The Lucky Heiress - C.100 - : Grand Opening of the New

The Lucky Heiress

C.100 - : Grand Opening of the New

Chapter 100: Chapter 100: Grand Opening of the New


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Upon Mrs. Yun’s praise of Wei Ruo, Wei Qingwan’s fists clenched involuntarily.

Now it seems that both her father and mother think her sister is better than she is.

Taking Mrs. Yun’s words, Wei Qingwan said casually, “Yes, it would have been better if my sister had told us sooner.”

At these words, Mrs. Yun’s expression faltered slightly.

She didn’t know about her eldest daughter’s superior rice seeds, but her eldest daughter should have known.

However, this thought only lingered in Mrs. Yun’s mind for a moment. She quickly remembered that when they had brought their eldest daughter home, they had already begun planting the early rice seedlings.

“We can’t blame Ruoruo for this, I remember when she came back, we had already started planting the seedlings in the field. If she had suggested changing the rice variety then, I probably wouldn’t have believed her right away,” Mrs. Yun said.

She remembered this clearly. At first, when her daughter wanted to improve the land in the southern city, she had opposed it, not really believing her eldest daughter could accomplish it.

“Right… right, I almost forgot. My sister only came back then, I must have misremembered,” Wei Qingwan readily concurred, her face hurriedly agreeing.

Just when Mrs. Yun was worried about the grain supply, the goods from Loyal and Righteous Duke Residence in the Capital City arrived.

They were gifts from her Grandfather Duke and her husband’s two older brothers, sent to celebrate Wei Mingting’s promotion.

Among the gifts were several wagonloads of rice grains. They arrived today because they were delayed by the slower land route after passing Hangzhou Prefecture, despite the initial faster water route.

Upon seeing wagon after wagon of goods, Mrs. Yun was overjoyed.

Although Mrs. Yun knew that the Grandfather Duke and her two brothers-in-law were so enthusiastic mainly due to her husband’s promotion. He was now the only one in the Loyal and Righteous Duke’s Residence with an official position, almost supporting the entire family.

Yet, she could not deny that this grain supply had alleviated her immediate concerns.

In addition to the grains, the Loyal and Righteous Duke Residence sent also some fabrics and jewelry, which were gifts from the Grandfather Duke and Madam Duke.

“Madam, these were given by the old Duke and Madam to Miss,” the one who brought the gifts specifically explained.

“Good,” Mrs. Yun agreed, her gaze went to Wei Qingwan, and her eyes revealed concern.

Wei Qingwan was rather pale, but she still managed to force a smile, even though it made Mrs. Yun just want to take care of her even more.

Before Mrs. Yun could bring up the matter, Wei Qingwan preempted her: “Mother, I am fine. My sister just returned to the residence, so it’s normal for my grandparents to be mainly concerned about her.”

Hearing her daughter’s sensible words made Mrs. Yun feel even more depressed.

Mrs. Yun glanced at the fabrics and jewelry in front of her, hesitated for a while, and then said, “Wanwan, when we have more money in the residence, I will buy some more for you.”

In her heart, Mrs. Yun really wanted to give some to Wei Qingwan, but the rational part of her recognized that these fabrics and jewelry were not like those bronze decorations. These items had to be worn and shown in public.

In the future, they would have to return to Capital City, and if her grandparents-in-law discovered that she had privately passed on these gifts that they had specifically asked to be given to her eldest daughter to Wei Qingwan, they would certainly be displeased.

However much Mrs. Yun wanted to take care of Wei Qingwan, she did not dare to offend her in-laws.

Upon hearing Mrs. Yun’s words, Wei Qingwan was taken aback and stared at Mrs. Yun in a daze.

“What’s the matter, Wanwan?” Mrs. Yun asked, puzzled.

“Nothing, mother… I am fine…” Wei Qingwan quickly recovered herself and emphasized that she was fine.

“Well, as long as you’re fine,” Mrs. Yun didn’t think much more of it. She knew her daughter. Naturally, it would be inevitable that she would feel a bit upset by her grandparents’ attitudes, but she was sure that Wei Qingwan would not harbor any malice.

After a pause, Mrs. Yun said again, “I have a set of pearls for you that I originally wanted to give you when you come of age. Since you will be going to the Government City, wear it then.”

Mrs. Yun considered this not only because of today’s event, but also because of the Yun Brocade. She didn’t want Wanwan to feel too aggrieved, and she didn’t want Wanwan’s attire to be inferior to her eldest sister when they went to the Government City.

“No need, mother, I won’t need them. I still have some jewelry, you should keep yours,” Wei Qingwan hurriedly declined.

“You do need them. You’re my daughter, and everything that is mine will eventually be yours and Ruoruo’s,” Mrs. Yun reassured.

“Then… thank you, mother,” With a shy and grateful expression, Wei Qingwan didn’t decline any further.

“Silly girl, why are you thanking your mother? Come on, let’s go to my room,” Mrs. Yun held Wei Qingwan’s hand and led her towards her own room, intending to give her the set of pearl jewelry right away.

The items that the Loyal and Righteous Duke Residence specifically sent for Wei Ruo were delivered to Tingsong Garden.

The box wasn’t large this time, but the contents were far more valuable than the copper ornaments sent earlier.

“Miss, there’s a set of gold jewelry! And some jade jewelry, they all look very valuable!” Xiumei exclaimed with delight.

Wei Ruo was also surprised, she hadn’t expected that the Loyal and Righteous Duke would actually send her such valuable jewelry.

Although the fabrics weren’t as expensive as Yun Brocade, the entire box of satin fabrics was not cheap either.

“Indeed, a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. No matter how much the Loyal and Righteous Duke Residence has declined, they still have some assets,” Wei Ruo muttered to herself.

What puzzled Wei Ruo was why the old Duke and Madam would give her such valuable things, which had never happened in the original work.

After some thought, the difference between the present and the original work lay in the achievements she made in the southern city, which brought benefits to the Wei Family.

So, the two old people didn’t regard her, a granddaughter they had never met, with complete affection. Their actions were largely based on considerations of family interests.

But that was good too. They had paid in cash, which was a form of reward Wei Ruo particularly liked.

For several days in a row, the laborers on Xiaoyang Mountain were busy harvesting sweet potatoes, and several warehouses that had been purchased in advance were filled to the brim.

The production of dried sweet potatoes and sweet potato slices was also put on the agenda.

As per Wei Ruo’s instructions, the wet nurse carefully selected women from poor families to learn how to produce dried sweet potatoes and sweet potato slices, and then handed over the bulk of the dried sweet potato production to them.

Each woman was paid five coins for a day’s work and a large sweet potato in addition.

This income was not high, but for the women of the village who had difficulty getting enough food, it was a very good job. At least it kept them from going hungry, and the work intensity was not high, so it was something they could handle.

Meanwhile, next to the Four Treasure House, a grain shop named Xu’s Grain Shop opened with much excitement.

The shop mainly sold grains—rice and sweet potatoes—and also fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms on the side.

Dried sweet potatoes and sweet potato slices were also sold, at the same price as in the candied fruit store..

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