Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend - C.298 - : When Young, You Can’t Meet


Chapter 298: Chapter 298: When Young, You Can’t Meet

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“Hello, please take a look at this, it’s newly opened.”

“Grand opening discounts.”

“If you buy a membership, the discounts are even better.”

In front of Demon Electronic University.

Jiang Xu, An Nuonuo, Wu Mengmeng, and Xia Xiaozhan were handing out flyers.

After much preparation, Jiang Xu’s private movie theatre had finally opened today.

Jiang Xu specifically asked two girls from An Nuonuo’s dorm to help distribute flyers.

Jiang Xu specifically chose girls to distribute them, while the three girls focused on giving them to guys.

That way, almost nobody would refuse to take a flyer.

After all, attractiveness makes a compelling argument.

Currently, this model was still quite rare.

Being young, everyone was quite interested in new things.

So when the few of them had finished distributing all their leaflets, Jiang Xu received a call from the store.

Quite a few customers had shown up.

At the moment, Jiang Xu could think of a few revenue streams.

One was the room fee, then selling couple’s items, beverages, and snacks.

He could also bring the mineral water from his hometown and sell it here to get familiar with the customers.

In the future, he was considering partnering with restaurants to offer a meal delivery service.

Once things stabilized here, Jiang Xu was planning on opening a few more in the city center.

Then, using Magic City as a hub, he would expand to surrounding areas.

Jiang Xu, seeing the three girls sweating profusely, clasped his hands together, “Thank you so much, let’s go eat.”

Jiang Xu’s advertising approach was actually quite straightforward, with no real tricks to it.

But often, solving problems doesn’t always require complex solutions.

“Hehe, then we’re really going to splurge on your dime.”

“Wow, Jiang Xu, you’re so impressive! So young and yet so accomplished.”

Xia Xiaozhan and Wu Mengmeng held An Nuonuo’s arms, one on each side.

In their eyes, looking at Jiang Xu was a mix of admiration.

This actually wasn’t exactly a good thing for them.

Encountering someone too dazzling at a young age might elevate their own expectations excessively.

Jiang Xu behaved very modestly.

They went to a high-end restaurant, where Jiang Xu let the girls order.

Xia Xiaozhan and Wu Mengmeng were quite sensible and didn’t order too much or anything too expensive.

Jiang Xu thought they had pretty good character.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, Jiang Xu said to the two of them, “Here’s the deal: when I came to Magic University before, the school promised me a free shop on campus.

My plan is to open a milk tea shop.

Would you two be interested in working there? You can come whenever you have time.

The hourly wage is thirty yuan.”

The shop provided by the school had Jiang Xu considering his options, and he decided that opening a milk tea shop would be most suitable.

After all, the customers were students with their own spending power.

Opening a dining establishment would compete with the school’s business.

A milk tea shop was the perfect choice.

As for why he wanted to recruit Xia Xiaozhan and Wu Mengmeng,

it was mainly because of their good looks and figures.

Even if they were just mascots, they could bring a lot of popularity to the shop.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Wu Mengmeng nodded vigorously: ”We agree.”

“Ok, thirty yuan an hour, that’s quite a lot,” Xia Xiaozhan started to calculate with her fingers: “Twenty-four hours a day makes seven hundred and twenty.

Multiply that by thirty days in a month, it’s twenty-one thousand six hundred, a year would be over two hundred thousand, ten years would be over two million, wow, I’m going to be rich.”

Jiang Xu:”???”

An Nuonuo:”???”

Wu Mengmeng:”???”

After dinner, the four of them went to the private cinema.

There were about a dozen people at the front desk making reservations.

Basically, they were all young couples.

Of course, Jiang Xu also saw two guys.

Suddenly, his face was full of shock.

But damn, it was too damn tempting.

Jiang Xu also brought in a few managers for the shop.

He would only have to regularly check the books from then on.

The shop mainly did business with students.

