Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage - C.261: : Take Care, Ningning

Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

C.261: : Take Care, Ningning


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Generally speaking, Prince of Huai’s ascension has the greatest impact on Prince of Yu.

Among all the princes, he was originally the one with the most hope and highest status. However, if Prince of Huai becomes the Crown Prince, then the once most honorable prince would instantly become a mere official.

Such a drop in status is a small matter, but what’s crucial is that Prince of Huai would never let go of any opportunity to strike at Prince of Yu.

After all, King of Chen has been executed by now, and Prince of Wei is foolish; only Prince of Yu can be his opponent.

Life will be difficult for Prince of Yu from now on.

It’s not too bad for the Jiang Family. Although they are related to Prince of Yu, they still hold great power with their two chief ministers, and as long as Prince of Huai has not been enthroned, he cannot offend them too much.

Jiang Ning said, “You’re his rival, yet you still speak up for him?”

“A rival can still be appreciated.” Wenren Zong replied, “If I were to choose, I would definitely choose Prince of Yu.”

“Then you wouldn’t have deliberately gotten close to me, right?”

Wenren Zong turned to look at Jiang Ning’s young and beautiful face, “Even if I were loyal to King of Chen, I would not marry a woman I don’t like for his sake.”

He walked up to Jiang Ning, took out a bracelet from his bosom, placed it into her hand resting on her knee, then lightly hugged her briefly and whispered, “Keep this as a memento. Take care, Ningning.”

After saying that, he quickly let go of his hands, turned around, and walked away.

“Wenren Zong!” Jiang Ning called out from behind him.

Wenren Zong stopped but didn’t turn around.

Jiang Ning said, “Your family must have been captured by now, and you can’t save them by going back. What’s the point? Listen to my advice and leave.”

“I can’t just abandon my grandmother, mother, siblings, and nieces and nephews. Ningning, if I have the chance in the next life, I will definitely meet you honestly… Forget it.”

He didn’t say anything more and left in haste.

“Wenren Zong, stop!”

Jiang Ning pushed her wheelchair to chase after him.

He walked fast without turning his head or showing any lingering reluctance.

Jiang Ning could only watch helplessly as his figure disappeared into the darkness before the break of dawn.

She stared at the silent night, feeling a little lost and upset.

Footsteps sounded from behind her.

Jiang Yi walked up to her side, patted her shoulder and said, “Do you think Wenren Zong is just too loyal and foolish? He knows he’s going to die by going, but he still insists on going.”

“Just like he knew that following King of Chen this time would surely lead to failure, but he still went.”

“No, these are two different things. There is still the possibility of winning in a rebellion, but right now, he has completely lost. The entire Wenren Family has been captured.”

“Indeed, foolish.”

“Yes, foolish,” Jiang Yi sighed. “Doesn’t he know that going there means certain death? But he cannot just run away.”

“I wouldn’t turn him in.”

“I know Seventh Sister wouldn’t. It’s precisely because of this that Wenren Zong can’t leave.”

Jiang Ning was slightly moved, “Third Brother, are you saying that he did this to avoid implicating me?”

“You finally understand.”

“But I didn’t participate in the rebellion…”

“You didn’t participate, but everyone knows that you kidnapped Wenren Zong. If you simply let him go, what do you think people would think?”

Jiang Ning didn’t speak.

“Don’t feel guilty about it. It’s true that he doesn’t want to implicate you, but it’s also true that he can’t abandon his family and escape. It’s just that… one’s character determines one’s fate.”

Jiang Ning looked up and asked him, “Third Brother, what do you think His Majesty will do to King of Chen and the Wenren Family? Will he really kill their entire family?”

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