The Era of Gods - C.111 - in: Ancient Godly Card—Divine Sanctuary

The Era of Gods

C.111 - in: Ancient Godly Card—Divine Sanctuary

Chapter 111: Chapter in: Ancient Godly Card—Divine Sanctuary

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Had it been possible to restore all seven fragmented pieces of the ancient relic, the resulting artifact would have been on par with the rarest of the high-tier treasures.

Or so he imagined, for nobody could wield the power contained within even a single shard of the relic—its original force had already dissipated.

However, as he observed the fragmented ‘Sky Scale Judgment of Destiny,’ his hesitance slowly solidified into resolution, and the light in his eyes sparkled.

Slowly, a golden light, filled with crisscrossing crackling patterns, began to condense, bringing together countless stars within his palm.

And yet,

Even though it was predictable that the immense growth rate of his Divine Realm would surge year over year, making it even more formidable, the fusion with the Ancient Godly Card might not immediately elevate Xiao Lin’s own strength.

Changing Merfolk into warrior-class not only transcended common Merfolk’s life stage but also their vocational rank—it wasn’t merely a rank promotion. Their own strength would also surge, alongside an enhancement in the energy density of the Divine Realm.

Having a figure to represent each disciple’s faith could directly double this, already an impressive feat given that the average lifespan of a normal Merfolk was only about twelve years. Even the faintest hint of progress promises a substantial increase.

The greatest benefit, beyond just extending lifespans,

is that they would gradually claim the finest corners of the Heaven Hall Divine Domain, and with the energy strength of the Inner Divine Realm increasing, the Merfolk and Gana might not show any immediate transformations, yet it’s foreseeable.

Feeling the clear impression of the Inner Divine Realm’s energy, Xiao Lin immediately sensed that the entire Divine Realm was undergoing transformations; the Merfolk and Gana, momentarily stunned by the sudden change, fell to their knees, calling out to the creator god.

In the very heart of the ocean, within a lush clump of thriving Coral Seaweed, a single green-backed turtle hatchling, staggering and crawling, broke free from its eggshell at the first breath, amid a rolling surge of endless dark energy congregating.

Everywhere the Divine Realm spanned, the ocean’s depths were crazily proliferating with various kinds of Coral Seaweed, spreading out in all four directions. Tiny marine creatures frenziedly propagated within the vast sea.

With each passing moment, meadow grass grew wildly to the point of seemingly fingers’ pinching would yield black oil; the trees’ leaves glowed with emerald brilliance, and the tree itself grew at an almost visible rate; countless colorful flowers bloomed, abuzz with more lively insects.

The soil, enriched by the mystical energy, became even more fertile, causing the terrestrial flora to augment further.

And within the expansive marine areas of the Divine Realm, significant changes were ongoing: all the sea life burgeoned rapidly, and pure energy essences materialized out of thin air throughout the entire Inner Divine Realm, spreading the ceaseless divine energy throughout.

As the Heaven Hall Divine Card shattered into sparkling celestial crystalline fragments, Xiao Lin instantly felt the entire Divine Realm’s land undergo a mystical transformation.

This Divine Card, tantamount to fusion without limit, would flawlessly integrate with the God’s Domain. Without any restrictions from the original card’s precise dimensions, the effects of the Heaven Hall Divine Card are endless.

Integration is imminent,


Without the slightest hesitation, he stretched out his hand, pinching a crystalline water card between two fingers, and silently intoned within his heart.

Xiao Lin felt this Heaven Hall Divine Card was worth exchanging for the seventy billion faith value it cost.

Owning an extraordinary divine power, the Spirit Elemental includes various naturally-cultivating essences like tiny spirit creatures, Immortal Child Flowers, and little fairy maidens.

One natural Spirit Elemental emerges every year, and if indeed it integrates with the three starred Immortal Child Flower Card, the effects would be exceptional.

Going beyond the enhancement of the Divine Realm’s energy strength and a maximum tier increase for marine life within the Divine Realm was precisely the intention of the third effect: transforming the landscape and catapulting beyond Tier 5 to reach Tier 6 and 7 lifeforms—creatures surpassing mundane existence.

Not only was the effect permanent, but it also significantly strengthened lifespan by twelve years, though the secondary effects diminished.

This second effect, essentially a more potent version of branching fusion, was even better understood.

Given time, the land of the Divine Realm automatically gains the benefits of this effect, expanding along with the fused Card Environment; and having acquired it, Xiao Lin could basically transform any Card Environment without the need for further fusions.

If naturally the land is a vibrant and nourishing Ocean Life Environment enriched with microorganisms and abundant in marine plants, each piece will be thriving.

This very place had transformed significantly; various mineral veins would spontaneously generate, and the terrain would become a dense forest if it were high mountains. In essence, it would become fertile, rich land if naturally flat terrain, and each Divine Territory landscape may differ, yielding distinct effects from the first.

Xiao Lin knew the effects of this card intimately, still holding it in his palm.

The division of divine power could grant ownership of mysterious force through the solving of the relic, whereas ordinary cards or items might offer general transformation powers.

The effects were indeed different; this was Xiao Lin’s conjectured verification, and now with the appearance of this card, how could he not be excited?

If there were even better quality cards ahead, this card’s value would inherently be heightened, given that it already appeared superior compared to the level four cards he had seen previously.

The ultimate level for ancient relics was five stars, but perhaps there were even higher-tiered cards.

