The Beloved and Pampered Girl - C.565 - : Revel In Their Pain

The Beloved and Pampered Girl

C.565 - : Revel In Their Pain

Chapter 565: Revel In Their Pain

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She thought that everything was going smoothly, but unexpectedly, that man came back again.

Hadn’t Jian Dan already explained everything?

Why did it suddenly become like this?

The helicopter was already up in the air and her gaze was fixed on Xiaoyang. Xiaoyang had not woken up since just now and she did not understand why.

Therefore, she did not notice that someone had walked out of the cockpit of the helicopter. It was none other than that friend of Wei Qianqing. The man looked at Jian Dan with dark eyes. When no one was paying attention, he opened the cabin door and hugged Jian Dan before jumping out of the helicopter.

Everyone was thrown off by this sudden action. Only Chu Liyuan grabbed the parachute beside him and jumped out as well. He only put on the parachute after jumping out…

The other members of Special Team naturally wanted to follow suit and save Jian Dan, but they were all stopped by Shang because many of the team members were more or less injured. Moreover, they needed to send Xiaoyang to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Most importantly, he had intimate knowledge about Chu Liyuan’s abilities. This was nothing to him.

Back then, not only did Chu Liyuan successfully escape from the siege of more than a hundred people, but he also brought back the samples from that time.

That incident had been listed as one of the military’s greatest achievements.

Until now, there was no one else who could do what he did.

Hence, he did not worry about Chu Liyuan at all.

Although everyone in the military knew about this, there were no photographs of Chu Liyuan at all.

Therefore, Special Team did not know that Jian Dan’s husband was the former God of War.

Therefore, everyone looked worried. However, they had to obey orders. If the instructor did not allow them to go, they could not disobey his orders.

They could only look in the direction where the two of them had jumped out.

“Don’t worry, both of them will be fine. Sit tight.” Shang looked relaxed.

Shang could have told them Chu Liyuan’s identity. However, Chu Liyuan was no longer with the military and he did not dare to reveal his identity without his permission.

“What exactly do you want?” Jian Dan struggled to break free from the man’s restraint.

“Think again—this is a thousand meters high. If you don’t want to be splattered all over the pavement, you’d better behave yourself,” the man warned coldly.

Upon hearing the man’s words, Jian Dan looked down. Its really high!

If I fall from this height, I would really be splattered all over the pavement.

Who would choose to walk the path of death if they could choose to live? Therefore, Jian Dan wisely stopped struggling.

Only then did the man smile in satisfaction.

But even if she did not move, it did not stop Jian Dan from asking him questions.

“Um, what do you want to do now?”

“Do you want to know if that man really loves you or not?”

Although he had thought a lot after hearing Jian Dan’s words, it was a fact that the person he loved had died. Hence, he could not let it go no matter what. f𝐫eewe𝚋nove𝗹.𝗰o𝚖

He also wanted Jian Dan to have a taste of Wei Qianqing’s hardships and make her despair.

He still remembered how Chu Liyuan had chosen to save Wei Qianqing instead of Jian Dan when they kidnapped her back then.

Therefore, he had always believed that Jian Dan was the one that Chu Liyuan liked more. However, they would definitely save their own skin when it came to life and death.

He wanted to see the two people who hurt Wei Qianqing suffer..