Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor - C.2388 - : Dongfang Xue Yu

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

C.2388 - : Dongfang Xue Yu

Chapter 2388: Dongfang Xue Yu

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On this day, Lu Ming’s voice spread throughout the heavenly Emperor City. A terrifying aura filled every corner of the city.

Great emperor!

It was a powerful aura comparable to a great emperor, which was extremely shocking.

Everyone was shocked beyond words.

Had Lu Ming reached the great emperor realm after not seeing him for a while?

the he clan and the Heng clan have committed many evil deeds. It’s really satisfying to get rid of them now. We’ll definitely help the great emperor!

Someone replied, directly addressing Lu Ming as the great emperor.

The businesses left behind by the Heng family and the he family were very astonishing. If he did not intimidate them with his powerful strength, there would probably be people fighting for them. However, the cloud Dragon Valley master, Xie Luan, and the others were too weak to compete with these forces in heavenly Emperor City. Lu Ming could only intimidate them with his powerful strength.

With his presence, he believed that these people would not dare to act rashly.

it seems like I’ll have to send a portion of the primal Chaos Palace’s puppets to guard this place!

Lu Ming thought in his heart.

The puppets in the primal Chaos Palace were filled with experts.

Other than Earth One, gold one, and the other nine who were heaven emperors, the others were all in the great emperor realm, true Emperor realm, void Emperor realm, Saint realm, and so on.

A few great emperor realm puppets would be enough.

Lu Ming stayed in the heavenly Emperor City for a few days. When the situation here was more or less stabilized, Lu Ming made a trip to the ancient sun sacred land.

Like the Heng family and the he family, the Daluo heaven sect’s higher-ups had all left, leaving only some weak ones to guard the sect.

Lu Ming had helped Ouyang Wushuang’s family to occupy the Daluo heaven sect’s territory.

“Heng family, he family, Daluo heaven sect, do you think I can’t do anything to you if you hide in the MU family? Just in time, we’ll wipe them out in one go!”

Lu Ming sneered, his eyes flashing with killing intent.

He stayed in heavenly Emperor City for a period of time and left behind a large amount of resources. Then, he left heavenly Emperor City and headed towards the land of divine destiny.

However, there was one more person in this line, and that was Qiu Yue.

He and Qiu Yue had not seen each other for many years, and Qiu Yue had missed him a lot. Now that they had met again, she naturally couldn’t bear to part.

With Lu Ming’s current cultivation, the journey was smooth. He crossed the ring sea and entered the divine fated land.

Lu Ming did not stop and headed straight for Aeon city.

The MU family was one of the most powerful forces in Aeon city.

After Lu Ming, Qiu Yue, bubbles, and dandan entered Aeon city, they did not make a move immediately. Instead, they found a place to stay.

However, Lu Ming did not hide his identity. His purpose was to alert the MU family and gather all the experts of the MU family. Then, he would wipe them out in one go to save himself the trouble.

“Qiuyue, let’s go out for a walk!”

Lu Ming said to Qiu Yue.


Qiu Yue was all smiles. She pulled Lu Ming’s hand and walked out.

The two of them strolled around Aeon city and later, they strolled into a huge market.

This place was Aeon city’s largest market. There were all kinds of treasures inside that dazzled one’s eyes.

Back then, before the battle of the ten lands, Lu Ming had been to Aeon city. However, due to the pressure of the battle of the ten lands, Lu Ming had not strolled around to his heart’s content. It was his first time coming to this market.

“Qiuyue, if there’s anything you want, just say it!”

Lu Ming smiled.


Qiu Yue blinked her big eyes a few times and then started to look around.

After that, they walked into a divine weapon shop that sold all kinds of combat weapons, such as Saint weapons, illusionarv Emperor weapons, and true Emperor weapons.

“Young master, I want that!”

Qiu Yue pointed at a hairpin after looking at it for a while.

This hairpin was made from a special Jade and looked very exquisite.

“This lady has good eyes. This hairpin is made of ten-thousand-year-old warm Jade. When worn, not only can it beautify one’s face, it is also helpful for cultivation and comprehension of nomological laws. It is a top-notch illusionary sovereign weapon!”

A tall and thin middle-aged man said with a smile.

“How many raw gemstones? I want them!”

Lu Ming said.

“5000 Supreme-grade raw stones!”

The tall and thin middle-aged man smiled.

5000 Supreme-grade raw stones? that’s too expensive. Young master, I don’t want it anymore!

Qiu Yue was shocked when she heard that.

5,000 Supreme-grade raw stones were the highest grade of raw stones. Even the great emperor and the heavenly Monarch used them for cultivation, so it was clear how precious they were.

5,000 Yuan was indeed not a low price.

However, to Lu Ming, five thousand Supreme-grade raw stones were just a drop in the ocean.

“Silly girl, since you’ve taken a fancy to it, I’ll buy it no matter how expensive it is!”

Lu Ming smiled and waved his hand. A storage ring appeared and he threw it to the tall and thin middle-aged man. “Shopkeeper, 5000 Supreme-grade raw stones!”

The tall and thin middle-aged man took it and scanned it with his spiritual senses. He smiled and then passed the hairpin to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming had just received the hairpin when a voice was heard. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

“Wait a minute, I want this hairpin!”

As the voice rang out, a group of people walked over.

The leader of the group was a young woman. She was very beautiful, but she was not as beautiful as Qiu Yue.

Behind the young woman was a young woman dressed as a maidservant and two old men.

The shopkeeper’s expression changed when he saw the woman. He then smiled apologetically and said, ” so it’s miss Dongfang. It’s an honor to have you visit our shop!

“Shopkeeper, sell me that hairpin!”

The young woman spoke directly with a commanding tone.

“Miss Dongfang, you’re too late. This hairpin has already been bought by this young master!” The shopkeeper smiled wryly.


The young woman hummed coldly and looked at Lu Ming with a faint arrogance. She raised her neck and continued to speak in a commanding tone, give me this hairpin. I’ll give you how many raw stones you need!

“I’m sorry, this hairpin is not for sale!”

Lu Ming smiled.

“You’re not selling?”

The young woman’s eyes narrowed, and a look of displeasure flashed across her face. “You want to raise the raw gemstones, right? tell me, how many raw gemstones do you want?”

I said I’m not selling. I’m not short of raw stones!

Lu Ming said.

“Kid, what did you say? You probably don’t know who my young miss is, right? my young miss is Dongfang Xue Yu, the number one heaven’s pride in the divine fated land, and Xuan Lin’s fiancee. Do you know her?”

The maidservant behind the young lady jumped out and chided, looking at Lu Ming threateningly.

the number one genius of the divine land? ”

Lu Ming muttered.

It seemed that Tianming, Yuan Xin, and the others had been in the heaven realm for decades. A new batch of heaven’s favorites had appeared in the land of divine destiny.

are you afraid now? let me tell you, young master Xuan Lin is the young master of Aeon city’s powerful force, the Xuan family. If you don’t think that you are worthy of my praise today, don’t even think about walking out of Aeon city!

That servant girl continued to clamor.

As for the young woman, Dongfang Xue Yu, she revealed a proud expression.

“Xuan Lin, Dongfang Xue Yu, I’ve never heard of you. You can get lost now!”

Lu Ming said in a serious tone. He then turned around and walked toward Qiu Yue.

“Qiuyue, I’ll help you put it on!”

Lu Ming smiled gently and then put the hairpin on Qiu Yue’s head.