The Female Assassin Pretends to Be a Lamb in the Campus - C.7: Qin Han Yue


With the arrival of several men in black, assassin Qiao Ying smelled a familiar aura from them and felt a trace of nostalgia.

Of course she was referring to their murderous aura.

Just that.

These people couldn't even reach the threshold of the shadow, let alone deserve her recognition.

"Did you see a man pass by here?" the man in the lead hid his gun and asked coldly.

Qiao Ying stood aside facing them, scraping the mud with her feet, as if playing with mud.

This rainy season was almost over, and although it had rained frequently lately, it hadn't rained heavily. The ground was always wet.

There was no paved road outside the Qiao house, only a dirt road, and the base of the wall was piled high with earth to better reinforce the foundation.

Qiao Ying leisurely scraped up the mud with her feet, burying the bloodstains the man had left right under the noses of the men in black.

Smelling the osmanthus fragrance in the air, mixed with the smell of blood, the men in black became more suspicious of Qiao Ying.

Just as they were about to question her, the chubby girl raised her hand and pointed in a direction, "He went that way."

The men in black looked at Qiao Ying. Although doubtful, they hurriedly chased after the man.

Qiao Ying went back into the yard and closed the door to go back to sleep.

After escaping from the back door of the Qiao house, Qin Yuchen was soon caught up by the Qin family members who had rushed over. After treating his wounds, he rushed back to the capital overnight.

Capital City, Qin House

Qin Yuchen lived in the southeast courtyard of the Qin family manor. After entering the villa gate, he went upstairs to change his clothes before going to see his third uncle.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished changing, the man was already sitting on the sofa downstairs in the hall with his legs crossed, waiting for him.

"Third uncle." Qin Yuchen walked up to the man in good order.

It was now early dawn, and the man sitting on the sofa had a handsome face. Wearing a formal suit, the custom gray dark striped suit made him look noble and abstinent. His powerful aura made everyone in the hall somewhat apprehensive, including Qin Yuchen.

This man was the current head of the Qin family - Qin Hanyue.

He was the favored son of the retired old master Qin.

Although respectfully addressed as Third Uncle by the younger generation of the Qin family, he was only twenty-nine years old.

"Third uncle, why did you come in person?" Qin Yuchen felt a chill down his spine. He didn't dare to look the man in the eye, knowing he had botched things up.

"It's my incompetence. I couldn't even handle such a small matter, not only losing the goods but also ending up like this." Qin Yuchen was full of remorse.

He thought of how capable his third uncle was at the same age as him, able to take charge independently, accomplish anything he wished easily. Who wouldn't address Third Uncle respectfully? And look at himself...

"I'll go take my punishment at dawn." Qin Yuchen lowered his head even more.

Qin Hanyue's voice was indifferent and low, "You are a Qin family member, not a bodyguard or a killer. It was your first mission, it's inevitable you couldn't be prepared for everything. As long as you're not hurt, it's fine."

Qin Hanyue had always been lenient towards the younger generation of the family.

He slowly raised his eyes to look at Qin Yuchen, "How badly were you injured?"

Qin Yuchen quickly replied, "No fatal injuries, the bullet has been removed. I'll be fine after resting for a few days."

Qin Yuchen covered his bandaged abdomen, and a string of numbers on his arm caught Qin Hanyue's attention, "What's this?"

Qin Hanyue thought it was some important information Qin Yuchen had brought back.

Qin Yuchen looked down, he had been very careful when washing the blood off his hands, afraid of washing away these numbers.

Hearing his uncle ask, he quickly explained, "The goods were robbed in the suburbs of Yun City. I was in a critical situation but a girl saved me. This is her bank account number she left behind."

"Oh~ a girl?" Qin Hanyue didn't seem interested in this at all, just making small talk.

"Yes, she looked like a student. She said, if I didn't die, then deposit money into her account." Qin Yuchen had a deep impression of the bold and calm girl.

"Do you need help stopping the bleeding? There's no damage to your vital organs, so you won't die, but if it doesn't stop bleeding within half an hour I can't guarantee anything."

"Go in from here, leave through the back door. If you don't die, don't forget to deposit money into my account."

Qiao Ying's three sentences to him, as well as her actions of taking out a pen and leaving her account number after going through his pockets, were all vivid in Qin Yuchen's mind.

She really was a very special girl.

"I've already sent people to chase after the goods, they won't be lost. You rest well, when those people are caught, they'll be handed over to you to deal with." Qin Hanyue got up, preparing to leave.

Qin Yuchen thought for a moment, seeing that Qin Hanyue was about to walk out the door, he hurried to catch up and ask, "Third uncle, I, I want to go back to Yun City again to thank the girl in person."

"That's your business." Qin Hanyue didn't stop walking, but after a few steps he did stop and reminded, "But you should know, you are a Qin family member, there are countless eyes watching you in the shadows. A small place like Yun City, your overt actions may bring her trouble."

"She already specified how to show thanks, why make things complicated."

"Yes, I understand, thank you for the reminder, third uncle." Qin Yuchen felt a little regretful.

Qin Hanyue: "During this time don't go to the company, stay home and heal your injury."

Qin Yuchen: "I'm fine."

Qin Hanyue: "If you can't sit still, then look for a doctor who can perform the operation for the old master, or even just a method to alleviate his condition."

Qin Yuchen: "Alright."

Blood Shadow was dead, they all knew the old master's illness had almost no hope.

After sending off Qin Hanyue, Qin Yuchen went upstairs, holding the handwritten account number, looking at it for a long time.

How much should he send?

His life was worth however much money, of course, but she was still a student. Giving too much at once might shock or even backfire on her.

After all, no matter how bold, she was still a teenage student.

One billion? Eight hundred million? She probably couldn't handle that amount.

Qiao Ying woke up after a good sleep, went for her usual morning run, then left holding her schoolbag.

Qiao Yi was waiting for her at the door.

"Here." Qiao Yi handed her 50 yuan.

Qiao Ying raised her eyebrows, didn't take it, just looked at him questioningly.

"Your meal card has no money left, right." Qiao Yi said.

Qiao Ying thought for a moment, took it, and looking at the 50 yuan in her hand, she genuinely wanted to laugh. She, as Blood Shadow, had everything she asked for, spending money frivolously without a care. Yet now she had to rely on her cheap little brother's 50 yuan to get by.

Qiao Ying: "Where did you get this?"

Qiao Yi: "I told mom my meal card had no money."

Qiao Ying: "She gave it to me, then what about you?"

Qiao Yi: "There's still 20 yuan left on my card."

Qiao Ying shouldered her schoolbag, hands in her uniform pockets, and followed Qiao Yi, asking: "How did you know my meal card was out of money?" 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

"Usually you ask mom for money to recharge once a week, but it's been over a week since the last time." Qiao Yi said.

Qiao Ying didn't say anything, just looked down at Qiao Yi's worn-out sneakers and thought, this cheap little brother really wasn't bad.

At No. 7 High School - Ye Jingning stood upstairs, watching the leisurely Qiao Ying below heading to school, a sinister light flashing in her eyes.

"Are the people ready?" Ye Jingning asked the little follower next to her.

"Don't worry, this fat bitch will know the consequences of offending us by tonight." The drenched little follower said viciously, already looking forward to seeing Qiao Ying get taught a lesson and beg for mercy on her knees.

"Hmph." Ye Jingning hugged herself and let out a cold snort. This fat bitch, looking to die for daring to scare her.