The Female Assassin Pretends to Be a Lamb in the Campus - C.10: High-end Consumption


Qiao Yi didn't dare to pick up such an expensive thing. He looked at it carefully to make sure it was a real phone, not a model phone. "Where did you get this?"

"I bought it."

"Where did you get so much money?"

"That's just the beginning." Qiao Ying raised her hand, and there was another phone in her hand.

Qiao Yi's eyes widened.

These phones cost nearly 10,000 yuan each. Ordinary office workers can't afford them. How could his poor student sister suddenly buy two of them?

20,000 yuan. Their family couldn't save that much in a year even if they scrimped and saved.

"Where exactly did you get the money?"

Could it be stolen, like those hooligans? But those hooligans only dared to rob students, and getting a few hundred yuan a day was considered a good income. Where could they rob so much?

Qiao Ying: "No stealing or robbery. It's legitimate income. Don't worry, use it. I'll buy another if it breaks."

Qiao Yi stared at Qiao Ying's familiar yet somewhat strange face in silence for a moment. Then, based on some kind of trust, probably because of Qiao Ying's calm and composed expression, or perhaps due to her earth-shattering change, or maybe he completely believed what Qiao Ying said about her previous stupidity and uselessness being an act, he murmured:


It's just a phone. Why make such a big fuss?

If he knew about her previous assets, let alone the 980,000 yuan left in her card, he would probably faint if she showed it to him.

"I'll take you shopping tomorrow." Qiao Ying said and went back to her room holding the new phone.

Qiao Yi carefully took the phone out of the box, held it in his hands and looked at it for a long time. He was so excited that his hands felt a little stiff. Then he remembered to take out the SIM card from his old phone and carefully put it into the new phone.

The moment he turned on the phone, Qiao Yi's heart beat faster and his breathing became heavier. He felt like he was dreaming.

Such an expensive thing was something he didn't even dare to wish for, let alone obtain. Even if his elders or relatives gave it to him as a gift, he wouldn't have dared to accept it. But now it was really in his hands, belonging to him, given by his eldest sister who had been scolded as useless by their mother for over ten years.

The next day was the weekend.

Qiao Ying came back from morning jogging, changed her clothes and went to call Qiao Yi to go out.

"You were studying late into the night?" Seeing Qiao Yi with panda eyes, Qiao Ying asked casually.

Qiao Yi answered evasively: "Yeah."

He didn't want Qiao Ying to know that he was too excited and happy to sleep last night.

Seeing Qiao Yi carefully and gingerly putting the new phone in his pocket, pretending to be indifferent, Qiao Ying didn't expose him.

Qiao Yi followed Qiao Ying out the door. "You said you'd take me shopping last night? Buy what? Do you still have money?"

"Where are you two going? Did mom give you money?" Qiao Lingling had sharp ears. She heard what Qiao Yi said from her room and immediately ran out to ask.

Ever since Qiao Ying came back from the hospital after falling down, it was as if she had become a different person. She also inexplicably became close with Qiao Yi.

Qiao Lingling found it hard to watch.

Qiao Ying ignored her and walked out of the yard without stopping.

Afraid that Qiao Lingling would tattle and talk nonsense to their parents, Qiao Yi still turned back and answered: "No."

"Humph." Qiao Lingling rolled her eyes. She was too lazy to care about them either, thinking there was no way they could have any money.

Qiao Ying took Qiao Yi to eat a simple breakfast, then took him to the biggest mall in Yuncheng.

Qiao Yi hesitated at the entrance of the mall. Seeing Qiao Ying stride in, he hurried to catch up.

This was the first time in Qiao Yi's life that he had entered such a place.

Wearing clothes bought from street stalls for over half a year, and a limping left foot, he didn't fit in here at all. Qiao Yi walked with his head lowered behind Qiao Ying, trying his best not to look around, so as not to appear too nervous. Several times he wanted to call out to Qiao Ying, but he trusted her and chose to follow.

It wasn't until Qiao Ying took him into the men's section and told the formally dressed shopping guide, "Get him some suitable clothes," that Qiao Yi came back to his senses: She was buying clothes for him?

"This looks good." Qiao Ying reached out and grabbed a set of casual clothes nearby and stuffed it into the dazed Qiao Yi's hands: "Go try it on."

