The Beloved and Pampered Girl - C.574 - : It’s You

The Beloved and Pampered Girl

C.574 - : It’s You

Chapter 574: It’s You

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“Uncle, what’s wrong? Why are you suddenly looking at me with such a strange gaze?”

“Nothing.” It must all be in my mind. How can it be such a coincidence?

Chu Liyuan immediately denied his thoughts.

“You know what, Uncle? If that soldier hadn’t saved me back then, I might have died with my parents.” Jian Dan continued.

Chu Liyuan had never taken the initiative to ask Jian Dan about her parents’ deaths. This was because Chu Liyuan knew that if he asked, it would be tearing open her wound again and it would be very painful for her.

His heart ached whenever he thought of his own mother.

However, he did not expect Jian Dan to take the initiative to bring it up today.

What happened today made Jian Dan feel that it was especially similar to the situation back then. That was why she took the initiative to bring it up.

Things that were kept buried at the bottom of her heart would never be resolved.

Only by talking about it could she force herself to face it.

“The situation back then was very similar to now—it was also in the wilderness and we also waited in such a cave for the rescue team after he saved me.”

Jian Dan still avoided talking about her parents.

She probably could not face the death of her parents.

Although she had already accepted it, she still could not face it.

When Chu Liyuan heard Jian Dan’s words, the wild fruit in his hand fell. “You were only five years old back then, right?” Chu Liyuan suddenly asked.

“Huh?? How did you know, Uncle?” Jian Dan eyed Chu Liyuan curiously. 𝗳r𝐞ew𝚎bn𝚘ve𝚕.c𝗼𝗺

Uncle is very powerful, but how did he know about this?

This is a little unbelievable.

Chu Liyuan suddenly went up to Jian Dan and gazed intently into her eyes. It was as if he wanted to read her mind…

Looking into Jian Dan’s eyes, he finally understood why he felt familiar and comfortable when he saw these eyes back then.

It was her!

“Because the PLA soldier you’re talking about is me.” Chu Liyuan told Jian Dan without hiding anything.

“What? Are you for real?” Jian Dan somehow felt that it sounded very surreal.

Chu Liyuan finally understood one thing—why he could not resist Jian Dan.

Back then, his elder brother was very promiscuous and had a revolving door of women. This made Chu Liyuan feel very disgusted. What made him exasperated was that these women even hankered after and harassed him.

At that time, he was traumatized by women. As long as a woman approached him, he would feel disgusted, anxious, and had other physiological problems.

Therefore, at that time, what he did constantly was to avoid all kinds of women. When he was of age, he sought refuge in the military camp, where there were more men than women. He even joined the kill team that did not have any women at that time.

At that time, his condition was very serious and women could not get within 10 meters of him.

However, he saw a pair of especially pure eyes during one mission. Those eyes were filled with beauty without any impurities.

When he came back from the mission, his physiological reactions to women had basically improved. Other than the fact that he was still unable to “do it” with women, normal interactions would no longer disgust him to the point of having physiological reactions.

He did not expect the girl who cured him to be Jian Dan.

Looks like Jian Jian is really an angel sent by God to save me..