The Lucky Heiress - C.97 - Punishing Wei Yilin_l

The Lucky Heiress

C.97 - Punishing Wei Yilin_l

Chapter 97: Chapter 97 Punishing Wei Yilin_l

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Wei Yilin stubbornly asked Wei Ruo: “Where’s your dried sweet potato? Didn’t you feed the dried sweet potatoes to those two Japanese Pirates?

“I as Xiumei to give my dried sweet potatoes to the people who were opening up wasteland nearby. If you want to eat, I will find some when we get back to the mansion,” Wei Ruo replied.

“No way, I saw it clearly. Didn’t you use the dried sweet potatoes to drug the two pirates and kill them?” Wei Yilin interrogated again.

Before Wei Ruo could speak, Wei Qingwan beat her to it: “Little brother, your sister just arrived here. All the dried sweet potatoes were given to the locals. You must have dreamt all this. Although we haven’t found the person who saved you, rest assured that we will continue to ask around. I believe we will find answers soon.”

Wei Yilin looked at Wei Qingwan. Why would his most trusted Sister Wanwan also say it was fake… Could it really be fake?

Wei Yilin fell silent.

“Alright Yilin, you must have been scared today too. Go home first, and we will discuss what happened today later,” said Wei Yichen.

Standing around here wasn’t solving anything. The most important thing was that everyone was safe.

Then Wei Yichen arranged for everyone to return to the mansion.

Not long after they returned to the Military Prefecture, Wei Mingting came


Given his military obligations, he couldn’t come and go as he pleased. Besides, Mrs. Yun didn’t send him any message at first. By the time he found out about the situation, the Wei family had already found Wei Yilin.

“Bring Yilin to me,” ordered Wei Mingting.

“My lord, Yilin has been shocked and is currently resting…” Mrs. Yun explained.

“Resting? What rest does he need? His mischiefs got him into this trouble. It’s all his own fault!” Wei Mingting responded seriously, his gaze stern.

“But lord, Yilin is only seven years old…”

“Seven years old is old enough to be a man!

Seeing her husband’s firm attitude, Mrs. Yun no longer tried to dissuade him and let the servant go to Yuyu Garden to bring Wei Yilin over.

Knowing his father was looking for him, Wei Yilin became anxious on his way.

When he entered the room and saw his father’s serious face, Wei Yilin panicked completely.

“Dad… I… I know I was wrong…” Wei Yilin apologized in fear.

“Go and squat in the courtyard,” Wei Mingting ordered without a shred of sympathy.

“Dad, I…”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Wei Yilin trembled, then quickly turned around and moved to the courtyard, assuming the horse stance position as required by Wei Mingting.

Wei Mingting then came out, had someone bring an incense burner, lit incense in it, and placed it under Wei Yilin’s crotch.

Then he had someone bring a bowl of water and place it on top of Wei Yilin’s


Seeing this, Mrs. Yun couldn’t stand it again: “My lord, isn’t this a bit too harsh for Yilin? He is only seven years old…”

“Harsh? If he wasn’t so lucky to be saved today, he would probably be dead in the hands of the Japanese Pirates now! For someone who was willing to risk his life, what’s so unbearable about some suffering?

Mrs. Yun was dumbfounded.

Indeed, compared to losing his life, suffering a bit now was indeed lighter. At first, Wei Yilin was able to hold on, but after a quarter of the incense burned, his legs began to shake uncontrollably, and the bowl on his head was swaying heavily.

When a third of the incense burned, he stumbled and fell to the ground, the

bowl on his head dropped.

“Get up and continue. Light the incense again,” Wei Mingting said expressionlessly.

Wei Yilin was in agony, his legs trembling, but he had to do as Wei Mingting asked.

This time, he couldn’t last long. He fell down shortly after the incense was lit. But Wei Mingting was still relentless, still demanding Wei Yilin to continue without a change in his expression.

Mrs. Yun’s heart ached, so she chose to turn around and leave, pretending not

to know.

After an unknown period, Wei Yilin couldn’t stand up anymore. Only then did

Wei Mingting allow him to leave.

After Wei Ruo returned to the Wei family, she went back to her room.

Xiumei made Calming Tea for Wei Ruo. Although her mistress had seen a lot of death and blood, it was her first time killing someone, and Xiumei was worried that she might not sleep well at night.

In the first half of the night, Wei Ruo was indeed restless, dreaming about the bloody scenes of killing.

It was not until the latter half of the night that she had a somewhat sound sleep.

After a night’s rest, Wei Ruo got up early the next morning. Hearing that Wei Mingting was in the mansion, she prepared to see her father.

“What are you planning to do, miss?” Xiumei asked.

“To exact revenge on Wei Yilin,” Wei Ruo replied.

Wei Ruo strode out of the Tingsong Garden and headed for Cangyun Garden.

As she entered the courtyard, she saw Wei Mingting standing there with Wei Qingwan and Wei Yilin in front of him.

Wei Yilin was trembling, showing that he had been severely punished yesterday.

Today, Wei Mingting seemed to be planning to continue the punishment, but Wei Qingwan, who had learned about the situation, specifically came to plead with Wei Mingting on Wei Yilin’s behalf.

Wei Ruo happened to walk in on a tender moment between sister and brother. Upon seeing Wei Ruo enter, the conversation was interrupted, and Wei Mingting looked at Wei Ruo and asked, “Why are you up so early today, Ruoruo?”

-I have something to discuss with father. Would it be convenient now?” Wei

Ruo replied without hesitation.

“Just say whatever you have to say,” said Wei Mingting.

“It is about my younger brother, Yilin. I believe the way you are currently punishing him is inappropriate,” said Wei Ruo.

Hearing this, Wei Yilin looked up at Wei Ruo in surprise.

It was certainly expected that Sister Wanwan would plead for him, but why would Wei Qingruo also plead for him?

“Ruoruo, do you also think, like Wanwan, that your father shouldn’t continue punishing Yilin today?” Wei Mingting asked.

just before this, Wei Qingwan had been speaking to Wei Mingting about the same matter. Given that Yilin was still a child and yesterday’s punishment had rendered him unable to walk today, she hoped that Wei Mingting would postpone today’s punishment on account of Yilin’s young age.

“Father, I don’t mean this. I think that disciplining Yilin shouldn’t just be for a day or two. You are usually busy with public affairs and spend limited time at home Only disciplining for a day or two whenever you are home, and then stop right after you return to the military camp, is not effective in my opinion,” Wei Ruo analyzed.

Upon hearing this, Wei Yilin was dumbfounded. This woman wasn’t here to plead for him. She was here to make things worse for him!

But when Wei Mingting heard Wei Ruo’s words, he thought they made a lot of sense, so he continued to ask, “Then Rouro, what do you think is a better way.” “I think, first of all, we should separate Yilin and sister Qingwan,” Wei Ruo replied.

The faces of Wei Qingwan and Wei Yilin turned pale simultaneously.

If it were any other day, Wei Yilin would have been openly hostile towards Wei Ruo at this point. But today, he dared only to glare at Wei Ruo in disbelief.

Wei Qingwan lowered her head, bit her lip, and asked in a grieved tone, “Sister, do you think I have led Yilin astray?”

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