Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing! - C.625 - : Feng Sheng Will Kill Us!

Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

C.625 - : Feng Sheng Will Kill Us!

Chapter 625: Feng Sheng Will Kill Us!

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The reason why Old Wang told Alexander that Old Zhang was injured and shot was not because he wanted Alexander to give them more money.

Instead, he was worried that Alexander would drag Luo Yangyang away and not give them the 500,000 yuan that they had promised.

He wanted Old Zhang to sympathize with him, so that Alexander wouldn’t trick them when Old Zhang was injured.

After all, Alexander still had a gun on him, and the other mercenaries also had guns.

In front of them, he and Old Zhang were two weak chickens without the strength to even tie up a chicken. They had no ability to compete at all.

If Alexander really wanted to snatch Luo Yangyang away, they would not be able to do anything if he did not give them 500,000 yuan.

At this moment, Lao Wang looked at the cold-faced Alexander. He started to feel fear and regret dealing with Alexander.

He had completely offended Feng Sheng. If he did not get any money in the end, it would be a huge loss.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared the money for you.”

Who was Alexander? He could naturally see through Lao Wang’s cautiousness at a glance.

He turned around and shouted into the helicopter,””Adolf!”

Then, in the wind caused by the gradually rotating propeller, a mercenary in camouflage uniform walked down from the helicopter.

Adolf held a stack of US dollars in his hand. He walked straight to Alexander and handed the money to him.

“We didn’t bring any Chinese currency with us. This is US dollars. If converted to Chinese currency, it’s more than 500,000 dollars.”

Alexander handed the wad of money to Old Wang.

“Alright, it doesn’t matter what currency it is.”

Old Wang did not dare to say that he did not want US dollars and only wanted Chinese money.

He immediately took the stack of dollars from Alexander’s hand, afraid that if he was a step slower, Alexander would go back on his word and not give him the money.

“Adolf, get her on the computer.”

After Old Wang took the money, Alexander pointed at Luo Yangyang and said to Adolf.

“Follow me!”

Adolf looked at Luo Yangyang, whose hands and feet were tied and her mouth was gagged.

He grabbed Luo Yangyang’s arm and dragged her forward. He was so rough that he was not polite at all.

Adolf dragged Luo Yangyang a few steps forward and realized that her legs were tied up. He could not move even if he dragged her.

He felt that it was too troublesome to drag Luo Yangyang along, so he bent down and picked her up. Then, he rushed to the helicopter.

Luo Yangyang could not fight back now. Her mouth was blocked and she could not speak. She did not want to be hugged, but there was nothing she could do.

“Captain! Hurry up and take off! Feng Sheng is chasing after us!”

Carl saw that the deal between Alexander and Old Wang had been completed, so he ran towards the helicopter and shouted at Alexander.

As long as they got on the helicopter, Feng Sheng would be helpless even if he had a gun.

Alexander and the others were in an empty space on the street of the town.

After Carl finished speaking, Alexander subconsciously looked at the street. As expected, he saw a van appear at the end of the street.

The others had already boarded the helicopter, and Alexander was the last one.

Seeing this, he rushed to the helicopter in the wind.

“Boss! You’re leaving just like that? Then what should we do? Feng Sheng will kill us!”

Although Old Wang’s worries were reasonable, Alexander was in a hurry to get on the helicopter and take off. He had no time to care about him.

Their transaction was already complete, so Old Wang’s life and death naturally had nothing to do with him.

“Old Wang, what should we do? Feng Sheng is catching up!”

Old Zhang, who was in the car, turned around to look at the back of the car. In just a short while, Feng Sheng had already driven from the end of the street to the middle of the street..

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