My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day - C.231 - : , the Real Princess

My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day

C.231 - : , the Real Princess

Chapter 231: 231, the Real Princess

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Having finished speaking, she turned to Li Feifei, “Feifei, the pair of earrings you’re wearing now, I received an identical pair on my eighteenth birthday. It was a coming-of-age gift from my father. But not long ago, this pair of earrings inexplicably vanished.”

“What are you implying?” Li Feifei’s face changed instantly, “What does your missing earrings have to do with me? Don’t forget that you haven’t stayed in the dormitory for an entire semester! Furthermore, this pair of earrings was a birthday present from my boyfriend!”

“These earrings were a limited edition from shinore two years ago. At that time, their market value was more than 90,000 yuan, and now their price has tripled. Ordinary people simply can’t afford them.” Mo Weiyi’s tone remained nonchalant, “Are you sure, these were given to you by your boyfriend?”

Li Feifei insisted, “Of course they were given to me by him! He is an executive of a foreign company and it was my birthday at that time.”

“Rong An.” Mo Weiyi spoke impatiently, “Bring him out.”

Rong An walked over and opened the bedroom door, “Come out.”

Seeing the man who came out, Li Feifei’s heart shrunk in fear.

It was Guo Xingyu!

Only he was severely beaten, with a blue and swollen face, a split lip, and fresh blood at the corners of his mouth. He had clearly just been beaten.

This is the end.

She turned to leave, but before she could, the bodyguard took a quick step and blocked her way. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

At the same time, Mo Weiyi’s voice rang out again, “Guo Xingyu, take a look at the earrings Feifei is wearing. Are they not the pair your mom gave you which she… stole from my house?”

Li Feifei looked at Guo Xingyu fiercely.


Guo Xingyu guiltily lowered his head.

He was forcibly brought over by Rong An from his company.

He had been beaten several times because he resisted successfully; it was tormenting!

“Guo Xingyu?” Mo Weiyi raised her voice.

Guo Xingyu quickly replied, “Yes, this pair of earrings was given to Feifei by me, which my mother stole from your house.”

Li Feifei yelled in anger, “What are you saying, Guo Xingyu…”

“Feifei.” Mo Weiyi interrupted her and reached out her hand, “Give me back my earrings.”

Li Feifei clenched her fists and stood there.

She was still dressed in “Todo Shizu” performance costume.

Just moments ago, she stood on the stage, admired like the princess in “Meteor Garden”. The present situation, however, seemed quite ironic.

Mo Weiyi was the real princess.

She sat before her, only twenty years old, just as young and beautiful as herself, but was born differently, superior, arrogant, incredibly noble and proud.

Her two roommates suddenly understood, they had really thought Li Feifei’s boyfriend was rich and generous. They never expected that he was actually a thief!

“What? Can’t let it go?” Mo Weiyi sneered, “Keeping your face in school, I was generous.”

Li Feifei’s face was changing from red to white.

She had never been so humiliated in her life!

Several seconds later, she finally said through gritted teeth, “Why do you get to say it’s yours just because you say so? The earrings that Xingyu gave me, are mine!”

Su Wenwen was rather surprised.

She had thought that such expensive jewelry, maybe Li Feifei would be reluctant to give back, so she had thought of this plan for Weiyi.

But she hadn’t expected, this Li Feifei actually wanted to claim them as her own?

Mo Weiyi narrowed her beautiful cat-eyes, “Over the past two years that Aunt Jiang has worked in my house, she stole a lot of jewelry and sold it, including many pieces that Guo Xingyu gave to you, including these earrings…”