The Little Darling Wife Who is a Divine Doctor Saved the Entire Family of the Duke's Mansion - C.3: Space Emerges


He Zhiran quickly sorted out her thoughts. She had indeed transmigrated, and this medical office was the so-called transmigration golden finger.

In order to quickly grasp the operation of this space, He Zhiran softly said, "Go out."

Sure enough, her body reappeared in the dowry storage room.

She first grabbed a box, moved it with her thoughts, and her whole person and the box reappeared in the space, which showed that this space allowed external objects to enter.

After putting down the box, He Zhiran did not stay in the dowry room any longer, but went back to the bridal chamber.

Although she had the space, she had to formulate a reasonable plan before the imperial edict of exile was issued, in order to carry more supplies.

He Zhiran sat on the bridal bed and pondered.

If the historical records were correct, Mo Jiuye was called to the imperial palace in the early morning and was carried back unconscious, with only one breath left.

It was said that less than an hour after Mo Jiuye returned to the mansion, the emperor sent troops to surround the Duke of Protector's mansion, and at the same time issued an imperial edict to confiscate the family property and exile them.

He Zhiran looked at the clock in the space, which already showed 10 pm.

That is to say, there are at most 10 hours left before the imperial edict is issued.

He Zhiran plans to make full use of the remaining time.

With the idea in mind, she flashed into the space, rummaged around, and found a camouflage suit that she often wore when going on missions in her previous life.

He Zhiran changed into camouflage, neatly coiled her hair into a simple bun, put on climbing claws and wire, and slipped out of the yard evading the maidservants' sight.

In order to observe the terrain of the Duke of Protector's mansion, He Zhiran nimbly climbed a thick big tree.

Standing on the big tree and looking around, He Zhiran could initially determine that the courtyard she was in was slightly west, and she needed to go east to get to the area with denser courtyards.

However, she did not do so.

From the environment, He Zhiran analyzed that the courtyards in the east should be the residences of the sisters-in-law and mothers-in-law. Even if there were some valuables there, they were the private possessions of individuals.

However, given the current urgent situation, it would be easier to find the warehouse than to ransack the courtyards one by one like a thief.

Determined, He Zhiran groped her way west.

As expected of the Duke of Protector's mansion, the guards were extremely strict.

All the way, He Zhiran encountered several guards patrolling with weapons from time to time.

And she found that the more west she went, the more guards there were.

Using her skills from her previous life, she came to a courtyard using anti-reconnaissance techniques.

It couldn't be called a courtyard, but rather a relatively large house.

Observing from a distance, He Zhiran found that there were actually two guards guarding it.

Without a doubt, He Zhiran guessed that there must be something important here, most likely the warehouse of the Duke of Protector's mansion.

In order to divert the guards, she picked up a small pebble from the ground and threw it towards the nearby pond.

The pebble fell into the pond with a "plop" sound, which was particularly abrupt in this quiet night.

"Who's there?"

The guard quickly noticed something wrong and ran towards the pond with his weapon.

He Zhiran dared not delay, and immediately came to the front of the house.

Naturally, there would be an iron lock where there were guards.

Without thinking twice, He Zhiran's consciousness quickly entered the space, took out the finest pointed tweezers, turned the tweezers in the keyhole a few times, and the lock opened. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Taking advantage of the guards not having returned yet, He Zhiran opened the door and entered at the fastest speed.

It was pitch black inside, and in the dim moonlight she could see that the surroundings were all shelves.

He Zhiran had no time to check carefully, she just reached out and touched the items on the nearest shelf. It felt slippery, like some kind of fabric.

There was no doubt that this was the warehouse of the Duke of Protector's mansion.

In order to save time, He Zhiran directly used her mind to put all the items in the warehouse into the space, leaving only the shelves that held the items.

Just as she had finished collecting the items here, the guards who had gone to check the situation came back.

"I think you're just too nervous. There's no one there, making us rush over for nothing."

"I definitely heard movement by the pond."

"There are plenty of frogs this season. Jumping into the pond could make that sound."

"Alright alright, I was overthinking it, let's not argue, let's stand guard properly."

The two guards had returned, and now He Zhiran needed to consider how to leave unnoticed.

After thinking for a moment, she suddenly remembered that there was still a new mini drone in the space.

With a strategy in mind, He Zhiran nimbly leapt onto the roof beam, gently pried open a tile, then took out the drone.

Skillfully manipulating the drone, she flew it to a place further away. When she felt the distance was about right, she used the remote control again to turn on the drone's laser light and sound wave.

The guard, who had just found a position to stand, was instantly attracted by the sound, and then saw a beam of white light shooting at a certain courtyard.

"What's that?"

"There's an assassin."

"Let's go check it out quickly."

Listening to the guard's footsteps getting farther and farther away, He Zhiran quickly got out of the warehouse, not forgetting to re-lock the lock.

Running to a safe distance, she leapt onto a big tree, used the remote control to turn off the drone's laser light and sound wave, believing that those people would naturally come back after failing to find the target.

Sure enough, after circling around and finding nothing until the light disappeared, the guards reluctantly returned to the front of the warehouse door.

"It really feels strange tonight, nothing will happen right?"

"I feel very weird too, should we report to the Duke?"

"How dare you have the gall to disturb the Duke on his wedding night in the bridal chamber?"

"You're right, let's talk about it tomorrow morning, as long as the warehouse is safe."

Seeing that the two guards had completely lowered their vigilance, He Zhiran nimbly jumped down from the tree, maneuvered the drone back into her hands, then put it away in the space.