My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day - C.225 - : , Boss Huo


Chapter 225: 225, Boss Huo

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Mo Weiyi didn’t expect that she’d have the audacity to wear those red earrings.

This made things easier.

After sending a WeChat message to Su Wenwen, she returned to the hall and found herself a seat.

It wasn’t long before people slowly filled up the seats around her.

As the opening music began to play energetically, the hosts took to the stage.



Su Wenwen hastily made her way backstage, where she saw a crowd of girls peeking from behind the curtain.

As she was about to join them…

“Next, allow me to present our special guest from the Huo Yuan Group: Huo Jingshen! Please give him a warm welcome!”

Huo Jingshen?

Hearing this name, Su Wenwen was taken aback.

You’re kidding, right?

She thought she’d misheard, but when she tiptoed to take a look down at the stage…

Holy cow!

The man that had just walked in…

Was indeed Huo Jingshen!

He was dressed in a black suit, paired with a white dress shirt and a burgundy tie. He was groomed neatly down to his sideburns.

His tall, nearly 1.9-metre tall frame along with his handsome, slightly stern features made him stand out among the crowd. His mature aura characteristic of those in high positions put him in the limelight.

Walking with long strides, he showed no emotion as he reached the VIP seats at the front, shaking hands with the school leaders. When he was invited to take the central seat, he slightly curved his lips into a smile.

The flash of his smile stirred waves of excitement in the crowd.

Su Wanwan could practically hear the gasps and screams of surprise from the women.

All from female attendees!

Including the group of girls beside her!

Feeling irritated, she was about to turn away…

“Su Wanwan, Su Wanwan!” Her arm was suddenly grabbed. Zhao Qianqian was almost shrieking, “Oh my god, did you see it? Isn’t this Mr. Huo incredibly handsome?”

“Mr. Huo?”

Rolling her eyes, Su Wanwan said, “So you’re such a fangirl?”

“What’s wrong with being a fangirl?” Zhao Qianqian giggled, “Who could have imagined such a high-status man would attend our party? It’s usually Mr. Zhang, who is short, fat, and bald with a beer belly. Are you telling me you don’t find Mr. Huo handsome?”

Coughing awkwardly, Su Wanwan said, “He’s okay, I guess.”

” ‘Okay’? My god, this is more than just okay!” Another female classmate chimed in, “I think Mr. Huo is way more handsome than those young idols! Most importantly, he’s so young!”

Unable to control herself, Su Wanwan blurted out, “He’s already 30. How’s that young?”

A thirty-year-old man is old. How could anyone compare him with young idols? How could they say he’s “young” with a clear conscience?

“How did you know he’s 30?” Zhao Qianqian stared at her.

Su Wanwan was taken aback, “I… I’m guessing.”

“A 30-year-old man is prime material! Mature, stable, and approachable!”


“I wonder if he’s married?”

“How can such a catch like him be married?”

“If only he could be my boyfriend…”

“Give it up! He’s already married! His wife is incredibly beautiful!” blurted out Su Wanwan again.

This time all the girls turned to look at her, bombarding her with questions:

“How do you know he’s married?”

“How do you know his wife is incredibly beautiful?”

“Do you know him?”

Su Wanwan could only repeat, “Err… I guessed.”


Thankfully, the female host’s voice sounding again saved her. Su Wanwan quickly excused herself, “I have to go change.”