Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite - C.87 - : Huge Harvest, Spiritual Medicine for Refining Foundation Pills_l

Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite

C.87 - : Huge Harvest, Spiritual Medicine for Refining Foundation Pills_l

Chapter 87: Chapter 87: Huge Harvest, Spiritual Medicine for Refining Foundation Pills_l

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“Tsk tsk, there are so many secret manuals from the Ghost Demon Sect.”

Zhou Sui continued to look at the treasures in the storage bag, discovering there were many texts on the Demonic Path.

However, each manual of the Demonic Path carried significant side effects. For instance, “Heavenly Demon Disintegration”, it would allow one to burn their own qi and blood, temporarily gaining strength several times their original strength, but once the outburst ended, one would most likely die from exhaustion.

Generally, without a choice, no one would use this cultivation technique.

There was also “The Seven Corrections”, an extremely toxic technique, the Ghost Demon Sect bred a rare, extremely poisonous snake called the Seven-Correction Snake. It possessed seven heads, each so venomous that any creature bitten by just one of them would choke on their own blood.

Demon cultivators of the Ghost Demon Sect used the venomous blood of the Seven-Correction Snake to practice The Seven Corrections. To practice it, one would have to swallow the snake’s bile and a specially prepared antidote to control the poison. Once the technique was perfected, it was unbeatable. Those poisoned would instantly die, and the wind produced by the cultivator’s fingers would carry the toxin.

However, once this poisonous technique was perfected, one’s body would suffer intense corrosion from the poison, enduring extreme pain at all times.

“Ten Thousand Tortures Technique”, another technique of the Ghost Demon Sect was part of the zombie techniques, and it was notoriously evil. When attacking, both the palm and claws would be used and within an instant could tear the opponent to pieces. The user of the technique would become immune to ordinary swords and knives; they would only get hurt after consuming three to five portions of their True Yuan.

But the higher the level of this technique practiced, the faster one would turn into a zombie. By the time it happened, the user would become entirely rigid, invaded by deathly energy, and lose all consciousness.

Its only advantage was that it offered a quick fix and allowed the user to rapidly acquire immense power.

In addition to these, there were many other similar demonic techniques. They all had one common feature – they offered quick results, were effective, and powerful. They, however, often led to death quickly, causing severe pain and were brutally harsh.

“No wonder so many cultivators disdain Demon Cultivators. These techniques are purely destructive and also consume one’s lifespan.”

“If one aims to cultivate and become immortal, naturally, they would want a

long life.”

“But these Demon Cultivators do the opposite, consuming their own lifespans

to obtain immense power.”

“It’s completely backwards.”

Upon seeing these demonic techniques, Zhou Sui expressed his feelings again and again, he finally realized why people universally despised Demon Cultivators.

These techniques were simply too evil and cruel. They were harmful to both heaven and earth, and caused harm to others without benefiting themselves.

Normal cultivators could not tolerate the behavior of Demon Cultivators.

Some people despised the hypocritical actions of the orthodox sects.

However, he did not think so. Even if the orthodox sects were somewhat hypocritical, at least they didn’t slaughter indiscriminately, they always drew a line of morality and maintained order.

The oppressed common people still had a chance to survive.

Demon cultivators, on the other hand, had no boundaries. They killed anyone they met, whether they were evil or good, harming the victims without benefiting themselves.

However, he also knew that it was impossible to eliminate Demon Cultivators. Because most Demon Cultivators were those with low spiritual roots, many of them had lower grade spiritual roots.

The orthodox sects only accepted cultivators with mid grade spiritual roots or above, leaving many cultivators without a path to follow.

However, the demonic path welcomed everyone.

As long as one had a spiritual root, they could become a Demon Cultivator, learn demonic cultivation techniques, without any discrimination.

So, for those with lower grade spiritual roots, they only had two choices.

Either become a loose cultivator or a Demon Cultivator.

Because the majority of Demon Cultivators had average aptitudes, if they didn’t possess exceptional opportunities, it would basically be impossible for them to hope for Foundation Establishment in their lifetime.

However, since they’ve embarked on the path of cultivation, who would willingly fall halfway and watch their lifespan run out?

So these Demon Cultivators started behaving more ruthless and aggressive. In order to further their cultivation path, they used every means possible.

Even if they have to practice demonic techniques with great side effects, as long as they could quickly master power and elevate their cultivation level, everything could be compensated once they became a Foundation-building Cultivator.

“Feed all these demonic secret manuals to the Bookworm.

Zhou Sui stroked his chin.

He meticulously inspected these demonic secret manuals, quite frankly, he didn’t need a single one. He had the hope of immortality, why would he need to practice such rapid cultivation techniques?

Of course, it doesn’t mean these demonic secret manuals are useless.

For the BookWorm, they were essentially food.

The more books it consumed, the faster it grew, and it could also increase its time of realization, helping it quickly understand various kinds of knowledge.

“There seem to be quite a few magic artifacts as well.

Zhou Sui continued to check the contents of the storage bag. Besides talismans, demonic secret manuals, spirit stones, the most valuable treasures were magic artifacts.

Being cultivators at the Qi Cultivation ninth Layer, they certainly would not be using ordinary magic artifacts.

They would generally have at least one top-grade magic weapon.

In total, there would be at least ten top-grade magic weapons.

Apart from that, there were over a hundred lower grade magical tools, several dozens of middle-grade ones.

These magical tools were probably all robbed from others by these Demon Cultivators because normal cultivators wouldn’t have so many magic artifacts.

If he were to sell all these magic artifacts, he could probably get thousands of middle grade spirit stones.

It would be quite an astonishing fortune.

Unquestionably, just from what he had procured earlier, he had acquired treasures worth over ten thousand middle grade spirit stones.

This was simply striking it rich overnight.

“Wait, these spiritual medicines, could they be for the foundation pill?

Suddenly, Zhou Sui was taken aback. He was checking the remaining treasures in the storage bag, which were all spiritual medicines.

He astonishingly found dozens of varieties of spiritual medicines, most were recorded in the foundation pill formula.

Aside from the primary herb, Golden Jade Lingzhi, all other spiritual medicines were available.

All together, there were at least enough for concocting five sets of the foundation pill.

“Right, Xu Tianze and others were cultivators at the Qi Cultivation ninth Layer, they were not too far from reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, so naturally, they needed to start considering the Foundation Establishment.

“The problem is, even if they were cultivators of the Ghost Demon Sect, obtaining the foundation pill was not an easy task.

“Aside from true disciples, ordinary disciples basically had no chance of getting the foundation pill.”

“So these Demon Cultivators naturally thought of obtaining the foundation pill from other sources; collecting the herbs for concocting the pill and then partnering with a second stage Pill Master to concoct the foundation pill.” “This is a method used by many cultivators to obtain the foundation pill.” Zhou Sui instantly understood from the memories of those Demon Cultivators why they would have so many sets of herbs for concocting the foundation pill. These were preparations made by the Demon Cultivators for their own Foundation Establishment.

Unfortunately, these Demon Cultivators would never have guessed, The spiritual medicines which they painstakingly gathered over countless years for concocting the foundation pill were all left to Zhou Sui.

This was simply like preparing a dowry for someone else.

Zhou Sui was greatly favored and saved a lot of time in collecting herbs.

Next, as long as he could find Golden Jade Lingzhi, or a second stage Demon Core, he could start attempting to concoct the foundation pill..

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