Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing! - C.631 - : Bad Temper


Chapter 631: Bad Temper

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Since Alexander had kidnapped Yangyang from thousands of miles away…

Alexander’s wisest move would be to bring Yangyang back to the British Isles. It would be too abnormal to land halfway.

“God knows why they suddenly landed.”

Feng Sheng, who had been chasing after her but could not catch up, had become a little irritable.

He watched helplessly as the person he loved was kidnapped. He chased after her all the way, but he still could not stop the kidnappers. How could he be in a good mood?

Before Feng Sheng could get close to where Alexander and the others had landed, the olive-green helicopter flew out of the forest and returned to their sight.

“It’s out, it’s out!”

Lancelot looked at Alexander’s helicopter that had suddenly appeared and couldn’t help but feel a little excited. It was good that he didn’t lose sight of it.

Feng Sheng looked at the helicopter that was flying forward as if nothing had happened.

His cold brows furrowed slightly, feeling that something was wrong.

As Alexander’s helicopter flew, it gradually rose.

Feng Sheng looked at the helicopter in front of him, but he did not follow it.

When Feng Sheng flew past the green helicopter, he slowed down and looked down.

It was a small hill on a higher terrain. The dense green grass on the hill was blown by the propeller wind like a wave, and the grass was all low on the ground.

Other than the wavy leaves that were blown out of the ground, Feng Sheng and Lancelot looked at it again and again. They did not find any other abnormal signs.

“There’s nothing there. Why did they suddenly land there?”

Lancelot looked at the wavy leaves below the helicopter. He carefully investigated but still could not find anything.

When Lancelot’s vision was retracted from the ground, he realized that Alexander’s green helicopter was already far away from them.

He urged the Saint Sealing Dao,”

“Stop looking and fly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to keep up and would lose him!”

Feng Sheng could not figure out why Alexander had suddenly landed the helicopter there.

In addition, the plane in front of him was flying further and further away. Under Lancelot’s urging, he gradually rose higher and flew faster.

However, they only accelerated for less than five minutes.

Feng Sheng’s cold eyes flashed.

In the next moment, he immediately turned the helicopter around and flew back.

“What’s wrong? Why did Feng Sheng turn around?”

Lancelot looked at Feng Sheng in confusion.

He wanted to urge Feng Sheng to speed up and catch up to the helicopter.

Because the green helicopter had just landed, they had already closed the distance slightly. Now, the possibility of catching up to them was even greater.

“When the helicopter landed there, someone got off the plane. Yangyang must have gotten off too.”

Feng Sheng explained.

He thought about it carefully and suddenly realized that in the grass that had been blown into waves by the propeller blades.

There was a straight line that clearly showed that someone had walked past, but it was covered up very well.

He didn’t realize this at first, but he kept feeling that something was wrong and kept recalling that scene in his mind.

After that, he realized that he had missed this crucial point.

“Are you sure?”

Lancelot subconsciously recalled the location where the helicopter had landed..

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