Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing! - C.624 - : Hand over the money and the person

Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

C.624 - : Hand over the money and the person

Chapter 624: Hand over the money and the person

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Carl squinted his eyes and looked at the rearview mirror. He did see a van in the forest chasing after him from afar.

Old Zhang, who had been shot in the calf, groaned in pain.

Hearing Old Wang say that Feng Sheng had caught up to him again, Old Zhang quickly turned around to look.

When he saw the van that they had abandoned being on the road again, Old Zhang instantly felt that the gunshot wound on his leg hurt even more.

Old Zhang suddenly slapped the driver’s seat.””Hurry up! Drive faster! He’s about to catch up!”

Old Zhang had been shot, after all. He was worried that if Feng Sheng caught up to him, he would lose his life. Hence, he could not help but be nervous.

However, Carl, who was urged by him, was obviously very dissatisfied with Old Zhang’s action of patting his seat.

Old Zhang was speaking Chinese. Although Carl did not understand, he knew that Old Zhang was urging him to drive faster. He turned around and roared angrily,


Of course, he knew that he had to drive faster. However, it would not be easy for Feng Sheng to catch up with him in that old van. It was practically a fantasy.

The front wheel of the van had a flat tire. Just as Carl had expected, Feng Sheng, who wanted to catch up to him, stepped on the accelerator all the way to the bottom.

Even though Feng Sheng had never let go of his foot on the gas pedal, he still did not shorten the distance between him and the SUV.

Luo Yangyang looked at the van that had been chasing after them in the forest but still could not catch up to them.

She was nervous and afraid.

She was afraid that the kidnappers would do something to her. It was even more surprising that the person who came to pick up Old Wang and Old Zhang was a foreigner.

How did it involve foreigners?

Luo Yangyang was nervous as she looked at the van that was ramming into the forest. She was worried that Feng Sheng was driving too fast and might accidentally crash into a tree like Old Zhang.

It wouldn’t be good if there was a car accident.

After all, the van had a flat tire. It was dangerous to continue driving, especially at such a fast speed.

The facts proved that Old Zhang and Old Zhang’s worries were unnecessary.

When Carl returned to the town as fast as he could, Feng Sheng, who was following them from afar, was still running left and right in the forest. He still could not keep up with them.

However, Feng Sheng did not give up. Even though he saw the SUV turning out of the jungle, his broken van continued to run.

Carl drove the off-road vehicle directly to where the helicopter was parked.

As he quickly jumped out of the car, Old Wang pulled Luo Yangyang, who had her hands and feet tied, and opened the car door to get out.


Carl shouted at Alexander in the helicopter.

Alexander jumped off the helicopter and saw the off-road vehicle parked not far away.

He also saw Luo Yangyang being dragged out of the car by Old Wang, so he quickly ran over.

“Boss, this is the person you want, Luo Yangyang. Look, Luo Yangyang is her!”

Old Wang stood next to the SUV. He grabbed Luo Yangyang’s arm with his right hand and pointed at Luo Yangyang with his left hand.

Alexander glanced at Luo Yangyang from head to toe and reached out to pull her up.

However, Old Wang was clearly cautious. He stretched out his hand to block the attack. Alexander wanted to pull Luo Yangyang’s hand away and said anxiously,”

“Boss, back then, we agreed to hand over the person and the money. Look, my brother is even injured.”

After saying that, Old Wang pointed at Old Zhang, who was still moaning in pain in the off-road vehicle..

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