Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage - C.265: : Old Five is Pretty Good

Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

C.265: : Old Five is Pretty Good

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No wonder they say that being an emperor for too long and staying at the peak of power for too long robs one of their humanity.

Jiang Ning thought, it is really miserable being the son of an emperor.

They are forced to rebel, forced to compete, and forced to grab.

Jiang Ning looked at Li Hongyuan, who was being ignored by the side, and felt a bit sorry for him.

The Emperor glanced at Li Hongyuan and said, “Fifth Son, it seems the children are about to cry and make a fuss, take them to the side room for a while. I have a few words to say with Ning’er.”

After summoning people, not giving them a good look, not saying a word, he shooed them away.

Jiang Ning watched as Li Hongyuan left, feeling a strange discomfort in her heart…

As if everything that had happened had been her own doing.

Crystal Frost Hall became quiet, with only Emperor and Jiang Ning remaining.

It was the first time Jiang Ning had been alone with the Emperor since her return to the Jiang Family.

But he was no longer that adorable old man with a fat belly who would sneak in a meal and burp.

“Ning’er, it’s been a long time since I’ve tasted your cooking. I miss it so much.” The Emperor’s voice sounded more gentle and affectionate.

If she ignored her surroundings, Jiang Ning would really feel like she’s back in that dilapidated thatched house.

Jiang Ning said, “Why did Your Majesty conceal your identity back then?”

She couldn’t be bothered to exchange pleasantries with him, directly asking the soul-searching question.

The Emperor chuckled, “If I had told you, would I still be able to sneak in meals every day?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I might sell those antiques, calligraphy, and paintings you gave me, thinking they are just mere trinkets?”

“If you sell them, so be it. I gave them to cover my meal debt. They’re yours.”

“You could have just said it was to cover your meal debt. Instead, you go around the bush. Clearly, it is just you being flashy…” Jiang Ning muttered softly. “What did you say?”

“Your Majesty, when I saved you with good intentions, I didn’t care if you were pretending or not…”

“That time I fainted at your doorstep, it was real. I was feeling unwell at the time and became dizzy while walking alone. However, that was just once. After that, well… cough.” Even the Emperor with his thick-skinned face seemed a bit embarrassed.

At his age, deceiving a little girl like that just doesn’t look too good.

Jiang Ning said, “At least I saved you sincerely, even giving you half a bowl of rice… It was only half a bowl, but it was all I had. I am one of your subjects and a kind-hearted one at that. How could Your Majesty bring yourself to manipulate me?”

“How did I manipulate you…”

“If you didn’t manipulate, how did Wenzan and Lingzi come about?” Jiang Ning questioned.

Due to their months of interaction, she didn’t have much inhibition when speaking to the Emperor.

Strangely enough, the Emperor did not seem angry, but rather, smiled even more.

“At that time, when I saw that you looked like your mother, I had someone check, and indeed, you were a member of the Jiang family. When I thought of my fifth son, who was still without a wife, you seemed perfect.”

“If you really wanted me to become a daughter-in-law, wouldn’t an open and transparent engagement and marriage have been just fine?”

“Ah, do you think I didn’t know your parents’ nature? Without resorting to some tricks, they would not have agreed to let you marry my fifth son. I know that as a child, you had an engagement with one of Wenren Family’s children.” The Emperor was quite forthright in his speech.

Jiang Ning said, “You’re right. You’re the Emperor. Who can outsmart you?” “Actually, my fifth son is not bad, right?” The Emperor laughed, “Let’s not dwell on the past. This time, when the King of Chen rebelled, my fifth son did not rush into the palace to claim credit; instead, he went to the Jiang Family first.. How do you feel about that?”

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