The Lucky Heiress - C.94 - : : There are Differences Among Hostages _1

The Lucky Heiress

C.94 - : : There are Differences Among Hostages _1

Chapter 94: Chapter 94: There are Differences Among Hostages _1

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The Japanese pirates regarded Wei Ruo with a surprised look, appearing to seriously consider the feasibility of her proposition.

After some thinking, the pirate continued in his broken Chinese asking, ‘What can you, offer?”

“I am an expert in agriculture. I have many farming techniques at my command, capable of altering soil properties and increasing food production.” Wei Ruo knew about the conditions in Japan. It was an island nation with extremely scarce land resources, where agriculture was not very developed and arable land was severely limited.

She also knew some Japanese customs and knew how to hit their pain points. “Can you grow more, food?”

“Yes, I can grow more food, whether it’s barren land, coastal saline-alkali land or steep mountain terrain. Once successful, it can feed more people in your country.”

Wei Ruo knew she was predominantly exaggerating. The improvements that could be made to the land were limited, and some places didn’t warrant renovation due to high costs of renovation or subsequent maintenance.

“How do I know, you are not lying?” the pirate asked.

“The method of improving the land in the southern city area that you have seen was devised by me. You have been lingering on the East Coast for a long time. You should know that this place was a wasteland before. If I could improve it here, I can also help you improve it in Japan.” Wei Ruo responded.

“Wei Qingruo, what are you doing? Why are you talking to these two Japanese pirates? Are you going to help them grow food so they can eat and drink well to fight us? They are pirates, robbers, ruthless murderers!” Wei Yilin cursed.

Wei Ruo gave Wei Yilin a glance; did he think she was not aware of what he was saying? She also hated these pirates, but they had to first look at their current situation, didn’t they?

Vengeance is a dish best-served cold! She needed to save her life first before she could think of a way to deal with these people.

If she didn’t have her life, everything else was gibberish.

Now, the Wei Family was searching for her throughout the city. With Meimei nearby, she had a chance to escape.

What she needed to do was to protect herself as much as possible before they found her.

Ignoring Wei Yilin, Wei Ruo turned to the pirate with a smile, “Don’t mind him, this kid, he’s not clear-headed.”

“He says he is, the son of Colonel Wei, he calls you, sister, you are also, the daughter of Colonel Wei.” While the pirate was not fluent in Chinese, he was very clear-headed.

“Yes, I am the daughter of Colonel Wei. But I am in your hands now, I want to hve, so I am willing to provide my value, to achieve a win-win situation for both of us. This has nothing to do with who I am.” Wei Ruo persuaded.

After hearing Wei Ruo’s words, the pirate did not immediately respond. Instead, he withdrew to the outside of the cave to discuss with the other pirate. While the two pirates were whispering and discussing something, Wei Yilin asked Wei Ruo, “Wei Qingruo, what do you want to do?”

“What? Survival, can’t you see?”

“What you’re doing is very shameful!”

Wei Yilin, can you distinguish between disgracing and foolishness?”

You’re betraying your country, betraying countless frontier soldiers you…you’re ungrateful!” Wei Yilin thought for a while before using the word “ungrateful” to scold Wei Ruo.

“Who did I betray, who did I kill? It’s you, who runs around and gets me involved in your misfortune. You’re the one who’s going to get me killed!” “You!” Wei Yilin was once again at a loss for words.

“If you have something to say; just keep scolding, I’ll take it as a lullaby.” Wei Ruo replied calmly.

Being tied up by two pirates and held in a cave is a daunting experience. Having someone else’s voice muttering could alleviate the tense atmosphere.

After a while, that pirate returned.

“If you can do what you say, we will not hurt you.”

“No problem.” Wei Ruo agreed gladly.

“However, we will not let your brother go, and we might kill him.” the pirate added.

Letting Wei Yilin go would expose their location. They kept Wei Yilin as a hostage, if anything went wrong, they might need to kill him for their safety.

“He and I don’t get along well. He just wants me dead. Look, if he really cared for me, he would not have called me his sister, and given me away. To truly love someone is to hope that they live well instead of dragging them down. Do as you please.” responded Wei Ruo.

Wei Yilin, who was at her side, couldn’t believe his eyes.

He wanted to object, but realized that he had no words to refute.

‘That’s good.” Pirate naturally did not want Wei Ruo to present extra conditions.

Since we have already reached a consensus, then you should also treat me a little better, don’t torment and disable me before I get to Japan with you.” Wei Ruo continued.

“You, would like, how?” the pirate asked.

“You can loosen me a little, so I’ll be more comfortable, and my hands won’t suffer long-term blood circulation problems. Rest assured, this cave has no other exits. With you guarding at the entrance, I can’t escape. I also don’t have any martial arts skills, I can’t beat you.” Said Wei Ruo.

The pirate hesitated a bit, looked at Wei Ruo for a while, and then recalled the scene of how they captured her earlier. If she had any martial arts skills, she wouldn’t have been caught so easily. He eventually agreed.

The pirate untied Wei Ruo.

After doing all this, the two pirates returned outside the cave.

These two seemed to be plotting something. Although she couldn’t understand their words, Wei Ruo guessed they probably were discussing how to escape from the pursuit of the soldiers of Xingshan County and successfully return to Japan.

Freed now, Wei Ruo lounged back against the stone wall, her posture relaxed Comparatively, Wei Yichen across from her was in an uncomfortable position, with his hands tied behind his back, irregularly slanting and twisted on the ground.

Not only was his posture uncomfortable, but his mind was also extremely uncomfortable. He had heard the words spoken by the pirate, they had stated they would not let him go and could kill him if a situation arose.

He didn’t want to die; he wanted to live!

Although he spoke with great righteousness when arguing with Wei Ruo just now, when the fear of death hit him, he began to envy Wei Ruo again.

At least the pirates said they would not kill her!

Wei Yilin was endlessly annoyed, but faced with Wei Ruo, he did not want to admit that his choices were not as smart as hers.

Wei Ruo did not care about the look Wei Yilin gave her and had no interest in knowing what he was thinking.

She pulled out a small silk pouch from her bosom, took out a dried sweet potato, and began to munch on it.

It was Wei Ruo’s habit to bring small snacks with her when she went out. So earlier when she told Xiumei to return to the carriage to get food, it was indeed an excuse. She wanted to distribute those foods to the poor.

Leaning back and enjoying her sweet potato, Wei Ruo looked relaxed and satisfying, causing Wei Yilin to gape in disbelief..