Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite - C.82 - : Stalking Xu Tianze, a Night Dark and Windy Perfect for Killing 1

Parasite Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from breeding the love Obsession parasite

C.82 - : Stalking Xu Tianze, a Night Dark and Windy Perfect for Killing 1

Chapter 82: Chapter 82: Stalking Xu Tianze, a Night Dark and Windy Perfect for Killing 1

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August, the scorching sun dominated the skies, making the weather increasingly hot.

The crisis of food shortage in Misty Cloud City was escalating. Many loose cultivators had begun to attack the City Lord’s mansion, hoping for aid from the Immortal Mist Sect.

However, the Immortal Mist Sect remained cold-hearted and ignored everyone.

If anyone dared to attack the City Lord’s mansion, the patrolling guards of the Immortal Mist Sect would use their Thunder Method. After some loose cultivators died, no one dared to attack the City Lord’s mansion anymore.

Left with no other option for food, the loose cultivators started to kill each other.

Every day, some lives were lost.

The city was in chaos, and many loose cultivators started to form groups to protect themselves from others’ assaults.

Zhou Sui’s home had also experienced some attacks.

But Ji Bingyu, Xia Jingyan, and Mu Ziyi, who had just reached the ninth layer of Qi Cultivation, took action and eliminated some thieves, which dissuaded any cultivators around with malicious intent.

From then on, no one dared to attack their yard.

After all, these loose cultivators weren’t fools. They would naturally pick the weak to exploit, going after those with solid defenses was simply seeking their own death.

A home with three Qi Cultivation ninth layer cultivators wasn’t something easy to provoke.

After all, Mu Ziyi had also advanced to the ninth layer of Qi Cultivation during this time.

In the middle of the night, inside the quiet room.

Zhou Sui sat cross-legged on the floor, operating the Insect God Sutra, quietly cultivating, exhaling and inhaling nature’s spiritual energy, and boosting his internal True Yuan.

This was a rare night without frolic with his wives and concubines.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he simply couldn’t keep up anymore.

These three enchanting women had greatly improved their cultivation recently and their combat power was fierce. The continuous battles over the month had left him feeling a bit debilitated, almost causing him to feel weak upon seeing them.

If this continued, he feared he might have to resort to eating replenishing herbs daily.

He was young, only twenty-one, and already starting to rely on replenishing herbs, this was simply unbearable.

“I can’t carry on like this; a man needs proper rest.”

“If I continue like this, I will end up ruined sooner or later.”

Zhou Sui took a deep breath.

Thinking of his three vigorous wives, he couldn’t help but shudder.

If he didn’t hurry and improve his physique, he was afraid he might not be able to endure it.

Sooner or later, he would become a limp shrimp.

Even upon seeing his beautiful wives and concubines, he would feel indifferent, that would truly be tragic.

“Hmm, Xu Tianze, is there any movement on your side?” Suddenly, Zhou Sui felt a movement in his heart. His clone, which was placed near Xu Tianze, seemed to sense something. Shadowy figures suddenly entered

Xu Tianze’s house.

These figures were quite mysterious, all of them were at least cultivators of the eighth layer of Qi Cultivation.

Upon careful count, at least seven or eight late-stage Qi Cultivation cultivators had entered Xu Tianze’s house.

Honestly, he had never forgotten Xu Tianze’s scheme against him. He had never forgotten the incident with the Five Tigers of Yanshan and always kept it in mind.

Having a wolf eyeing your life constantly, who could sleep peacefully?

He had always wanted to take revenge.

He just needed to find the right time to eliminate this nuisance.

Now, in the chaotic period of Misty Cloud City where cultivators were killing each other left and right.

Undoubtedly, during this period, the death of some cultivators didn’t really matter and nobody would investigate it.

He had originally planned to act tonight, to assassinate Xu Tianze, but unexpectedly so many uninvited guests had suddenly appeared in Xu Tianze’s courtyard, which was quite puzzling.

“Keep an eye on them.”

