Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite - C.86 - : Five thousand middle-grade spirit stones, all are fat sheep_l

Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite

C.86 - : Five thousand middle-grade spirit stones, all are fat sheep_l

Chapter 86: Chapter 86: Five thousand middle-grade spirit stones, all are fat sheep_l

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An hour later.

Zhou Sui’s clone, carrying the storage bags obtained from the Ghost Demon Sect cultivators, directly entered the underground shelter.

As a result of more than a year of excavation by the Gold Eating Bugs, there was not just one entrance to the home.

Living by the adage “a wise rabbit has three burrows,” he had dug five or six hidden entrances.

Of course, the reason he did not bring the storage bags back to his home was purely due to concerns that these storage bags from the Ghost Demon Sect cultivators might contain some special methods.

This was not an impossibility.

To avoid the Ghost Demon Sect locating his real body, his clone took these storage bags into the underground cave.

in this way, no matter how many tricks the Ghost Demon Sect cultivators had, they would be of no avail.

Because the earth could block divine sense, mana, scent, and all kinds of skills and methods.

-Tsk tsk, the cultivators of the Ghost Demon Sect really do carry a lot of treasures on them,” he remarked.

After making all the necessary preparations, Zhou Sui began to examine his

loot with a calm heart.

He unhesitatingly opened these ten storage bags.

What filled his sight was a large number of spirit stones, and quite a few of them were middle-grade spirit stones.

Upon careful counting, the number of spirit stones alone amount to five thousand middle-grade spirit stones.

This was equivalent to five hundred thousand lower-grade spiritual stones.

It was easy to imagine what a huge fortune this was.

However, thinking carefully, this seemed normal.

These people were all cultivators of the Qi Cultivation nineth layer. Even if each person had only fifty thousand lower-grade spirit stones, that was a considerable amount when put together. He had basically looted ten cultivators in the late Qi Cultivation Stage.

Without a doubt, just the quantity of the spirit stones he got from the looting this time would have been enough for him to sell as spiritual wine for several years.

It must be said that Demonic Path Cultivators are indeed affluent.

After all, they don’t produce anything, they specialize in robbing other cultivators, and are engaged in life-or-death trades.

As long as they weren’t killed, they would inevitably have a large amount of wealth on them.

However, once they faltered, they would vanish and their accumulated wealth over the years would fall into the hands of others.

“The most precious ones must be these three second-stage thunderbolt talismans,” Zhou Sui said, looking at the three second-stage thunderbolt talismans he had just taken from the storage bag. As it’s known, the second-stage talisman also had different levels ranging from low-grade, middle-grade to high-grade etc.

As a high-grade second-stage thunderbolt talisman, its value was self-evident. It simply couldn’t be measured in spirit stones.

Because such a talisman was simply not available for sale in the outside world.

One such talisman was equivalent to a full-strength blow from a Foundation-building Cultivator.

For ordinary cultivators, it was an extremely terrifying weapon.

Often, when a thunderbolt talisman was thrown out, it was not known how many Qi Practitioners could be annihilated.

Even a Foundation-builder would be instantly gravely injured by such a talisman.

The Ghost Demon Sect cultivator had acquired these three high-grade second-stage thunderbolt talismans indeed as a gift from the Sect Master, for the purpose of dealing with that flock of Immortal Mist Sect cultivators.

-Fortunately, it was a sneak attack, killing them before they had a chance to react.”

“If it had been a face-to-face confrontation, allowing them to pull out these second-stage talismans, this might have ended up very badly,” Zhou Sui pondered deeply.

Such was the danger of the Cultivation World.

Even if the opponent seemed harmless, just a Qi practitioner alone.

But who could know what kind of bottom cards and methods they have in their possession.

If a few second-stage talismans were pulled out, it could threaten a Foundation-building Cultivator, and even lead to their downfall.

Therefore, caution should be taken no matter what.

Otherwise, one could easily be calculated by the enemy at any time, and be killed without knowing how one died.

These Ghost Demon Sect cultivators were a case in point.

If they had really had a face-to-face confrontation with him, perhaps they could have indeed caused him a certain degree of trouble.

However, Zhou Sui was not so foolish as to have a face-to-face confrontation with the enemy.

If he could launch a surprise attack from the shadows, he would definitely not compete in broad daylight.

This was a showdown to the death, not a martial arts contest. The goal was to win however he could.

But now, these three high-grade second-stage thunderbolt talismans belonged to him and are his trump cards.

With these three second-stage talismans, even if he was really confronted by a Foundation-building Cultivator, he had a way to resist.

“One becomes rich through windfalls,” Zhou Sui touched his chin, feeling very satisfied.

Even with no spirit stones, these three second-stage thunderbolt talismans alone were enough to make up for everything.

If sold, the price of a single high-grade second-stage thunderbolt talisman might exceed a thousand middle-grade spirit stones.

Of course, apart from the second-stage talismans, these Demonic Path Cultivators also possessed many first-stage talismans.

There were hard ice symbols, fireball talismans, intense poison talismans, smoke talismans, earth collapse talismans, and so on; they were crowded together. Combining the ten Demonic Path Cultivators, at least two to three hundred first-stage talismans could be found.

“This is insane, is it an arsenal? They prepared this many talismans!” Upon seeing so many talismans, the corner of Zhou Sui’s mouth twitched. He also got a taste of the might of the demonic cultivators. They didn’t have too many pills on them, but they carried numerous magic artifacts and talismans, along with various tricky methods.

It seemed like they were all fully armed, and could draw a mountain of grenades from their bodies at any time.

In fact, talismans were akin to the grenades and cannonballs on Earth in his previous life.

Admittedly, ordinary cultivators could also cast spells to attack their enemies. The problem was that casting a spell also required a certain amount of time. In a life-or-death battle, who would give you the time to cast a spell? You would definitely be struck down the moment you tried to attack.

At this time, talismans held a very important position.

Because using a talisman doesn’t require any casting time, just triggering the power of the talisman could cause an instant explosion.

In this way, the enemy would have no time to react.

Talismans could indeed save your life in a critical moment, and even be used to counterattack the enemy.

The Talisman Master could become one of the four great arts in the Cultivation World, not without reason.

Especially in the Cultivation World where battles were frequent, talismans were even more consumed than pills.

If a cultivator didn’t carry ten or more talismans on him, he was undoubtedly a docile sheep.

This was like someone carrying a firearm but without any bullets.

These Ghost Demon Sect cultivators had a large number of first-stage talismans on them because they had been in a combat environment for many years.

Sometimes, when encountering enemies, throwing out dozens of talismans in an instant could severely wound the enemy.

“There are too many cautious cultivators in this world, I need to be wary,” Zhou Sui exclaimed after witnessing the methods of these Demon Cultivators.

He was immediately alert, and once again made up his mind, he definitely could not engage in close combat with these Demon Cultivators. The attacks must be from a far.

Far enough that even if the enemy wanted to self-detonate, it wouldn’t hurt him.

Otherwise, if the enemy suddenly threw out dozens of talismans and tried to perish together with him, then he would be completely finished.

Moreover, this was a common occurrence in the Cultivation World, and was no longer surprising..

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