Xiao Lin realized the quality of this Ancient Divine Card was extraordinary the moment he saw it, and he was certain that its effects were stronger than several other Ancient Divine Cards available on the easy-access marketplace.

Regardless of location, this was a dreamland for all life forms seeking the Heaven: invaluable.

Note from Heaven Hall Divine Domain: No mere Divine Card holder can perceive the complete, perfect fusion into the Divine Realm—stability is determined.

Four: Effect—every year naturally nurtures its own Spirit Elemental.

Three: Effect—the Inner Divine Realm can birth lifeforms that surpass ordinary beings, with a +1 increase in energy strength.

Two: Effect—within the Inner Divine Realm, all living creatures have a +0.1% survival rate, +0.1% reproduction speed, and +2 lifespan.

One: Effect—The landform within the Divine Realm must not acquire the same effect.

—Heaven Hall Divine Domain (Ancient): transforms into the Divine Realm after fusion into the Inner Divine Realm.

After fusing various card pieces and collecting seven precious relic shards, he obtained the first golden Divine Card that transcended even the highest quality of Ancient God artifacts.

Xiao Lin rubbed his hands together with excitement, extracting a shimmering card from the magic array. What if one of these three high-order relics turns out to be a true name artifact? The seven shards that had already lost all their power could still create a mystical Ancient Godly Card.

Obtaining the true essence of the divine creation energy hidden within the precious relic shards not only sparked unimaginable thoughts in his heart but also broadened his view of the world. Some even say it’s a wild fantasy.

His eyes, previously hesitant, slowly became resolute as he gazed at the crack in the ‘Sky Scale Judgment of Destiny,’ a high-level relic shimmering before him.

Xiao Lin slowly coalesced a golden light that was riddled with cracks in his right hand, while countless stars of light gathered in his palm.

…Yet for the moment,

predicting the rapid development of his own Divine Realm, Xiao Lin could see that it would grow increasingly powerful each year, although this Ancient Divine Card might not immediately boost his powers.

The Merfolk, now able to easily transform and advance to warrior status even among ordinary Merfolk, would not only change their career level but also ascend in true strength as their Divine Realm’s energy strength improved.

This proxy every disciple provides for themselves, which directly doubled—no, it’s practically unlimited progress, knowing that even Merfolk of moderate longevity have a lifespan limit of only a hundred and twenty years.

One of the best benefits is the increase in lifespan, which, though not yet visible in the Merfolk and Gana’s current transformations, will gradually grant them access to the best parts of Heaven Hall Divine Domain as the energy strength of their Inner Divine Realm rises.

Xiao Lin, clearly sensing the Divine Realm’s energized influence on faith, saw the Merfolk and Gana, in a short tremor of shock, kneel and call him the creator god after witnessing the sudden transformation.

Endless dark energy streams converge in the midst of an immensely lush patch of Coral Seaweed Ocean, where a single little turtle, struggling out of its cracked egg on its back, takes in a breath for the first time and starts to crawl in the fine silt, hinting at supernatural growth.

In the vast ocean, where all kinds of Coral Seaweed Ocean went crazily rampant in all four directions on the sea floor, microorganisms were proliferating wildly, blanketing the entire ocean bed as far as the Divine Realm reached.

The flora is invigorated even further by the divine energy; herbs grow frenziedly green and tender, trees appear to grow visibly faster, flowers of every hue bloom in abundance, and insects become more lively due to the incredibly fertile land enriched by the divine energy.

A vast transformation is underway throughout the entire oceanic Divine Realm, with rapid growth fueled by a constant stream of pure energy, which seems to spontaneously generate from the entirety of the Inner Divine Realm.

As this Heaven Hall Card shattered and dissolved into celestial crystals, Xiao Lin could immediately sense the whole Divine Realm undergoing changes, perceiving their position within the Inner Divine Realm.

This Heaven Hall Divine Domain card effect allows for a perfect fusion into the Divine Realm, transcending the limits and ensuring stable perception, quite possibly even without any further need for melding with other Card Environments.

Instantly manifest.

“Merge!” Xiao Lin thought silently, unhesitatingly stretching out his hand to toss the water crystal card between his fingers.

Xiao Lin felt it was well worth exchanging this Heaven Hall card for a cost of seven billion, sensing its incredible divine energy and power.

Including Immortal Child Flowers, little spirit maidens, Spirit Elemental essence, and so on, all of which naturally nurture their own Spirit Elementals, are collectively referred to as autonomous Spirit Elementals.

Therefore, the effect of merging the three-star Immortal Child Flower card is to nurture an autonomous Spirit Elemental every year, as stated in effect four.

This stage is extremely rare even for high level scholars, typically available only to university students, and it also transcends over class five, six, and seven lifeforms, allowing the Divine Realm to accommodate lifeforms with superordinary birth, enhancing the Divine Realm’s energy strength, which means the effect three has already significantly transformed.

While the reproduction effect has dropped, Xia Lin has nonetheless acquired an extra twelve years of lifespan, ensuring a permanent and enhanced effect.

The second effect is basically a stronger version of the fusion card itself, providing even better understanding.

Once Xiao Lin has this, he can automatically receive this effect after a certain amount of time in the Divine Realm’s land, even without needing to merge with any other Card Environment; as the Divine Realm expands, this effect will cover even the most excellent of any world environments.

For example, the Ocean Life Environment is naturally abundant with fertile land rich in microorganisms and lush flora—fulfilling vital subsistence for living creatures.