The Era of Gods - C.107 - Phase 1 - Positioning

The Era of Gods

C.107 - Phase 1 - Positioning

Chapter 107: Chapter 107 Phase 1 – Positioning

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Clap, clap, clap…

Suddenly, a crisp sound of applause clearly reached everyone’s ears, extremely clear, causing everyone to stop in their tracks, including many students who were vying for seats, as they all turned their gaze to the other side of the C- shaped five-tiered steps where they were.

There was also a platform over there, with a row of seemingly ordinary seats, but no one dared to challenge for them, because it was obvious that this row was the presiding table.

Previously, there was no one there, but at some point, more than a dozen figures shrouded in divine light and hard to make out had taken their seats, and the one clapping was the only middle-aged man standing on the presiding table.

The man seemed no different and looked like an ordinary person; although his features were visible, as soon as you averted your eyes, the memory of his appearance would disappear from your mind, forgetting what he looked like, how old he was, and even his gender would be forgotten. Yet, you’d clearly know that such a person existed, an extremely contradictory feeling.

This extraordinary scene sent a shiver down everyone’s spine, and they all fell silent involuntarily, quietly watching as the middle-aged man smiled and said:

Excuse me for a moment, I am the host of this session of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp, and you can call me Instructor Mo. From now on, the new session of the Super Newcomer Summer Camp has already begun.”

He paused for a moment to let everyone digest this news, then continued:

From now on, you may check the rules and procedures of the summer camp.

Before the crowd could start checking instinctively by lowering their heads, he waved his hands gently and said:

Those who have a seat, please sit down first; those who haven’t managed to grab a spot, please pause for a moment and read through the procedures.”

Lin Xiao, who happened to be without a seat, simply sat down on the ground, his wristband screen popping up. Indeed, there was new information to check. He lightly tapped, and the new details unfolded for him to examine carefully.

First, he looked at the rules, which were simple enough—no deadly moves were allowed. However, there was also an explanatory clause about death indicators, which meant that accidental deaths were permitted in this session of the Summer Camp, a chilling reminder.

Then, it was about the Summer Camp’s procedures, with the first phase being positioning.

The explanation was straightforward: there were a total of 4,158 participants this season’s camp, but only 585 spots were available, meaning that a seat could only hold one person. It implied that more than three thousand five hundred participants didn’t have a spot.

What to do then?

Fight for it!

According to the rules, each student had three challenges. They could challenge the current owner of a seat by paying a price corresponding to the level of the seat; if they succeeded, they’d snatch the spot, if not, the price they paid would go to the seat’s owner, much like defending a fort.

The challenge fee for the Stone throne was one Purple Epic five-star card.

The Iron Throne challenge fee was two Purple Epic five-star cards. 𝗳re𝗲𝚠e𝐛n𝗼v𝗲l.c𝐨𝐦

The Bronze Throne challenge fee was three Purple Epic five-star cards, or an orange legendary card.

The Silver Throne challenge fee was two Orange Legend five-star cards.

The highest, the Golden Throne, naturally cost three Orange Legend five-star cards, or one Gold Mythical Quality five-star card.

If the challenge was successful, both the cards and seat would belong to the challenger; if the challenge failed, the fee paid naturally went to the victorious owner of the seat.

This was tantamount to encouraging challenges, but the high challenge fees would make everyone think rationally before challenging. And the challenged would not only gain honor but could also reap substantial rewards.

The catch was to successfully defend the seat; being defeated meant leaving with nothing.

As for the method of challenge, it naturally involved virtual duels within the Divine Realm, a comparison of both parties’ overall Divine Realm strength.

After most of the students finished reading the information, the host finally said:

This phase will last one week, during which you can challenge at will; any student who hasn’t sat on any throne or defeated any opponent by the end of the week will be eliminated!”


An uncontrollable shockwave of emotions surged through the hall; the elimination rate was staggeringly high, signaling an end to the plans of students like Lin Xiao who had hoped to coast through this phase, forcing them to compete aggressively.

Moreover, it wasn’t just about competing; one had to defend a position at least once.

That is to say, not only did one have to snatch a spot and sit down at least once, but one also had to defeat at least one challenger.

“This is truly life-threatening!

Lin Xiao looked around; Bai Cheng, Lin Xu, Shen Yuexin, Dai Lingtong, Tang Ling—these five had quick reactions and good luck, having secured seats early and taking the lead, now they just had to hold onto their momentum.

At that moment, the host continued:

However, those students who can still occupy these thrones after one week will receive generous rewards appropriate to their throne rank, the specific rewards are available for you to check.”

After saying all that, the host simply left, but the several unknown projections sitting on the presiding table remained still as if they were fake.

Lin Xiao speculated that these were projections of some important figures; while being projected there, their consciousness might not have arrived, but could do so at any time, or it might already have done so without them being aware.

He looked up at the stars in the Vault of Heaven, guessing that at this moment, there might be countless eyes watching their performance.

