Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor - C.2384 - -shifting location

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

C.2384 - -shifting location

Chapter 2384: Chapter 2384-shifting location

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A few days later, Emperor Heng, Emperor tianluo, and the others contacted the MU clan, and the two sides naturally hit it off.

However, the MU family appeared to be more cautious. They planned to invite the assassins of the death god nation to kill Lu Ming.

As such, Emperor Heng, Emperor tianluo, and the others were naturally overjoyed.

With the death god nation taking action, it would save them a lot of trouble.

Naturally, Lu Ming did not know about all this.

He stayed in the ancient Moon Holy Land for more than ten days, then headed towards the Azure continent. With his speed, he soon arrived in the Azure continent.

Now, the entire Cang region was under the control of the Dragon God Valley, and it was a scene of prosperity.

Lu Ming flew directly to Dragon God Valley.

At the moment, a conference was being held in Dragon God Valley.

At the peak of a mountain, there was an empty square. In the middle of the square, there was a fighting stage. On it, two figures were fighting fiercely.

If Lu Ming was here, he would definitely recognize the figure on the fighting ring. It was fatty Kong Jin. The other person was Lu Ming’s senior brother, Tian Chui.

The two’s attacks were both direct and direct, fighting head on.


One of them was holding a battle axe, while the other was holding a giant hammer. They kept bombarding, triggering a terrifying force.

Kong Jin’s cultivation base had improved greatly after not seeing him for so many years. He had already broken through to the great sage realm. However, Tian Chui was naturally stronger than Kong Jin. He seemed to be at ease as he completely suppressed Kong Jin.

There were many people sitting on the edge of the fighting ring.

It was Lu Ming’s master, the cloud Dragon Valley master.

There was also Xie Luan from the divine wilderness continent, the nine suns Supreme, Yan kuangtu, and the others.

The Dragon God Valley had sent people to the divine wilderness mainland, and the two places had already been connected.

Kong Jin and Tian Chui exchanged a few dozen moves. Kong Jin was completely suppressed. In the end, he was struck by Tian Chui’s hammer and was sent rolling on the ground, his fat shaking non-stop.

I’m done, I’m done. I’m not your match. Let’s fight again after a while!

Kong Jin shouted.

“Weren’t you very arrogant before? hahaha!”

Tian Chui laughed.

Hmph, you’ve been cultivating in the yuan continent since you were young. Isn’t it normal for your cultivation to be stronger than mine? ”

Kong Jin pursed his lips.

“Haha, fatty, you got beaten up, didn’t you?”

At this moment, a clear and bright laughter came from the sky.

Upon hearing this laughter, Fatty’s eyes widened. Then, he was overjoyed and shouted,” “Lu Ming! Haha! It’s you, Lu Ming! Where have you been all these years?”

At the same time, the eyes of Tian Chui, the cloud Dragon Valley master, Xie Luan, Xia Jiuyang, and the others also lit up as they looked up into the sky.

There was no one in the sky.

However, the next moment, a figure flashed and Lu Ming’s figure appeared out of thin air.

No one could see clearly how Lu Ming appeared.

Lu Ming! It’s really Lu Ming!

Many people were overjoyed and rose into the air.

“Master, thank you, senior Jiuyang, big brother Yan…”

Lu Ming cupped his fists and bowed to everyone.

“Lu Ming, where have you been? you’ve been gone for more than twenty years and you’re nowhere to be seen!”

Kong Jin pursed his lips and walked over to give Lu Ming a punch.

“I went to the heaven realm, and now I’m back to see you!”

Lu Ming smiled.

“Heaven realm?”

Kong Jin’s eyes lit up. you actually went to the heaven realm. How is it? ” Are there a lot of heaven realm experts?”

there are naturally many experts. Martial emperors are everywhere!

Lu Ming said.

The others all revealed looks of anticipation.

“Ming ‘er, how’s your cultivation?”

The cloud Dragon Valley master asked.

Many people also looked at Lu Ming. They had heard rumors that Lu Ming could not become a Martial Emperor.

“Don’t worry, master, I’ve already become an Emperor!”

Lu Ming said with a smile.


The cloud Dragon Valley master was overjoyed.

congratulations, Alliance master!

Xie Luan, Xia Jiuyang, and the others were also overjoyed.

The scene was filled with joy.

Oh right, where are my parents and the rest? are they still in the divine wilderness continent?”

Lu Ming asked.

no, they came to the yuan continent. I don’t know why, but the passageway in ninedragons suddenly collapsed. The original Qi in the divine wilderness continent has become thin again. Now, many people from the Dragon Alliance have come to the yuan continent to cultivate!

Xie Luan explained.

Lu Ming nodded. This was within his expectations.

Soon after, the news of Lu Ming’s return spread quickly. Dragon God Valley was bustling with activity.

The people from Dragon God Valley and the Dragon Alliance had also gathered.

Not long after, Lu Ming met his parents and some other acquaintances.

I’ve come back this time to bring you to another place with better conditions to cultivate!

It was still the same square, but this time, countless people had gathered.

Lu Ming stood at the highest point and said.

“Change location? Ming ‘er, where do you plan to go?”

The cloud Dragon Valley master asked.

the head of the nine sacred lands of Mount Yuan, heavenly Emperor City!

Lu Ming spoke word by word.

The cultivation environment in the Azure region was still too poor. This time, Lu Ming had returned to the heavenly Emperor City.

Lu Ming would get rid of the Heng family and the he family in heaven Emperor City and use them to settle the people of Dragon God Valley and Dragon Alliance.

“Heavenly Emperor City!”

The cloud Dragon Valley master’s eyes lit up. Such a sacred land was simply unimaginable to them.

Lu Ming could actually bring them to the heavenly Emperor City?

“Now, everyone can enter my small world!”

As soon as Lu Ming finished speaking, a small world emerged in his dantian.

Lu Ming was surrounded by the dazzling divine light of the world.

“World divine light, true Emperor realm, this is a true Emperor!”

“The true Emperor of the legends!”

The scene was in an uproar. Everyone was shocked and ecstatic.

Lu Ming’s father, Lu Yuntian, and mother, Li Ping, were especially overjoyed.

The higher Lu Ming’s achievements were, the happier they would be.

To the people of the Azure continent or the divine wilderness continent, a void Emperor was a Supreme existence, let alone a true Emperor. In the past, they had never even heard of such a thing.

The small world grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it became a hundred miles wide and covered the sky above the square.

“Let’s go in!”

The cloud Dragon Valley master, Xie Luan, and the others were the first to rush into Lu Ming’s small world.

Behind them, Lu Ming’s parents and the others also rushed in.

Many figures rushed into Lu Ming’s small world and disappeared.

Not long after, hundreds of thousands of people entered Lu Ming’s small world.

When everyone had entered Lu Ming’s small world, the small world shrank and flew back into Lu Ming’s dantian.

Lu Ming’s soul force was condensed in the small world and it was no different from a real person.

what a rich Origin Energy! The origin Energy here is even richer than the one in the Azure region!

this must be Lu Ming’s small world. It’s so vast!

Everyone looked at it carefully and flew around curiously.

Lu Ming’s small world was seven hundred thousand miles wide. Although it was considered small and not worth mentioning compared to the big world outside, it was more than enough for him to cultivate here.

When Lu Ming led the group to the path-understanding ancient tree, everyone was shocked.

This was because their cultivation speed had skyrocketed here. Some of them had comprehended something on the spot and made a breakthrough in their cultivation.

Holy Land, Holy Land for cultivation. Many people didn’t want to go out..

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