The Era of Gods - C.96 - Insider of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp (Seeking Monthly Passes)

The Era of Gods

C.96 - Insider of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp (Seeking Monthly Passes)

Chapter 96: Chapter 96 Insider of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp (Seeking Monthly Passes)

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At home, in the living room.

Mom had not returned yet, Lin Xiao sat opposite Dad with a tea table between them, quietly sipping tea.

After a while, his father took a light sip of the tea, set down the teacup, and looked up to say:

“Since you’ve secured a spot in the Super Newcomer Summer Camp, you don’t need to accompany me to the Outland. So, how much do you know about this Super Newcomer Summer Camp?”

“It seems to be the top-tier freshman event jointly held by the five great super colleges and one hundred thirty-three key colleges of the HuaXia District.”

“Do you know what it means to take part in this Summer Camp?”


Lin Xiao scratched his head and thought for a while before replying:

“It’s like a statement of commitment, I guess. 1 heard that it provides certain advantages during college entrance exams, and if you perform well, you might be directly offered a special recruitment opportunity.”

“That’s just the surface that outsiders see.”

His father brewed a new pot of tea and continued while pouring:

“In fact, this is also a selection for the elite reservists of the HuaXia military district. Each session of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp isn’t just a talent-scouting event for the colleges; it’s also a pre-selection event for reserve elites by the military department. The military department observes in secret and extends invitations to join the elite reservists to students they approve of.”

“The so-called elite reservists can also be understood as reserve officer training. They only select elites. The students who agree will receive a hidden identity as an elite reservist, and they can accept missions from the military department throughout high school and college, or directly enter military direct-affiliated colleges. Besides, there are many unique benefits that you will come to know in the future.”

He couldn’t tell if it was an illusion, but Lin Xiao felt his father’s words were filled with longing for the elite reservists, so he couldn’t help asking:

“Father, do you mean for me to secure a spot as an elite reservist?”


Lin Haolin nodded, but his tone shifted immediately:

“However, don’t feel too pressured. Father hopes you can achieve it, but such matters can’t be forced. Just do your best.”

“I’ll try my hardest!”

Lin Xiao couldn’t make any promises, but hearing his father’s yearning, he would definitely give it a shot if he had the chance.

The father and son chatted idly until noon, and Mother had not yet returned. They glanced at each other, rolling their eyes, until he finally said:

“Should 1 cook us two bowls of noodles?”

His father thought for a moment and then shook his head:

“Let’s just order food.”

Lin Xiao was speechless.

But in the end, fast food wasn’t ordered because Mom came back.

Today, Mom seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood; her humming could be heard from afar. Seeing her husband and son seated on the sofa and looking at her, she said with a look of pride:

“You didn’t see the envy and jealousy on their faces; tsk, tsk, tsk, it was so gratifying.”

Her husband merely coughed lightly and didn’t respond.

Jin Yunzhu, totally oblivious, breezed in with a fragrant wind and hugged Lin Xiao from behind the couch, saying:

“It’s my son who is amazing, outshining them all at once. You didn’t see…”

“Cough cough, Mom, I haven’t eaten yet.”


Mom looked surprised, then flashed a smile and said:

“I’ll cook for you right away, what would you like to eat?”


“How about I make your favorite zhajiangmian?”





Her husband coughed lightly:

“Add some pickled vegetables.”

“If you want pickled vegetables, go get them yourself.”

Lin Haolin

Lin Xiao

In the following days, Lin Xiao enjoyed even more meticulous care than usual from Mom. He lived a life of eating and sleeping like fattening a pig, and in less than two days, he felt like he’d gained a full size.

The invitation to the Super Newcomer Summer Camp was already in his hand, and his mother had been showing it off every day up until a few days ago. Lately, there was no need, as under her zealous promotion, everyone in the Lin Family Fortress knew about it. Moreover, from her, it was known that the news of his receiving the Super Newcomer Summer Camp invitation had spread, and now he and Lin Xu were being hailed together as the “Twin Eagles of the Lin Clan.”

This made his mother very happy, and she had been exceptionally spirited recently, going out every day to boast about it.

The material of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp invitation was indeterminate; at first glance, it appeared metallic, but upon closer inspection, it seemed like a hard card, extremely sturdy.

Upon unfolding the invitation, the header featured a clear LOGO, representing the emblem of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp. In the upper-left corner were his personal name, identity code, and the time the invitation was sent.

Further down was a very standard official expression:

“When you see this invitation, congratulations to you, for it represents that you have passed our strict and fair assessment and comprehensive ability evaluation, and have proven your rightful excellence. Herewith, I, on behalf of the official Super Newcomer Summer Camp Committee, hereby invite you to participate in this year’s Super Newcomer Summer Camp

talent who can contribute to the civilization of China is about to embark on a soaring journey from here!”

hoping that a

After this exceedingly long congratulation, the specific start date of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp and information about the location and the instructor’s qualifications were listed.

Lin Xiao carefully noted these down and put the invitation away.

According to the above, the Super Newcomer Summer Camp would start half a month after the end of freshman year final exams. Eight days had passed since the exams, leaving seven days, which was more than enough time.

