Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor - C.2383 - : The conspiracy of the master and disciple in the star River

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

C.2383 - : The conspiracy of the master and disciple in the star River

Chapter 2383: The conspiracy of the master and disciple in the star River

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“Xinghe, I, sun cangqiong, didn’t come back with you?”

The tianluo Emperor said with some anticipation.

He was looking forward to seeing his grandson Luo cangqiong’s level.

“Luo cangqiong is dead!”

Said the Heng Xing River.


Emperor tianluo’s heart trembled as his pupils contracted. The next moment, his eyes turned red as he growled,” “Cangqiong is dead? How was that possible? How did he die?”

“He was killed by Lu Ming!”

In the Galaxy.

He did not lie about this. Back then, in the yaoguang ancient city, Luo cangqiong was indeed killed by Lu Ming.

Lu Ming, Lu Ming, Lu Ming again!

Emperor tianluo roared. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with endless killing intent.

Lu Ming, the two talents of the Daluo heaven sect, had both died in his hands. He had also been injured because of Lu Ming.

Damn it, damn it!

The Emperor of tianluo roared in his heart. Of course, he would not care why Luo cangqiong and the others died at Lu Ming’s hands.

today, all of you are gathered here because of Lu Ming, right? 1 heard that Lu Ming has returned to the primordial realm, right? ”

The Galaxy continued.

“Return to the primordial realm? What did that mean? Could it be that Lu Ming has been to the heaven realm before?”

Emperor Heng’s expression changed.

“Not bad!”

Xinghe nodded.

“How is that possible? Didn’t they say that Lu Ming can’t become a divine Emperor and can’t go to the heaven realm? why did he go to the heaven realm?”

The great emperors of the Heng clan and the he clan were extremely astonished.

“I don’t know how he got to the heaven realm, but he did. Otherwise, how could Luo cangqiong die in his hands?”

“Moreover, Lu Ming has already become a divine Emperor in the heaven realm!”

The river channel of the eternal star had a gloomy expression as he said this.

“What? Lu Ming has become a Martial Emperor. How is that possible? he has mastered multiple laws and different ultimate maxims at the same time. Even the celestial Thearch said that he can’t become a Martial Emperor. How can he?”

The three heavenly emperors from the Heng clan cried out in shock.

not only has he become a great emperor, but Lu Ming’s current strength is extremely shocking. He can already fight a great emperor!

Xing He said coldly.

Hiss hiss hiss…

This time, the emperors from the Heng family, he family, and Tian Luo all gasped in shock.

Not only had Lu Ming become a great emperor, but he could also fight against a great emperor. What kind of freak was he? Their hearts were in turmoil, and they could not calm down.

What to do?

Emperor Heng and the others started to get anxious.

The more powerful Lu Ming was, the more dangerous it would be for them.

Did Lu Ming come back this time to find trouble with them? The more they thought about it, the more anxious they became.

In fact, the Galaxy was still hiding some things.

For example, Lu Ming’s combat strength.

This was because there were rumors recently that Lu Ming’s combat strength was already able to kill a four star great emperor. The Heng family’s great emperor and the rest were afraid that they would be frightened by such terrifying strength.

Lu Ming is too abnormal. If he continues to grow, we’ll be the ones to die in the future. We have to get rid of him before he’s ridiculously strong!

The eyes of the Galaxy flickered with a cold light.

“Get rid of him? how? Now that Lu Ming’s combat strength is comparable to a great emperor and he has the celestial Thearch’s physical body, how can we get rid of him with our strength?”

The Emperor of the Heng clan said anxiously.

Emperor he and Emperor Tian Luo were the same.

They all wanted to kill Lu Ming. However, they could not do it with their abilities.

“We can find help. Isn’t lu Ming a mortal enemy of the MU family in the divine fated land? we can use the MU family’s power to get rid of Lu Ming!”

In the Galaxy.

Their eyes lit up.

“Right, right. Back then, the MU family sent a great emperor to the ancient Moon sanctuary to kill him. Unfortunately, he was killed by Lu Ming with the celestial Emperor’s body. Moreover, the MU family’s peerless genius, Mu yang, also died at Lu Ming’s hands. I’m afraid the MU family wants to get rid of Lu Ming more than we do. If we contact the MU family, they will definitely take action!”

Emperor tianluo said excitedly.

Luo cangqiong was killed by Lu Ming. Emperor tianluo’s killing intent towards Lu Ming was extremely strong.

“Does Lu Ming have any backing in the heaven realm? will he cause any trouble after killing him?”

Emperor Heng was more meticulous.

don’t worry. I have a master in the heaven realm. He is a strong man in the heavenly Emperor realm. It is not convenient for him to take action, but he will help us clean up the mess. Nothing will happen!

In the Galaxy.

“What? Xinghe, you’ve taken a Celestial Emperor as your master? good, good, hahaha!”

The Emperor of the Heng family laughed and was extremely excited.

The great emperors of the he family and Tian Luo could only be jealous.

Since the master of the eternal Star River was the celestial Thearch, they were much more confident. They began to make preparations and contacted the MU clan to discuss how to kill Lu Ming.

That night, the Heng Xing River came to a secret place in the heavenly Emperor City and met an old man.

The old man was the master of the star River, a heavenly Emperor powerhouse.

In the heaven realm, this old man was known as the nine demon Celestial Emperor.

“Is everything done?”

The nine demon celestial emperors asked.

it’s done. The great emperors of the Heng family, he family, and Daluo heaven sect will join forces with the MU family to kill Lu Ming!

In the Galaxy.

“Mm, that’s good!”

The nine demon celestial emperors nodded in satisfaction.

master, Lu Ming’s performance on the void God Island was truly shocking. With his current strength, even with the help of the MU family, it would not be easy to kill Lu Ming!

In the Galaxy.

I didn’t intend for them to kill Lu Ming. I just wanted them to test if there’s a celestial Thearch following Lu Ming. If there’s no celestial Thearch, I’ll kill him myself!

The nine demon Celestial Emperor said, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

master, there are more than a dozen celestial thearchs behind Lu Ming. Even if we kill him, I’m afraid those celestial thearchs won’t let us off!

“The Heng family will probably be destroyed as well!”

Said the Galaxy, a little conflicted.

“Foolish, still so soft-hearted even now. How can there be no sacrifice if you want to achieve great things? Is the Heng family more important or is your own future more important?”

The nine demon Celestial Emperor berated.

Xinghe’s expression changed, revealing a hint of ruthlessness,” “I understand, master!”

“Yes. In order to accomplish great things, a little sacrifice is inevitable. Lu Ming is blessed with great fortune. Along the way, he must have encountered countless fortuitous encounters. As long as I kill him and obtain his fortuitous encounters, I can extract the indestructible ancient scroll from his soul. Then, the two of us can find a place to hide. Who will be able to find us?”

we’ll hide and cultivate, and we’ll fight to the death with the evil god tribe and the heaven realm. As long as we master our divine arts and possess unrivaled strength, no matter which side controls this world, we’ll have a place to stand!

The nine demon Celestial Emperor said, the cold light in his eyes even more intense.

“Master, disciple will listen to master’s orders!”

Xing Chen’s eyes were also filled with anticipation.

“Lu Ming, all your fortuitous encounters will be mine!”

The Galaxy roared in its heart..

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