As everyone knows, college students are an extremely kind and easy-going group.

So Jiang Xu was quite reassured and did not plan to put too much effort into this location.

Afterward, Jiang Xu led the three girls back to Magic University.

They tried all the milk tea shops in the vicinity.

After a vote among the four of them, they selected dozens of flavors.

Next, Jiang Xu took care of the rest himself.

He recruited staff and personally searched for raw material suppliers.

Recruiting was pretty straightforward: offer enough money and paint a picture of the future, and it was settled.

When it came to raw material suppliers, Jiang Xu was quite strict.

Freshness was a must.

Cheat anyone but not the college students.

After all, they are the nation’s future.

It took two days to sort out these miscellaneous tasks.

Then, he went to get the business license and such.

The shop space on campus was already furnished.

Previously, it was used to sell stationery.

He bought some tables, chairs, and counters at the second-hand market, and it was all set to go.

Opening a milk tea shop in Magic University didn’t require Jiang Xu to advertise.

The news spread like wildfire.

On the opening day, the shop was packed with people.

The pricing was also quite affordable.

A 300 ml cup sold for six yuan, with the most expensive being only fifteen yuan.

Jiang Xu had done the math.

After deducting labor and utility costs, the net profit for a cup of milk tea was about two to three yuan, roughly twenty percent.

He was going for a low-margin, high-volume business model.

“Please wait a moment, it’ll be ready soon.”

“Here’s your milk tea without pearls and ice.”

“That’ll be sixteen yuan, please.”

The first day of business was exceptionally busy.

The line was so long, it seemed endless.

Jiang Xu, An Nuonuo, and her two dormitory friends, as well as Fu Yanjie and Zhang Yuanyuan, who had hurried back for school, all came to help.

Since Zhang Yuanyuan was pregnant, she was only asked to help collect the money.

Together with the recruited employees and the store manager, more than ten people were still overwhelmed by the workload.

A large part of the students came just for the buzz.

Some, of course, came for An Nuonuo or Jiang Xu.

Sneaking photos from outside.

It wasn’t until after seven in the evening that the number of customers finally began to dwindle.

Everyone was exhausted.

The intensity of the day had been incredibly high.

“Thanks for your hard work today, here’s a little token of appreciation.”

Jiang Xu took out the red envelopes he had prepared in advance, handing out one to each person present.

Money is the best way to replenish energy.

One by one, as they received their red envelopes, their spirits were instantly revived.

It was only then that Jiang Xu turned to Zhang Yuanyuan, “How much did we make today?”

Zhang Yuanyuan glanced at the bill and said with a smile, “We sold over four thousand cups, nearly sixty thousand yuan in sales.”

If calculated with the approximate twenty percent net profits, that’s around twelve thousand.

Generally, the first day of opening is the peak of customer traffic.

An average daily net profit of three to four thousand later on would be great.

Over a hundred thousand a month is not bad at all.

After resting for a bit there, Jiang Xu took An Nuonuo along with Fu Yanjie and Zhang Yuanyuan out for a late-night snack.

Considering Zhang Yuanyuan’s pregnancy, they avoided barbecue and instead went for a claypot porridge meal.

“Have you set a date for the wedding?” Jiang Xu asked.

Fu Yanjie replied, “It’s on October 1st, and you have to be my best man.”

“Is that a good idea?” Jiang Xu was a bit hesitant, “If I’m the best man, who’s going to look at you?”

Fu Yanjie got annoyed, “Nonsense, I’m also somewhat handsome, alright?”

Jiang Xu: “Heh.”

An Nuonuo and Zhang Yuanyuan, on the other hand, were discussing child-rearing tips.

Yep, neither of them knew much, getting all their knowledge from Baidu.

After finishing the late-night meal, they returned to the university, and the couples each went their separate ways.

These days, Jiang Xu felt he had fully recuperated.

So, he took An Nuonuo to the independent dormitory and then made a bold request…

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