Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing! - C.634 - : You’re Not To Peek!

Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

C.634 - : You’re Not To Peek!

Chapter 634: You’re Not To Peek!

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“Climb up and take a look.”

Alexander looked at Carl.

The leaves above the primeval forest were dense. Standing under the tree, they could not see the situation in the sky.

Then, Luo Yangyang saw Carl walking to a big tree that would take three to four people to wrap their arms around.

Carl climbed up the tree without any tools.

His movements were so skillful that Luo Yangyang was stunned.

He had actually climbed up that big, bare tree!

Was he a monkey?

Carl climbed to the end of the branch and peeled off the leaves to look up at the sky. He observed for a while and quickly climbed back down.

“Captain, it’s indeed that helicopter. Feng Sheng is back!”

Carl said with some annoyance.

Feng Sheng had already flown away. Why did he suddenly fly back?

Alexander looked at Luo Yangyang and was not surprised to see a hint of joy on her face.

“Let’s go faster.”

Alexander reached out and grabbed Luo Yangyang’s arm. He grabbed her and walked forward quickly.

“Walk slower, don’t walk so fast!”

Luo Yangyang had to jog to keep up with Alexander.

“Of course I have to hurry. Otherwise, when Lancelot and your man catch up, another battle will be inevitable.”

Alexander’s blue eyes were unusually serious and strict.

In the primeval forest, there were towering trees everywhere that even a few people could not carry.

The wild grass also grew wildly, as if it had mutated and grown taller than a person.

At first glance, the field of vision was actually very limited.

In addition to the dense leaves that covered the sky, the light under the forest was already very, very dark.

Luo Yangyang tripped over an unknown obstacle under her feet several times. If Alexander had not been holding her, she would have fallen a few times already.

Luo Yangyang had wanted to escape ever since she found out that Feng Sheng had returned.

“I, I want to go to the toilet!”

Luo Yangyang suddenly grabbed her arm. Alexander grabbed her arm and pulled him to a stop.

Alexander turned around. With his excellent night vision, he saw Luo Yangyang’s furrowed brows and her anxious expression.

His thick eyebrows furrowed. Why are you so nosy?”

“People have three emergencies. I can’t help it!”Luo Yangyang looked even more upset as she tried to explain herself.

Alexander glanced in the direction they came from.

There was no movement in the forest behind them. Feng Sheng and the others should not have caught up yet. At least, they would not catch up for the time being.

“Go there and settle it! Hurry up!”

Alexander pointed at a large patch of grass that was growing crazily on his right and gestured for Luo Yangyang to go there.

“Did any of you bring tissues?”

Luo Yangyang glanced at Alexander, Carl, and Adolf.

However, Luo Yangyang could tell from their faces that they did not have any tissues on them even before they answered.

“Why are there so many rules in the wilderness? Can’t you just find a random branch?”Carl said impatiently,” Hurry up! What a waste of our time!

Luo Yangyang looked as if she could not accept Carl’s suggestion. She held her stomach and ran toward the tall grass that Alexander was pointing at.

After jogging a few steps, she hurriedly turned around and looked at the three of them. Her voice was slightly raised as she said,

“I’m a girl going to the toilet.. You’re not allowed to come over and peek!”

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