Zhou Sui immediately gave an order to one of his clones, which was an offspring-worm of the Clone Gu. It turned into a Gu Insect and burrowed into a large Banyan tree in Xu Tianze’s home to conceal its existence.

in fact, all his clones did the same and turned into Gu Insects, blending into various trees.

Only in crucial times would the insect transform back into a humanoid clone and roam around Misty Cloud City.

in this way, his clones acted like surveillance cameras, spread around Misty Cloud City, monitoring various corners of the city and forewarning of any impending danger.


A thought sprung into the mind of the clone, spreading a silent and invisible divine sense covering the entire yard.

It must be noted, this was the power of a Foundation Establishment’s Divine Sense, undetectable unless by another Foundation Establishment cultivator.

The cultivators in the courtyard were mainly at the Qi Cultivation Stage, naturally unable to sense the power of Divine Sense.

Nor could they know that they were being monitored.

At this moment, inside the house.

Besides Xu Tianze, there were nine Qi Cultivators at the Late Qi Cultivation Stage, each emanating a terrifying demonic aura, apparently all members of the Ghost Demon Sect.

“Dear fellow disciples.”

Xu Tianze bowed and said, “I have identified all the nodes in the second-stage formation of Misty Cloud City. As long as any one of you attacks and destroys one of these formation nodes, then the city’s formation will collapse on its own. At that time, our Ghost Demon Sect’s army will surely be able to conquer Misty Cloud City and capture the Young Sect Master of the Immortal Mist Sect, Leng Yuexi.”

A cold glint emerged in his eyes.

During the past two years, he had been undercover in Misty Cloud City, masquerading as a virtuous man, disguising himself as a top-tier Talisman Master, befriending various loose cultivators in the city to investigate the formation nodes of Misty Cloud City.

Then, at a critical moment, strike a deadly blow to Misty Cloud City.

“Not bad.”

Hearing this, a middle-aged cultivator laughed heartily: “If Misty Cloud City is broken, you, Junior Brother Xu, will certainly be credited. If your merits are enough, you might exchange it for a Foundation Pill in the sect and may become a Foundation Establishment cultivator.”

“Oh no, I am but an inconsequential figure, only good at investigating news. I can’t compare to the merits of my fellow disciples.”

“It’s my fellow disciples attacking the formation nodes, that’s a great merit.” ■’If I can have even a bit of leftovers from it, I would be completely satisfied.”

Xu Tianze modestly replied.

He was well aware that if he indeed took the lead and gained the most merit, these fellow disciples of the Ghost Demon Sect might turn against him and secretly attack him.

In the Demonic Path, there was no such thing as camaraderie between fellow disciples.

Only calculations of personal gain existed.

Everyone wanted a Foundation Pill, but one had to be alive to acquire it.

“Haha, Junior Brother Xu is being too modest. Your contribution will certainly be remembered by the sect and you certainly won’t miss out on your portion.” The middle-aged cultivator laughed heartily, quite satisfied with Xu Tianze’s humility.

■■Elder Brother, I wonder why the sect suddenly wants to break Misty Cloud City’s formation. Previously, didn’t our sect plan to use Misty Cloud City as bait to lure out the enemy? So we intentionally didn’t break Misty Cloud City s formation. Why has there been a change in plans now?”

Xu Tianze was curious about this.

This was different from the previous plan and he was wondering what changes had occurred.

“Well, the original plan of the sect was indeed as such, but those two old turtles from the Immortal Mist Sect are too patient. Even though we lured them in various ways, they didn’t plan to come to Misty Cloud City and seemed to have given up on this city.”

■■But our Ghost Demon Sect’s Golden Core ancestor couldn’t possibly make a move casually while having to guard against attacks from other sects.” “So, to completely force the Immortal Mist Sect, we decided to push forward the plan, break into Misty Cloud City, and capture Leng Yuexi.” “As long as Leng Yuexi, the Young Sect Master of the Immortal Mist Sect, falls into the hands of our Ghost Demon Sect, we don’t believe those two old turtles from the Immortal Mist Sect can continue to bear it.”

The middle-aged cultivator’s murderous aura surged..

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