Just then, Bai Ze and Qiao Kaiyuan leaned in, and he lowered his voice, saying:

Don’t challenge yet. Let’s consult with the boss first.


As he spoke, he opened the group chat, but it was silent, with no one speaking up.

Lin Xiao understood the reason, it would be easy if one just had to sit for a bit.

However, it’s complicated now that they not only had to seize a seat but also defeat an opponent.

There was a loophole to exploit, which was to let the five companions without seats challenge the five with seats, surrendering right away so the first group could complete the task, and then take a seat by winning the next challenge.

Then they would find five more people to continue challenging. In this round, the newcomers would purposely lose, allowing the second group to complete the task, and then the third group would take their places, and so on.

But the problem with this method was that if they kept rotating, everyone would need to sacrifice at least two challenges to succeed, and most crucially, the last group would require someone to make a sacrifice and use three challenge opportunities to ensure everyone met the requirements.

The issue was, not everyone was willing to spend all their challenge opportunities.

After all, they weren’t that close despite coming from the same place and the obligation to help each other, but not if it affected their own futures.

Especially the strongest ones in the group, they had hopes of challenging for better seats, and three challenge opportunities were very critical to them.

A simple rule had shattered their inclination to band together with other circles. The rules allowed cheating, as long as you and your companions were willing to pay the price.

The first to break the silence was Lin Xu, who gestured for Lin Xiao to come over.

Surrounded by envious glances from the others, he approached Lin Xu’s throne:

You challenge me first, surrender, then challenge me again, I’ll surrender, and then I’ll challenge you, and I’ll surrender again. That way I only use one challenge opportunity, and you use two. What do you think?”

The others in the group looked on with envy, but there was nothing they could do. After all, it was an uncle taking care of his nephew, an advantage outsiders couldn’t hope for.

No problem at all.

Lin Xiao immediately agreed. With his abilities, he wasn’t confident in successfully challenging and defeating others, so using two chances to complete the task was a good deal.

The seat Lin Xu occupied was an Iron Throne, requiring two Purple Epic Five Star Cards to initiate a challenge. Lin Xiao currently held only one Epic Five Star Card in his possession, but he could substitute it with three Blue Rare Five Star Cards to challenge him.

This wasn’t to say that three Blue Rare Cards were equivalent in value to a Purple Epic Card, but that was the exchange rate in the Summer Camp—an exchange of three cards of the same kind for a higher grade one.

However, once outside the Summer Camp, such an exchange was not possible, for even cards of the same level varied in value.

For instance, a Divinity Card and the Bloody Gladiator Arena Card that Lin Xiao held were both of Gold Mythical Quality, but in actual value, a Divinity Card was almost worth two Bloody Gladiator Arena Cards.

Among the Gold Mythical Quality Five Star Cards, the Divinity Card was the most valuable, with the Divine Realm Card coming in close behind.

After discussing the details in a low voice, he immediately challenged Lin Xu.

Lin Xu quickly accepted his challenge. Suddenly, the scenery before Lin Xiao changed abruptly, and he found himself in a virtual plane facing Lin Xu, just like during a simulated battle where they first chose the terrain.

Without observing the plane, he conceded defeat directly, allowing Lin Xu to complete the task first.

Then, immediately, he and Lin Xu retrieved the Cards used in the challenge to continue. This time, Lin Xu decisively surrendered without even getting a clear look at the virtual plane, ending the challenge, and upon opening his eyes, he found himself sitting upon the Iron Throne that Lin Xu had just vacated.

Next, Lin Xu challenged him again and then surrendered. Having completed the task, Lin Xiao suddenly realized that several envious and longing eyes were fixed on him and instantly understood what was going on. He had already completed his task, and he wouldn’t be able to hold this position anyway; a successor was inevitable. Instead of giving it to someone else, he might as well let a companion have it.

He gave Lin Xu an inquiring look, and Lin Xu simply shrugged, giving him an indifferent expression:

“Do as you see fit. I’m going to observe others.

With that, Lin Xiao had no choice but to make his own decision. His gaze swept over Bai Ze and Shang Xiaoxue. Over time, he had grown somewhat closer to the two of them and found their company agreeable.

Just like he and Lin Xu had done, he allowed them to discuss who would go first. They could each take turns completing the task like nesting dolls, and as for who would take over afterward, he didn’t want to get involved. They could decide themselves; he couldn’t hold the Iron Throne anyway.

After completing the task, he felt a weight off his shoulders. Ignoring how they would divide it, he started strolling around the venue with his hands behind his back.

The venue had five levels of thrones, arranged like a pyramid. The higher you went, the fewer there were. When he reached the top level, he saw nine Golden Thrones, each occupied by a person. Each one, being incredible in their own right, sat high upon their thrones, looking down from above.

From another perspective, the arrangement of each throne in the venue seemed meticulous. Viewed from afar, the lower thrones appeared to be encircling the ones above, like layers of stars surrounding the central nine Supreme seats. The thought of sitting there felt exhilarating.