The Divine Urban Physician - C.643 - : Assassin

The Divine Urban Physician

C.643 - : Assassin

Chapter 643: Assassin

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A black shadowy figure flashed out from the crowd. The black shadowy figure held a dagger and charged towards Li Xin, and the expression on his face was crazed and ferocious.

Blood essence flowed around the dagger, so this person was obviously going all out.

Li Xin’s face turned pale!

The dagger was aimed at Li Xin’s fair and slender neck.

Gao Fengping sneered, “You reckless thing, you dare to target my woman?”

Seconds later, Gao Fengping gathered his true qi and threw a punch, which caused a shockwave, and it sounded like rumbling thunder.


A solid punch landed on the dagger, shattering it!

The black shadowy figure was also sent flying by this punch.

The crowd was taken aback. No one expected that someone would dare to assassinate Li Xin on the day of their engagement!

She was the beloved daughter of the Li family!

How could he succeed in front of so many experts?

Countless gazes turned to look at the fallen figure.

It was an old man in his sixties. He was dressed in plain clothes and had a black cloth hanging on his arm. It was obvious that he was still mourning the loss of a loved one.

Although the old man was injured, his ice-cold eyes were still fixed on Li Xin!

When Li Xin and her father, Li Hu, saw who the assassin was, they were surprised, but it was reasonable.

Because the assassin was Shi Zhenhai, Shi San’s father!

Li Hu took a step forward and looked down at Shi Zhenhai. He said, “Shi Zhenhai, b*stard! Do you know what you are doing? The Shi family and the Li family are acquainted. Do you really intend to destroy this relationship?”

Shi Zhenhai spat out a mouthful of blood and looked coldly at Li Xin and Li Hu.

Since he had decided to come here, he was already prepared to die. His only son was dead. What was the value of his life?

“Your Li family actually cares about the relationship between our families? If you really did, you wouldn’t have caused my son’s death!”

This roar resounded throughout the entire Drunken Immortal Restaurant. This was the anger of a father!

He could not protect his son, but at least he had to give his dead son an answer!

Li Xin regained her composure. Her arrogant chin was raised, and her eyes were filled with disgust as she looked at Shi Zhenhai.

“You old fart, don’t slander me. What evidence do you have to prove that Shi San’s death is related to the Li family? Let me tell you, Shi San’s death only proves that he’s useless!”

“Also, are you aware of the consequences of your actions? We won’t consider old ties!”

Li Xin’s voice was extremely cold as she spat out those aggressive words.

Shi Zhenhai had already ruined her engagement party, so he had to pay!

Shi Zhenhai’s eyes were bloodshot. He propped his body up and smiled.

“Consequences? Since I’m here today, I have no intention of leaving! Even if I die and turn into a malicious ghost, I will never let you or the Li family rest in peace!”

“Li Xin, you better remember what you did! Remember, the death of my son, Shi San, is related to you! For your own selfish desires, you used every means to destroy the engagement. Why did you do this! Even if you didn’t like my son, you didn’t have to be so ruthless! Shi San is the only descendant of the Shi family!

“He was a kind-hearted person who chose the path of medicine in order to help more people! Why did you destroy such an idealistic child?”

Shi Zhenhai shouted at the top of his lungs in agony.

Seconds later, a scarlet talisman appeared in his hand.

When everyone saw this talisman, their expressions changed!

This was a Soul Extermination Talisman! Once triggered, one’s soul would definitely explode, and the force would be transformed into an attack that was comparable to a saint king realm’s strongest attack!

At that time, the entire Drunken Immortal Restaurant might collapse!


He actually wanted to drag everyone down with him!

Seeing that the power of the Soul Exterminating Talisman was about to erupt, Gao Fengping’s eyes turned cold.

“You old fart, do you think I will give you the chance to activate that?”

“Fengping, hurry up and kill this old fart! Don’t let him succeed!”

Gao Fengping’s aura suddenly rose, revealing his saint realm cultivation.

Then, a red light shot out from his fingertip and headed towards the Soul Exterminating Talisman in Shi Zhenhai’s hand!

The red light suddenly turned into a blood sword, tearing apart the Soul Destroying Talisman that had yet to condense.

Shi Zhenhai instantly suffered a backlash and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then, an afterimage flashed past! Gao Fengping moved!

He appeared in front of Shi Zhenhai and drew the sword from his waist. A cold gleam filled the room as the sword was swung toward Shi Zhenhai’s neck!

Shi Zhenhai was going to be beheaded!

A sinister smile appeared on Gao Fengping’s lips. He enjoyed the thrill of killing. Crushing this kind of ant would only make his image in everyone’s hearts even more impressive!

Shi Zhenhai looked at the incoming sword and laughed bitterly. He muttered to himself, “I still couldn’t do anything for you, but that’s good. You must be very lonely down there. I’ll accompany you this time.”

He chose to close his eyes and accept his fate.

The people in the distance shook their heads helplessly. Ding Yun’er also let out a long sigh. She was about to say something to the young man beside her when she realized that he had disappeared!

A strong gust of wind blew in his wake.

Following the direction of the wind, she saw a figure rushing forward rapidly, interposing himself between the sword and Shi Zhenhai.

Then, he extended his hand and grabbed Gao Fengping’s sword tightly, stopping it in its tracks!

This sudden change made all the guests, and even the Li family’s expressions, change drastically.

No one thought that someone would actually step in to save him at this time. Was this person courting death?

Gao Fengping glanced at the masked youth who had saved Shi Zhenhai and said coldly, “Who the f*ck do you think you are? I’ll give you three seconds to get lost! Otherwise, I’ll kill you as well!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were cold. The anger in his heart had reached its peak!

He was almost certain that Shi San’s death was related to this adulterous couple!

Also, he would not allow anything to happen to Shi San’s father!

No matter who it was, they had no right to harm Shi Zhenhai!

The blood dragon in his body roared, as his true qi wrapped around his arm.

“Today, no one has the right to touch him. Anyone who does will be beheaded!”

As soon as he finished speaking…


A crisp sound rang out!

The sword in Gao Fengping’s hand was broken!

At the same time, Ye Chen gripped the broken edge of the rushed toward Gao Fengping!

Gao Fengping sensed that something was wrong and quickly retreated.. However, it was too late!

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