Rebirth of the Villainous Female Boss - C.223 - : That’s Exactly the Case

Rebirth of the Villainous Female Boss

C.223 - : That’s Exactly the Case

Chapter 223: Chapter 223: That’s Exactly the Case

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Seeing that the people had arrived, Second Maternal Aunt was energized, lying on the ground and howling, her voice instantly raising up eight octaves. “Ah, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, Comrade, save me, this is too much bullying!”

Xiao Qian recognized the leading man, wasn’t he the director from last time? He was the one who wanted to invite her to persuade Yu Minglang to arrange a visit for the police station.

As soon as he saw Yu Minglang, the man was excited and stepped forward, reaching out his hand, “One, you’re here!”

“Director Wang, we meet again.”

When Second Aunt saw the seriousness of the two, her crying voice stopped abruptly, what was going on?!

“This is…” The director pointed at the person on the ground.

“These people came to my girlfriend’s house to make trouble and injured my girlfriend’s younger brother. When I arrived, I saw them trying to attack, so I stopped them out of self-defense… But they seemed to want to scam me.”

After hearing what Yu Minglang said, the situation had turned into this, Xiao Qian nodded, yes, that’s right.

Second Maternal Aunt couldn’t even cry, pointing at Yu Minglang, mimicking his tone just now.

“His testimony is invalid!”

Seeing Second Maternal Aunt’s words, Yu Minglang revealed a very gratified look, turning his head to Xiao Qian and saying, “Look, she can mimic, she’s not Biaozi, she still has the ability to engage in civil acts, we can sue her.”

“Don’t judge by appearances, how do you know she’s not Biaozi? Don’t believe me, ask her which law this comes from, and which provision, see if she can learn it?” Xiao Qian’s tone was completely like a top student’s contempt for scum.

“There’s no need to go through the trouble, just let her recite this sentence in its entirety – can you remember what I just said?” Yu Minglang asked kindly.

Second Maternal Aunt was taken aback, who could remember such a long string of words that Yu Minglang had just said, but if she said she couldn’t, wouldn’t that be admitting that she was Biaozi?

Chen Zilong shook his head at the side, muttering to himself, “I really have to study hard, this brainless thing can’t do it, can’t even beat people in a fight…”

He thought his top student sister was troublesome enough, but how could the Brother-in-law be like this too? A two-in-one top student, unstoppable, and one of them knows martial arts…

Seeing that the Second Maternal Aunt couldn’t get past Yu Minglang and Xiao Qian, she clapped her thigh, lay on the ground with a 360-degree turn, just like having tetanus, howling and crying, even kicking off her shoes.

“Comrade, please control your emotions and stand up to speak,” the captain couldn’t stand it any longer.

They often had to mediate family conflicts in Urban Village and had seen many a shrew, Second Maternal Aunt! It was even considered a masterpiece among shrews, splashing out with a bang.

“It’s too bullying, what are they going to do? I won’t get up, Mother-in-law, I miss you, they won’t let me see you, and they call me Biaozi, they have no conscience!” The Second Maternal Aunt’s acting had reached the point where she couldn’t stop, crying pitifully.

“You’re not Biaozi, you’re a lunatic! Being crazy and stupid is not the same thing, you can’t insult the Biaozi.”

Xiao Qian suddenly wanted to play a tune, The Moon’s Reflection on the Second Spring. With Second Maternal Aunt’s state like this, play a sad tune, put a broken basin in front, sit on the roadside, Second Uncle lying on a broken straw mat, and if the body is covered with a broken blanket…

Xiao Qian laughed out loud, Yu Minglang glanced at her, their eyes met, and the corners of his lips raised as well. She looked mischievously at the Second Maternal Aunt, and he looked at her tenderly.

On one side, they were crying like mourners, while on the other, they were full of tenderness… These people looked at each other, feeling a bit awkward.

“They’re not human! They won’t let me see the elder, it’s too heartless!” Second Maternal Aunt knelt on the ground, held out her trembling hand in the direction of the stairs, and exclaimed.

“Mother, I miss you! Mother-”

“Pff!” Xiao Qian couldn’t hold back, she could no longer bear to watch.

“Second Maternal Aunt, your current behavior is seriously diverging from the facts. I must remind you that when you drove the elderly away, my record of calling the police still exists in the police station. Have you forgotten? Are you Biaozi or a lunatic?”

“What driving away the elder? You’re talking nonsense! Mom, my dear mother-in-law!” Second Maternal Aunt slapped her thigh.

People really couldn’t bear to watch.

“Sister-in-law, your pen record at that time has been filed by us, and we can call it up at any time. I remember you didn’t say it like this at that time…”

Second Maternal Aunt immediately stopped crying and looked at the person with a dumbfounded expression, “Filed?”

“At that time, this young lady called the police, and we had to make a record when we came out. Do you remember what you said at that time?” Everyone remembered this.

Yu Minglang added, “It’s all in black and white, and she even pressed her handprint. According to the relevant regulations, Xiao Qian and her mother, if they want to sue you, can ask the court to request the record from the police station at any time.”

At the beginning, in order to drive the elderly away, Second Maternal Aunt said a lot of things that were contrary to the truth, but Xiao Qian had been on guard against her and kept the injury report from the Hospital, which came in handy at this time.

“I have also saved the recording of my eldest uncle’s conversation with you. If you don’t agree, we can confront the three families.” Xiao Qian’s meaning was very clear, she didn’t want the elderly back then, and she wouldn’t raise them now, the money had to be spit out and divided equally.

When Second Maternal Aunt heard this, she felt a bit dumbfounded, knowing that she couldn’t take the elderly away, and unwilling in her heart, she simply crawled a few steps and lay directly on the stairs of Xiao Qian’s house.

“If you don’t let me take my mother-in-law away, I’ll just lie here and not leave, if you have the guts, just beat me to death, come on, beat me, beat me!”

Seeing her like this, everyone couldn’t help but laugh and cry. There was really no reason to talk to a legal illiterate like her.

Xiao Qian squatted down and spoke in a voice that only she and Second Maternal Aunt could hear.

“My boyfriend is studying law, and if you dare to play hooligan in my house, we’ll sue your family into oblivion, want to try?”

Once Xiao Qian finished speaking, Second Maternal Aunt immediately stood up, as if she were a magician, the expression of extreme grief on her face disappeared, and she looked at Yu Minglang guardedly.

“You’re studying law?”

Yu Minglang glanced at Xiao Qian, and the meaning in his eyes was clear that he was saying, hey, you’re using my name to deceive people again?

Xiao Qian pushed up her glasses, to deal with legal illiterates, one must use tricks and nonsense. Talking reason to her would only work if she could understand it.

“He is a very outstanding talent, many people in our department admire him very much.” Director Wang, who didn’t know Xiao Qian was fooling people, accidentally cooperated with her.

Second Maternal Aunt’s face turned white, and she immediately signaled to her man, Second Uncle immediately stood up.

Yu Minglang swept a contemptuous look at them, “Regarding the issue of the elderly’s support, we will formally sue the court, and we’ll settle the matter through the law. In the meantime, if you dare to make a fuss in my girlfriend’s house…”

Before he could finish, Chen Zilong, who had already admired Yu Minglang, immediately took up the cause.

“My Brother Lang can chop bricks, and he can chop wood too, all kinds of chopping!” As he said this, he gesticulated, looking like he had already become Yu Minglang’s little follower.”

Xiao Qian laughed and said, “Chopping bricks is not illegal… Second Maternal Aunt, are your family members’ heads as hard as bricks?”