Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage - C.270 - : It’s Because I Like You

Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

C.270 - : It’s Because I Like You

Chapter 270: Chapter 270: It’s Because I Like You

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Jiang Ning watched the whole scene, feeling a sense of grimness.

Li Hongyuan ordered the prison guards to dispose of Wenren Ninth Sister’s body and put the two children with Madam Wenren in the same cell.

The children were traumatized and burst into tears in their aunts’ arms.

Li Hongyuan pushed Jiang Ning’s wheelchair out of the cell, proceeding to leave.

When they reached the cell of Wenren Zong, they paused.

Wenren Zong looked at her.

Jiang Ning whispered, “Ninth Sister is no more.”

Wenren Zong’s eyes immediately dimmed.

He didn’t say anything but lowered his eyes.

His clenched fists revealed his inner turmoil.

Jiang Ning started, “Thirteen…”

“Thank you for your visit,” Wenren Zong said.

“Let’s go.”

Li Hongyuan pushed Jiang Ning’s wheelchair and they left the cell.

Once outside, Jiang Ning took a deep breath, as if trying to expel the stench of the prison from her lungs.

“Your Highness,”


As soon as Jiang Ning opened her mouth, Li Hongyuan understood that she was about to ask a favor of him.

Jiang Ning said, “Your Highness, you saw the condition of the Wenren family. Even if they are all condemned to death, it will take some time before the actual execution. I would like to send some blankets and food over.”

“I’ll have someone take care of it.”

“Thank you, if there’s anything I can do to help in the future, I’ll…”

“There’s no need,” Li Hongyuan gently said. “I do things for you because I like you, not to ask for any recompense.”

Jiang Ning looked up at him.

Li Hongyuan didn’t meet her gaze.

Although he claimed to like her, he had become much more distant. Apart from fulfilling her requests, his attitude seemed to have returned to what it was when they first got married.

“If you have any other requests, say them all now, and I’ll get it done,” Li Hongyuan said.

“There’s really nothing else, it’s just that seeing those women, children, and elders without even a bit of warm clothing or food, my heart just aches. Madam Wenren has been good to me, and I have children of my own. Seeing those children suffering just pains me.”

“I understand,” said the prince.

Li Hongyuan pushed her to the entrance of the Ministry of Justice’s prison, just as a few people approached.

The leader was none other than the victor of this round – Prince Li Jixian of Huai.

The Prince of Huai markedly resembled the Emperor more, albeit a bit shorter and slightly plump. However, his fair complexion, well-defined features, and his reserved demeanor contrasted sharply against the handsome Li Hongyuan. “Isn’t this Fifth Brother?” The Prince of Huai sized him up. “What brings you to the Ministry of Justice’s prison at this time? You aren’t in charge of this place, are you?”

Li Hongyuan replied indifferently, “Just taking a look.”

The Prince of Huai revealed an ambiguous smile and shifted his gaze onto the wheelchair-bound Jiang Ning.

Without asking, just by seeing her enthralling face and wheelchair, he could tell who she was.

Apparently, he was captivated by Jiang Ning’s beauty as a glint of light flitted across his eyes.

“So, this is the Princess Consort of Yu… oh wait, not anymore,” the Prince of Huai said with a light chuckle, “Fifth Brother, you are certainly fortunate. I came here to interrogate the Wenren’s treasonous family. I wonder what brings you here? Could it be that you’re here to express your sympathy for them?” “The Prince of Yu merely accompanied me on a stroll,” said Jiang Ning.

Li Hongyuan shot her a glance.

The Prince of Huai laughed, “I see. However, as a lady of your stature, you shouldn’t be seen in a place as filthy as this. Fifth Brother, she might be unaware of the palace rules, but you certainly should be. Speaking of which, I have some news for you. The Assistant Minister of Personnel, Lord Zuo, has resigned to mourn his father’s death. I’ve assigned Lord Tong to take his place..”

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