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Chapter 85: Chapter 85: All Done by the Demon

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“Soul Search!”

As soon as Zhou Sui thought of this, he immediately activated the power of the Dream Soul Gu to search the souls of these Ghost Demon Sect cultivators.

This attack was not merely an act of revenge, but he also wanted to gather information about the Ghost Demon Sect.


Immediately, the souls of these just deceased cultivators from the Ghost

Demon Sect were devoured by the Dream Soul Gu.

Vast amounts of soul memories and soul energy were absorbed into the body of the Dream Soul Gu.

At this moment, the aura of the Dream Soul Gu was growing stronger gradually, evolving towards the second stage.

“What? This Xu Tianze dares to make a move against me? Quite gutsy.

“Damn, he died too early, he got off cheap.”

Zhou Sui’s expression changed, clenching his teeth in anger.

Normally, he was the one making moves against others, now this kid dared to make a move against him. This was intolerable.

He couldn’t bear this!

After gaining the memory about Xu Tianze, he immediately came to know why

Xu Tianze wanted to assassinate him secretly.

Because this guy practiced a demonic cultivation technique and had set his eyes on Ji Bingyu and others.

He even eyed Xia Jingyan’s inner charming body.

This was of great benefit to Xu Tianze’s cultivation practice, an excellent furnace indeed.

But because of his presence, he had been staying at home, rarely leaving the courtyard, Xu Tianze never got the chance to get in touch with Ji Bingyu and the others for these two years.

This Jed Xu Tianze to bear a deep grudge against Zhou Sui, constantly hatching schemes to harm him.

Previously, this kid had tried to invite him to explore relics and hidden caves.

This was just one of his schemes.

If he had really agreed, once he was out in the wild, he would definitely be ambushed by demonic cultivators.

He would have been certain to die.

“So that’s how it was. All the loose cultivators who went to explore the caves

last time actually all died.”

“The reason why they survived and came back was only because the Ghost

Demon Sect cultivators changed their appearance, disguised as those loose cultivators, and infiltrated Misty Cloud City.

“This kid was really ruthless.”

“He usually pretends to be a charitable person on the surface, but secretly conspires to kill and seize treasures.

“This guy is simply a born demon.”

Zhou Sui was relived, he was not impulsive, was not greedy, and hardly went out on adventures.

If he had really listened to this kid, he feared his ashes would have been scattered by now.

How could he have lived safely till today?

Luckily, he found the opportunity today to slaughter this kid, otherwise there would have been no end to the schemes.

“The conflict between the Immortal Mist Sect and the Ghost Demon Sect was

so fierce.”

Zhou Sui narrowed his eyes.

From the memories of these Ghost Demon Sect cultivators, he obtained many helpful pieces of information.

Such as the conflict between the Ghost Demon Sect and the Immortal Mist

Sect, the struggle among Golden Core cultivators, etc.

These were all top-secret information that was hard to know for a loose cultivator, except for sect disciples.

After knowing this information, he was able to understand and make some judgement about the upcoming situation.

He also knew that he had inadvertently thwarted an important operation of the Ghost Demon Sect this time.

If he hadn’t taken action, it feared that the disciples of Immortal Mist Sect in Misty Cloud City would have been victims.

The seventh-order formation of Misty Cloud City would have surely been broken, how many cultivators inside could have survived was unknown.

“It was really like when immortals fight, mortals suffer.

Zhou Sui sighed deeply.

Originally, Misty Cloud City had been peacefully situated on the edge of the

Misty Cloud Mountain Range, passing a hundred years peacefully.

The life of loose cultivators was delightful.

However, who could have expected that he would become embroiled in the strife between the Ghost Demon Sect and the Immortal Mist Sect, on the brink of destruction now.

The many places upon which Loose Cultivators relied for survival were also about to disappear.

From then on, who knew if they could find a place like Misty Cloud City suitable for Loose Cultivators to survive?


At that moment, a thought flashed through Zhou Sui’s mind, as his clone sensed that there seemed to be Loose Cultivators approaching.

Perhaps it was the sudden fluctuations from the fight that had just occurred, which the neighboring cultivators had sensed, so they came over to check out the situation.


Thinking of this, he didn’t hesitate any longer. With a sweep of his hand, he immediately collected all the storage bags from the Ghost Demon Sect cultivators.

Inside them were the lifelong treasures of Qi Cultivation ninth Layer cultivators, its value was self-evident.

Obtaining these storage bags could undoubtedly make him a fortune.

However, now wasn’t the time to meticulously examine his gains.


immediately after, his clone cast the Fireball Technique, starting fires around and incinerating the corpses.

In a short while, the whole room had begun to blaze fiercely, causing a massive fire.


The next second, his clone silently left that place, undetected by anyone.

As for the Gold Eating Bug, it burrowed directly into the ground, disappearing instantly from the scene.

It was as if no one had ever been there.

In not much time, the neighboring cultivators noticed the fire catastrophe unfolding in Xu Tianze’s home with towering flames.

The fire was so fierce that it was almost uncontrollable.

In just a moment, the house had burnt to a pile of ashes.

The many cultivators were running around in panic, casting various water element skills, finally bringing the fire under control and preventing it from spreading to other houses.

“No way, isn’t this Xu Daoist’s house? How did it suddenly catch fire?” “Bullshit, this is not a sudden fire, it was intentionally set.” “This is murder and arson. It’s brutal, it must be the work of robbing cultivators.”

“Damn it, those robbing cultivators and demon cultivators are inhuman, targeting such a good person like Xu Daoist.

“Poor Xu Daoist, with his customary generosity, he had even given us top-grade talismans, and to think he could be murdered by demon cultivators, it’s just awful.”

“Good people die young, while evil lingers on. How sad that Xu Daoist, being such a good person, could fall victim to a plot.”

“We should report this incident to the Immortal Mist Sect, and hope that they can capture those despicable demon cultivators.”

“Haha, what use is the Immortal Mist Sect? The city is now full of demon cultivators and robbing cultivators. They can only capture a few.”

“That’s right, we should be careful. Now that Xu Daoist is targeted, the next one could be us.”

“Sigh, if I knew Misty Cloud City was so dangerous, I should have just fled, rather than being trapped here.”

“Don’t be stupid. If you had tried to run away earlier, you would have been killed by the Ghost Demon Sect cultivators by now, and you wouldn’t be alive today.”

“Indeed, although living in Misty Cloud City is chaotic and there’s a shortage of food, those demon cultivators are even crueler. Once you fall into their hands, it becomes a matter of life and death.”

The many loose cultivators were filled with righteous anger and outrage. Xu Tianze’s reputation on this street was extremely good, often being charitable, offering the talismans he concocted.

He was known as the generous Xu Tianze.

Now, such a good person has been killed by the demon cultivators, which naturally stirred up anger among people.

However, the surrounding loose cultivators just felt anger, none planned to avenge Xu Tianze.

After all, they were just passing acquaintances.

Even if he was a good person, he was not worth their risking their lives to avenge Xu Tianze.

Their friendship never reached the stage of life and death. The most they did was angrily curse at the demon cultivators..

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