Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor - C.2395 - 2394-mu clan’s destruction

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

C.2395 - 2394-mu clan’s destruction

Chapter 2395: Chapter 2394-mu clan’s destruction

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“Go, quickly go!”

In the distance, the Heng family’s celestial Thearch, the Emperor of tianluo, and the others were almost scared to death. Then, they turned around and ran away from the MU family with their subordinates.

Lu Ming’s ability had far exceeded their imagination. They knew that if they did not run, they would be the ones to die.

“Go! Everyone from the MU clan, leave quickly!”

At that moment, the master of the MU family also roared, his voice traveling far

and wide.

He knew that the MU clan was finished today.

The MU family would be wiped out from the divine destiny land, but he didn’t want the MU family to be annihilated. He wanted the rest of the MU family to



Someone in the MU family cried out in sorrow.

“Go, quickly go!”

The head of the MU family roared, but his voice stopped abruptly.

That was because Lu Ming’s long spear had already pierced through his dantian and crippled his cultivation. He let out a shrill cry, his eyes filled with despair.

“Let’s go!”

The powerful figures of the MU family who were below the Emperor level turned into streaks of light and flew in all directions like countless meteors.

“You want to leave? have you asked this Lord?”

Dandan sneered and waved her hands. Runes entered the void one after another. Then, countless runes suddenly appeared around the MU family, forming a layer of light that enveloped the entire Mu family.

A formation!

A few days ago, dandan had already quietly set up a formation around the MU


Today, no one would be able to escape.


Seeing the formation, Emperor Heng, Emperor tianluo, and the others let out a desperate roar and attacked the light screen one after another.

However, this was a formation that had taken dandan several days to set up. With their cultivation, how could they break it? the attacks landed on the light curtain one after another, but not a single ripple was produced.

“No, no, no…”

The people of the MU family also roared and attacked madly. They were filled with despair.

“Why is this so?”

An elder of the MU clan looked up at the sky and sighed.

They had only offended a young man of the younger generation. They could just kill him.

The MU clan had been around for a long time, and they had offended and killed countless so-called geniuses.

Even though those heaven’s favorites were extremely talented, they were all crushed into dust by their strength.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that offending a heaven’s favorite would bring about the end of their mu clan.

In the depths of the sky, at an unknown height, two figures stood there, and everything below fell into their eyes.

These two were none other than Heng Xinghe and his master, the nine demon celestial emperors.

“Master, it seems that Lu Ming has brought the World Turtle with him. The celestial Thearch should not be with him anymore. Should we make a move now?”

Xinghe asked.

“Are you worried about the Heng family?”

The nine demon celestial emperors asked.

“No, I didn’t!” f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝗲bn𝐨𝚟𝚎

I don’t think so. Xinghe shook his head. I just think it’s about time!

“Let’s see!”

Celestial master nine demons said, ” after killing Lu Ming, these people from the Heng family will definitely die. They will be killed by the celestial Thearch behind Lu Ming. No matter what, they won’t survive. So, don’t worry about it. just observe for a while longer. Haste makes waste. Do you understand? ”

“This disciple knows!”

Xing Chen bowed and nodded.

The two of them continued watching.

The battle below was coming to an end. Dandan had intervened and killed a few five star great emperors of the MU family with a few slaps. The remaining great emperors were all killed by Lu Ming.

Not a single Emperor of the MU family was left alive!

This scene was truly shocking. The surrounding spectators were all unable to calm down.

The MU famfly, which had dominated Aeon city for countless years and was considered a top-notch force even in the divine land, had all its great emperors killed by a young man.

Life was really unpredictable.

The elders of the Xuan family, Xuan Lin and Dongfang Xue Yu, were already drenched in cold sweat. Their faces were pale and they were filled with fear.

If they had not held back and attacked Lu Ming rashly, the Xuan family would have been the one annihilated.

Bang! Bang!

Lu Ming held his spear and walked toward the emperors of the Heng family, he family, and Tian Luo.

Lu Ming, don’t kill us. The Galaxy has already acknowledged a celestial Thearch as its master. If you destroy the Heng family, the Galaxy will not let you off!

The great emperor of the Heng family shouted.

you’re still threatening me even at this time. How foolish. I’ll kill that guy from the star River with my own hands one day!

Lu Ming said coldly, his footsteps getting faster.

The Emperor of the Heng family and the others were in despair as they retreated. However, they were blocked by the formation.

“If you don’t offend me, I won’t offend you. I didn’t offend you from the beginning. You brought all of this upon yourself. Today, let everything end.


Lu Ming let out a long howl and thrust his spear.


The spear pierced the emperor’s forehead and killed him in the air.


The emperors from the Heng family and the he family flew to the sides in fear. However, Lu Ming stabbed out two more times and they were killed just like the

Emperor of tianluo.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Then, Lu Ming attacked crazily without any mercy, turning into a killing machine.

Endless spear light burst out from his hand and rushed toward the remaining experts of the MU family, the Daluo heaven sect, and the he family.

Only the Heng family was shown mercy by Lu Ming!

That was for the sake of the Heng Yu heavenly Emperor.

After all, the Heng family was the descendants of the Heng Yu heavenly Emperor. The Heng Yu heavenly Emperor had been of great help to Lu Ming, and he did not want to exterminate the Heng family.

Lu Ming had only killed a few senior members of the Heng family. He did not kill the rest.

However, Lu Ming did not show any mercy to the MU family, the he family, and the Daluo heaven sect.

Lu Ming had killed all the martial Supremes and above.

For a time, the entire area was filled with blood and Qi, making it look like hell on earth.

“Heng clan, for the sake of the Heng Yu heavenly Emperor, I won’t destroy you. Get lost!”

Lu Ming looked at the remaining members of the Heng family.

“Go, quickly go!”

The remaining members of the Heng family rushed in one direction.

Dandan waved her hand, and the formation automatically separated, not stopping them.

“I, Lu Ming, am not willing to kill anyone below the rank of a martial Supreme. If you want to seek revenge in the future, feel free to come and find me. Get lost!”

Finally, Lu Ming looked at the people below the martial Supreme realm.

As if they had been granted Amnesty, those people also fled in all directions. Not long after, not a single person was left in the large Mu family.

The MU family, which dominated Aeon city, was destroyed.

It was destroyed by a young man.

“Dandan, bubbles, Qiu Yue, let’s go!”

Lu Ming said, turned around and left.

He didn’t want to kill, but things won’t go as you wish in this world. If you want to reach the peak, you’re bound to have some obstacles.

“This kid is still too soft-hearted!”

Dandan pursed her lips and followed Lu Ming.

But at this moment, dandan’s expression changed drastically as she looked into the depths of the sky.

At this moment, Lu Ming’s hair stood on end. He felt a terrifying sense of danger.