Qiao Yi was confused as he entered the fitting room. By the time he came out wearing the third set of clothes wanting to ask something, he saw Qiao Ying standing at the cashier desk, taking out a card he was not unfamiliar with, and saying, "Credit card payment."

Qiao Yi looked over in shock.

"The total is 19,800 yuan, please enter your password." The shopping guide put the credit card machine in her hands.

[Payment successful]

Qiao Yi's eyes instantly doubled in size.

Qiao Ying put away her card and glanced at Qiao Yi: "Just wear this set when you leave." She also told the shopping guide, "Help cut off the tags for him."

Wearing new clothes and holding two bags in his hands, Qiao Yi followed behind Qiao Ying, still in a daze. Qiao Ying had the shopping guide throw away his old clothes that he was planning to wear until next year.

Qiao Ying: "Pick whichever ones you like."

Qiao Yi hadn't recovered from the 19,800 yuan yet, when Qiao Ying took him to the shoe department. Hearing this, Qiao Yi looked up. All kinds of brand-name shoes were dazzling.

More than half of the boys in his class wore brand-name shoes, changing them every now and then. He didn't recognize those brands, nor was he interested in them, but his classmates chatted about them whether there was anything to talk about or not.

The classmates whose families weren't well off wore the cheapest ones that cost two to three hundred yuan. Only he wore fifty to sixty yuan shoes from street stalls that couldn't be changed immediately even when they became too tight.

Seeing that Qiao Yi was holding things in his hands and wearing brand names, the shopping guide perceptively took two pairs of shoes, squatted down and enthusiastically wanted to help Qiao Yi try them on.

"I' it myself."

Qiao Yi dodged her and sat down on the sofa.

Lowering his head to look at his own washed out, peeled shoes, then looking at the beautiful, expensive new shoes in the shopping guide's hands, his face grew a little hot.

When changing shoes, Qiao Yi inadvertently turned his body to the side, subconsciously not wanting others to see his left foot.

Qiao Yi quickly tried on the shoes. Before he could refuse or say anything else, Qiao Ying had already taken out her card.

Two pairs of shoes cost 23,000 yuan, even more expensive than the clothes.

Hearing the "payment successful" again, Qiao Yi's heart still couldn't help throbbing and he couldn't control his expression.

After buying for Qiao Yi, Qiao Ying also bought two sets of clothes and shoes for herself. Qiao Yi carried them.

The things in both hands cost nearly 100,000 RMB. Carrying them in his hands, Qiao Yi's mood was like carrying 100,000 RMB in cash. He held on tightly, afraid someone would snatch them away.

After going down a floor, Qiao Ying went to buy a laptop.

Only then did she take Qiao Yi and leave the mall.

Going in and coming out, Qiao Yi was in completely different moods.

Qiao Ying didn't go straight home, but took him to Yuncheng's most expensive five-star hotel, the Glan Yuntian International Hotel.

"Sis, what are we doing here?" Seeing the gilded "Glan Yuntian International Hotel", Qiao Yi quickly called out to stop Qiao Ying who was about to go in.

"To eat." Qiao Ying went straight inside.

"But..." He could only follow.

Qiao Ying directly booked the highest floor's private room.

Qiao Ying: "Order whatever you want."

Accepting the menu handed to him by the waiter, after Qiao Yi opened it, his expression became somewhat solemn and conflicted.

There were only French words he didn't recognize. The only thing he recognized was the price on it.

Although oblivious to the outside world, as a Yuncheng local he still knew about this hotel.

Whenever a classmate joined their family's reunion banquet here for a meal, it would make his classmates envy and talk about it for days.

He had heard that everything here was frighteningly expensive, with even a plate of vegetables costing three digits, not to mention the meat and seafood. Ordering just a few dishes would cost as much as his family's income for a month. Even the menu in his hand was gold-plated, with the design and materials used being exquisite.

Qiao Yi never imagined there would be a day he could sit here.

He silently closed the menu. Qiao Yi wanted to say something to Qiao Ying, but saw that she was browsing the menu and fluently ordering in French according to the French words.

Qiao Yi was shocked to hear Qiao Ying occasionaly utter several French words. Since when did she know French?

What's more, what was she saying about foie gras and what fish roe and black truffle to pair it with? What were those?