Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage - C.274 - : At That Time, I Didn’t Like You Yet

Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

C.274 - : At That Time, I Didn’t Like You Yet

Chapter 274: Chapter 274: At That Time, I Didn’t Like You Yet

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Jiang Ning asked, “What am I then?”

“You are… the one in my heart.”

Li Hongyuan spoke clumsily and with difficulty, but he still managed to get the words out.

He had never felt this kind of emotion for a woman before; even with Jiang Ning, his initial feelings were mostly of dislike. This fondness grew slowly over time, in their day-to-day interactions.

He was afraid that if he remained as cold as before, he would push her further away.

He had to face his own heart.

Jiang Ning raised her hand, pinching a corner of his sleeve: “Do you know what the Emperor told me before?”

“He wants you to bring the two children back to the imperial palace.”

“You know.”

“I have been his son for 18 years, after all. I know him well,” Li Hongyuan said, “I know how you met him, don’t just think of him as an ordinary old man. He’s an emperor, with a heart of iron and blood. He won’t treat you with any extra warmth and affection.”

“I know.”

The Emperor killed his brothers and calculated against his sons.

What else could he not do?

Of course, Jiang Ning wouldn’t think that just because she cooked for the Emperor for two months, he would treat her exceptionally.

She was just bargaining with the Emperor.

Apparently, although the Emperor agreed to Lin Zizi’s request, he didn’t really plan to let Jiang Ning and the two children go.

How could the Emperor’s flesh and blood fall into a subject’s family?

Although the Emperor loved to scheme, he would still keep his promises when made in public.

“Your Highness, please agree for the time being,” Jiang Ning said. “Maybe if the children and I return to the Wangfu, he won’t let you leave here.”

“It won’t happen. Everything is settled.”

“Without the imperial edict, it’s not settled.”

“You insist on jumping into the fire, for the sake of Wenren Zong’s family. Is it worth it?” Li Hongyuan said coldly.

“You’re talking about the Prince of Yu’s mansion as a pit of fire now? Who was the one who insisted on throwing the flower ball to me?” He refused several times, and Jiang Ning became angry. “I’ve given birth to two children, and now you’re suddenly looking out for me everywhere? What were you doing before?”

“Back then, I didn’t like you, so whether you jumped into the fire or not, I didn’t care. But now… I like you, and I don’t want you to suffer.”

Li Hongyuan’s expression and voice were very calm.

Jiang Ning thought for a moment and said, “What about this? You agree to let me be with you again. If the Emperor spares you and doesn’t let you go, everyone’s happy. If he still lets you go… I can use the excuse that the children are still young and stay here temporarily. I don’t have to follow you to guard the Imperial Mausoleum.”

Li Hongyuan said, “You really thought it through. It seems that I only get a nominal win, while the benefits of all your efforts go to Wenren Zong.” “What nonsense are you talking about? If I liked Wenren Zong, would I wait until now?”

“Fortunately, you haven’t been foolish enough. Otherwise, the entire Jiang family would be locked up today, waiting for execution.”

“Enough chattering, will you do it or not?”

Jiang Ning stared at him, “Think it over before you answer. If you refuse me today, we won’t meet again. I’ll find someone else to marry right away.”

“You dare.”

“You’re going to guard the Imperial Mausoleum, and you’ll be thousands of miles away. How can you control me?” Jiang Ning said.

Li Hongyuan fell silent.

Once he left Chang’an City and moved away from the center of power, everything here would have nothing to do with him.

Would Jiang Ning marry someone else? It was hard to say.

If he hadn’t interfered this time, who knew if she would really have hooked up with Wenren Zong.

“When you’ve made up your mind, follow me.” Jiang Ning pushed her own wheelchair towards the Crystal Frost Hall..

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