The Beloved and Pampered Girl - C.562 - : This Is Not a Reason for You to Hurt Others

The Beloved and Pampered Girl

C.562 - : This Is Not a Reason for You to Hurt Others

Chapter 562: This Is Not a Reason for You to Hurt Others

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Shang, who had also rushed over, also heard the man’s words…

He was also shocked.

If his target had been Jian Dan right from the start, won’t I be the person who sent Jian Dan straight into the trap?

To think that I, who have been wise all my life, would actually fall for such a thing!

Forget about Liyuan. Even I want to kill myself now.

However, he immediately schooled his emotions.

Now was not a good time to wallow in remorse. The most important thing now was to save Jian Dan.

“Uncle, he’s Wei Qianqing’s friend.” Jian Dan reminded him.

Upon Jian Dan’s reminder, Chu Liyuan remembered the man in front of him.

This man was present when Wei Qianqing masterminded the kidnapping case.

“Let Jian Jian go. I promise you that I’ll get Wei Qianqing out of jail and give you a sum of money. You can take her to a new place and start afresh.”

Since this man is Wei Qianqing s friend, she should be the one he cares about the most.


The man let out a maniacal laugh after hearing Chu Liyuan’s words. The laughter became especially sharp towards the end, giving one goosebumps. “Qianqing? Qianqing has already been destroyed by you.”

“But… you can’t hurt her anymore because she has already gone to a place where no one can hurt her anymore!” When the man said this again, his eyes were a little empty.

Jian Dan and Chu Liyuan did not quite understand what he meant…

Shang was different. He pulled up the information in the database…

After reading the information, he understood everything.

He handed the cell phone to Chu Liyuan.

Chu Liyuan glanced at the information on his cell phone and his eyes darkened.

It turned out that Wei Qianqing had already committed suicide seven months after she was imprisoned. Moreover, she had chosen an extremely cruel method to end her life.

When the man saw Chu Liyuan’s expression, he smiled. “Looks like you already know.”

“That’s right! Qianqing is dead! Can you imagine? She ground her ten fingernails into thin and sharp nails and stabbed them into the aorta of her neck.”

Jian Dan gasped when she heard that…

How much courage must a person have to pierce the aorta of her neck with her own nails?

“You can’t imagine how Qianqing spent the past seven months in prison, in that dark place where she couldn’t even cry out for help.”

“You will never be able to understand the helplessness of being bullied by others.”

“But we grew up in such an environment… Do you know how hard our lives were?

“Qianqing had already escaped from that kind of life. It was you two…”

“You’re the ones who made her live like that again. You’re the ones who caused her death!”

The man recounted Wei Qianqing’s encounter.

After hearing his words, anyone would feel pity and sympathy. Jian Dan was the same, but her mind was still clear…

“But that’s not a reason for you to hurt anyone.”

“What did you say?”

“Let me ask you, what would you do if those who have hurt you were here in front of you now, confessing and apologizing?”

“Apologize? Haha! They did such a thing to us. Apologize? Ridiculous!”

“Hmph!” Jian Dan also laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at?”

“What’s the difference between you and them?”

“Of course we’re different from them!”

“What’s the difference? They hurt you, but what about you? Didn’t you hurt anyone else? Have you calculated how many people died at your hands? Did those people deserve to die?”

“Just because you’ve been hurt by other people gives you the right to hurt others?”

“Then, have you asked if those who have hurt you have been hurt by others before?”

“If all the people who have been hurt in this world are like you, what will the world become?”

“Wei Qianqing committed crimes. It’s not wrong for me to make her accept the punishment of the law because everyone has to pay the price for what they have done.”

Jian Dan voiced out her thoughts.

When the man heard Jian Dan’s words, for some reason, he suddenly relaxed his restraints on Jian Dan.. His eyes were lowered, as if he was thinking about something…

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