Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing! - C.627 - : She’s a Girl, Don’t Be Too Rude

Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

C.627 - : She’s a Girl, Don’t Be Too Rude

Chapter 627: She’s a Girl, Don’t Be Too Rude

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Feng Sheng picked up the bullet that landed in front of the steering wheel. The bullet flew out of the gun at high speed.

At this moment, the bullet was still burning hot between his fingers.

Holding the bullet that had yet to cool down, Feng Sheng immediately looked up at the helicopter that had already risen a hundred meters.

The young man in front of Feng Sheng’s car was shocked when he suddenly braked. He looked at the van that had suddenly appeared in the middle of the street in shock.


Feng Sheng pressed the horn again and urged the young man in front of his car to leave quickly.”Get out of the way!”

If this man hadn’t suddenly rushed out to stop him, the bullet in his hand might have hit him.

However, he did not have time to thank this person who had suddenly rushed out. He had more important things to do.

When Carl pulled the trigger, the young man who suddenly rushed out of the street had not rushed out yet.

However, almost at the same time as he pulled the trigger, the other party rushed out.

Carl knew that something bad was going to happen when he saw someone rushing out of the scope.

After firing, he looked down through the scope and saw that Feng Sheng was still sitting in the driver’s seat. He was fine and had not been shot in the chest.

■I** * * i ii

Carl cursed under his breath and put away his gun. He had no intention of shooting again.

That person had always rushed out, but he had to rush out when he was shooting, ruining his plans!

“Carl, did you miss?”

Adolf asked after hearing Karl’s curses.

“Someone suddenly rushed out and missed.”

Carl sounded a little regretful as he closed the cabin door.

Alexander, who was checking Andy’s injuries, turned around when he heard the gunshot. It was only then that he realized that Carl had shot Feng Sheng.

Alexander looked at Carl and said angrily,”

“Carl! Who told you to shoot?”

Although he had killed many people, he did not want Feng Sheng to die.

Similarly, Alexander looked at Luo Yangyang, who was pinned to the seat by Adolf. He did not want to kill her.

“Captain, because of that Feng Sheng, look at what happened to Andy. I’ll even shoot Feng Sheng in the head!”

Carl pointed at Andy Liot, who was lying at the back of the machine gun, and said angrily.

Andy would have died here if he hadn’t discovered it earlier.

“If you want to kill him, you can. You can find him and settle it privately another day, but don’t cause trouble on this matter!”

Alexander pointed at Luo Yangyang.

If Carl killed Sheng Sheng today, Luo Yangyang would lose her other half.

Luo Yangyang was Lancelot’s daughter. If his sister married Lancelot, Luo Yangyang would also be his sister’s daughter.

Carl’s actions today were equivalent to killing his own people.

Furthermore, Lancelot might not be willing to marry his sister because of Feng Sheng.

His sister would blame him for this, and he was not interested in bearing such a groundless accusation.

After all, Alexander Gerri was the leader of the Lone Wolf Mercenary Team.

He had always held a high position in the army. Since he had said so, no matter how angry Carl was, he could only suppress it for now.

Alexander looked at Carl sternly for a few times, until Carl silently looked away. Then, he looked at Adolf and said,”

“Untie her. She’s a girl. You have to be polite to her..”

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