Because the locations of previous Super Newcomer Summer Camps were not in the Main World but situated in the Subspace between the Main World and the Chaos Sea of Void, he needed to first go to the provincial capital and enter the Subspace through a Super Exotic Gate located there, which would directly transport him to the Summer Camp located within a War Fortress in Subspace.

As is known to all, Subspace separates the Main World and the Different Domains, and all Divine Territory Players’ divine realms float in the boundless Subspace.

Beyond Subspace lies the vast Chaos Sea of Void, with countless Crystal Wall Systems of various sizes floating within. Of course, many great enemies of human civilization are also among them.

In other words, Subspace serves as a barrier that separates the Main World from the Chaos Sea of Void as well as a protective shield for the Main World. Human civilization has established numerous floating War Fortresses within this shield in Subspace, using these fortresses as fulcrums to continuously conquer one Crystal Wall System after another and plunder infinite resources and rules from the Exotic Crystal Walls to strengthen the Main World.

Especially the rules.

Divine Territory Players solidify their Godhood into Demigods, ignite the

Divine Fire to become True Gods, and then wrest the Divinity of Deities from the Exotic Crystal Walls. This amounts to plundering the rules and origins of Exotic Planes or Crystal Walls to strengthen the rules and origins of the Main World.

It should be known that at the beginning, the rules of the Main World were not so strict; at that time, any Divine Being could display their Superhuman Power in the Main World. It was only with the successive generations of Divine Territory Players plundering the rules and origins from Different Crystal Walls that the rules and origins of the Main World were continually fortified.

By now, the rules of the Main World have become so strict that there is virtually no difference between Divine Beings and mortals.

Even ordinary Demigods cannot cause much of an upheaval in the Main World, only High-Level Demigods are able to manifest some extraordinary phenomena.

Under such terrifying rule suppression, if Deities from Different Domains dared to invade the Main World, the sudden horrifying suppression would crush the majority of the invaders into buffoons.

With this natural barrier, and with the successive pioneers going forth to battle planes and plunder resources, human civilization has been able to grow from a small, ordinary civilization confined to a planet into a super fantasy civilization that now crosses millions of Crystal Walls and planes over hundreds of thousands of years.

There was plenty of time before the start of the Summer Camp, but Lin Xiao didn’t stay at home for long; he prepared to depart on the third day after his grandfather’s birthday banquet.

He was traveling alone.

It seemed that Miss Shen Yuexin left the night the birthday banquet ended; it was said she was somewhat displeased, and it was unknown if it was because of his uncle’s insistence on matchmaking that made her upset.

Lin Xu left the next day as well, heading straight back to the provincial capital’s No. 1 High School.

When Lin Xiao departed, his grandfather gave him a card containing ten million faith values, saying it was for his pocket money.

He didn’t refuse, as he was in need of money recently.

In the real world, the currency is the Federal God Currency and credit points, with an exchange rate of one to one hundred, while the currency used among Divine Territory Players is faith value and Divine Power, both of which are hard currencies.

Considering the transformational gap between faith value and Divine Power, one million faith values is equivalent to one point of Divine Power.

This was equivalent to ten points of Divine Power, which had limited purchasing power; however, it should be enough to cover the basic expenses at the Summer Camp.

Boarding the clan’s own passenger flyer to leave Lin Family Fortress, he needed to traverse a distance of over one hundred thousand kilometers to reach the provincial capital.

On the way, he contacted the homeroom teacher to report that he was preparing to depart for the provincial capital. Just as he was about to close the communication, he suddenly asked:

“How was Wen Ying’s funeral handled? Were her family able to accept it?”

Wu Hai sighed and replied:

“According to regulations, the school has a death index, and prior to entering the Outland, we informed her of the uncertainties and risks involved. She agreed to represent willing to bear the unforeseen risks. Moreover, the school has preserved all her final examination processes using retrospective Divine Arts and provided them to her family for review, confirming that it was indeed an unpredictable accident.”

Lin Xiao paused for a moment, then asked in a low voice:

“That… that…”

He hesitated several times and couldn’t say what he wanted to, but the homeroom teacher Wu Hai knew what he meant and said:

“You don’t need to worry, this has nothing to do with you. They can’t possibly trouble you over this, and the school wouldn’t allow it. If they were to take out their grief on someone else because of their own child’s accident, that would be a violation of the rules.”

Toward the end, the homeroom teacher’s tone became stern, showing no fear of Wen Ying’s family.

Hearing this, Lin Xiao felt much more at ease.

It was good that it happened at school. If it had been outside, there would have been no way to prevent their anger from being misplaced.

But within the school, everything proceeded according to school regulations. No matter who it was, they had to abide by the school’s rules, and no one dared to break them, not even those top prominent families with Powerful Divine Power.

This wasn’t just a rule of the school; it was a rule of civilization.

In human civilization, only schools have the authority to allow people to open the Divine Realm. Even those top prominent families with Powerful Divine Power do not have this capability and naturally wouldn’t dare to provoke schools representing civilization’s rules.

Note that the school representing civilization’s rules mentioned here refers to high schools with the authority to allow one to open the Divine Realm, not colleges..

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