long-distance traversal between realms and worlds.

But this sword light was indeed incredibly fast. If it weren’t for the Kraken’s warning, he might have been injured by now.

Seeing the Lord being ambushed, several heroes immediately abandoned their current enemies and rushed to Ji Chen’s side to protect him.

“Lord, are you okay!?”

Ji Chen shook his head to indicate that he was fine and turned his gaze to the figure in the black robe.

The Featherfolk warriors circling around saw an enemy appear in their territory, even attacking their allies. They immediately drew their bows, and dozens of enchanted arrows carrying enough force to pierce through gold and rock were shot toward the enemy.

However, the black-robed figure waved his longsword, cutting the arrows into pieces. The remaining force carried them into the sky, tearing apart more than a dozen Featherfolk warriors.

Feathers, blood, and flesh rained down from the sky, falling on the black robe and adding a glaring blood-red color.

Blown by the wind, the figure under the black robe also revealed his appearance.

It was a human face that seemed as cold as a machine, evil black patterns spreading on the face, the eyes occupied by the abyssal blackness, and visible black reptiles crawling in and out of the decaying skin. A broken horn on the forehead protruded abruptly as if forcibly implanted.

His body was also severely decayed, and what surprised Ji Chen was that one of his arms had withered to the size of a baby’s, hanging like a dried twig, while the other hand holding the longsword was a demon’s hand.

Looking down, a pair of legs seemed to have been forcibly severed from the pelvis and forcibly replaced with a pair of demon legs.

If he was not mistaken, these legs were remarkably similar to those of the Demon Slayer.

(Number 17]

[Race]: Alchemical Modified Human

[Level]: 69

[Tier]: Pseudo-Gold (Pseudo-Epic)

[Skills]: Omitted

[A human strongman captured by demons in the final stages of the god war hundreds of thousands of years ago, tortured, and then transformed into a killing machine through the evil alchemy of the Dreadlord Balzarna, who only obeys orders]

A human strongman transformed by the Dreadlord? Pseudo-Epic Tier?