The Beloved and Pampered Girl - C.563 - : Rescue Them Together

The Beloved and Pampered Girl

C.563 - : Rescue Them Together

Chapter 563: Rescue Them Together

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When Chu Liyuan saw that he had relaxed his hold on Jian Dan and was a little distracted, he knew that Jian Dan’s words had worked on him.

Hence, he took this opportunity to save Jian Dan and shielded her behind him.

When the man saw that Jian Dan was saved, he did not do anything else. The dagger in his hand slid to the ground, and his head was slightly lowered…

Seeing that he did not respond, she said, “Uncle, the members of Special Team have all entered that place. I don’t know how they are now. I can’t contact them no matter how I tried.”

Jian Dan pointed at a building not far away.

“You go back to the helicopter first. Shang and I will save them.”

“I’ll go with you.”


“Uncle, the security network in this building is very complicated. I thought that I had already cracked the security network here, but now it seems that I haven’t even touched the security network here.”

“Therefore, none of us knows what’s going on inside, so I have to go with you.”

“Liyuan, Jian Dan is right. No one has eyes inside. It’s the wisest choice for her to be with us.”

“I can’t let Jian Jian take the risk with us!” In Chu Liyuan’s eyes, Jian Dan’s safety was above everything else.

“Uncle, you’re worried about me, but I’m worried about you too. What would I do if you encounter any danger inside? Moreover, all the rooms here are controlled by the security network. With me around, at least you won’t be trapped.”


Chu Liyuan looked at Jian Dan’s serious expression and knew that she would follow him no matter what. Hence, he took the handcuffs from Shang’s waist and cuffed Jian Dan’s wrist before she could react.

“Uncle, what are you doing? Are you going to cuff me to this place?

“If you cuff me to this place, I won’t even be able to protect myself if there’s any danger later!” Jian Dan said quickly, afraid that Chu Liyuan and Shang would leave after cuffing her to this place if she said it too late.

This had been Chu Liyuan’s plan. But after hearing Jian Dan’s words, it seemed to make sense. Hence, in the next second, he cuffed the other half to his own wrist.

“Uncle, what are you…” She pointed at their hands that were cuffed together.

“I can only rest easy if you stay by my side.”

It turned out that Chu Liyuan was only doing this so that she would not be too far away from him.

Wait a minute, then is this…

“Uncle, you’ll let me go with you?” Jian Dan asked in surprise.

“What do you think?” Chu Liyuan flicked Jian Dan’s forehead lightly.

Shang pursed his lips…

They still have the time to show off their affection at such a time? If we delay for another minute, the team would be in more danger.

“Ahem, ahem! That’s enough. If you want to show off your love, you can do so when we save them. No one would care then.”

“Uncle, let’s go in quickly!”

After entering, Jian Dan immediately noticed the surveillance system in the building…

This is completely different from what I saw outside.

Looks like they deliberately did that to confuse me.

The difficulty of the surveillance system here was on a completely different level from the ones outside.

Although it was not simple, she could crack it. The only problem was that it might take some time.

In order to shorten the decoding time, Jian Dan had to contact Xiaokai who was at home again…

What Xiaokai did not expect was that after cracking a very difficult security network, there was another one with a higher difficulty.

Seeing Jian Dan and Xiaokai cracking it at the same time, Chu Liyuan frowned slightly…

So, the one who hacked into Qin Corporation’s security network was not Jian Jian, but Xiaokai.

And he only found out now.

Looking at Chu Liyuan’s tightly knitted brows, Shang asked curiously, “What’s with that face? Is that a handsome man who is even more handsome than you?” This was the only thing that Shang could think of.

After Jian Dan heard Shang’s words, the corners of her mouth curled up. “He’s quite handsome.”

When Shang heard this…

Can Liyuan take it when his wife said that another man is handsome?

Just as he was about to back away from the public display of affection, he heard Chu Liyuan say slowly, “My son.”

It turned out that he was the one who imagined it all.

Shang facepalmed…

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